11 Best Apps for Teachers to Contact Parents in 2024

Communication between teachers and students’ parents is an important part of the learning process. There are many answers to the question of whether this communication is necessary.

Yet, teacher-parent communication becomes integral when an important issue needs to be addressed. In fact, sometimes there is even the possibility of an emergency situation in which quick communication with a parent can radically change the outcome of a problem.

There are many arguments to be made, but the most important thing we want to advise you on is to use these best apps for teachers to contact parents in 2024. 

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ClassDojo is a handy program for teachers, students, and their parents. With this app, teachers can reward students for good work. But that’s not all.

They can also get parents interested in their children’s school life by posting photos, videos, and various announcements.

ClassDojo has a safe and convenient chat room to communicate and discuss important issues.

The app also displays students’ progress, which teachers can track to check learning information.

ClassDojo is completely free and can run on any device and even on interactive whiteboards. The app is handy for monitoring behavior and learning.


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The ClassTag app was created for the convenience of teachers and students’ families. It is available for free.

This program has many useful features designed to make communication easier. Parents of students can use all the information from teachers that will be posted in the app.

They will receive notifications, regardless of whether the app is on or off. All messages are translated into the language you want and need. There are about 100 languages in which information can be translated.

Notifications can be sent by text message or e-mail. Teachers and parents of students will have access to data about parent meetings, important events, changes in the schedule, and so on.

The app is available to every user, so important information will be shared with all students and their families. For teachers, there is an option to see what messages have been read.

Teachers can get as much as $100 in funding on the ClassTag site. You can also organize fundraisers here to buy materials and needed items to improve the learning process.



ParentSquare is a free platform for students, their parents, and teachers. Here you can exchange messages, receive notifications, and read important information.

With this program, it is much easier to organize the educational process. All students and their parents will be notified in time with all important information necessary for the educational process.

The interface of this program is as simple and clear as possible, so even a beginner in the field of technology can understand it. With the app, parents can receive notifications, messages, and comments from the teachers who are responsible for their children.

You can also watch the schedule of important events and lessons, and mark them in the built-in calendar. You’ll have access to photos and videos, group chats for communication, your child’s absences and tardiness, grades, and so on. The easy-to-use app can be downloaded for free to your device.



The Brightwheel app is great for organizing the educational process in any of the institutions.

This program has everything you need for comfortable communication between students and teachers, as well as for organizing the learning process.

Here you will have access to the data on the progress, attendance of the child, grades, important events, and so on.

In the Brightwheel app, you can share messages, photos, and comments. Notifications from your school will be available to you. There’s also a database that stores information about each student.

There are also several types of account registration. You can use the platform in free and paid modes. To subscribe and get access to premium features, you need to pay the rate you choose.



The Remind app is a messenger designed for parent-teacher interaction. The utility allows you to exchange messages and files.

To use the app you need to create an account with an email address and password. The function of authorization with a Google account is supported.

The user will then need to select one of the following roles: teacher, student, or parent. Depending on this, you will be prompted to join an existing class or create a new one.

You need to enter the name of the room in the appropriate field on the main screen. The utility allows students and teachers to interact by exchanging text messages. Besides, it is possible to create a group chat. Users can send each other files, documents, and presentations.

There is the function of creating reminders in the calendar. This will allow students not to forget about an exam or other important event.

When you send a message, you can see which participants of the conference have already read it. It also supports the ability to automatically translate text into 70 different languages.



The Klassly app was created to simplify the learning process and make it the most comfortable for children and their families as well as teachers.

Thanks to this program all the information about school and lessons will be at your fingertips. In the program, you will be able to expose and view the estimates for the work performed by students.

There is also a class schedule for students and teachers, adding homework and project works, connecting to video lessons and conferences.

In this app, you’ll find a calendar with important events included, photos, posts and video content, and chat rooms for communication. Learning material and books are available on the platform. You can connect notifications about important changes in the school or other institutions.

There is a translation of the interface into any language. In addition to the school, you can add a kindergarten to track its work. So, you will be available to track and record the progress and attendance.

Post all kinds of information, and chat with children and their parents. For teachers, it’s possible to teach through an online platform. Teacher Mode can be enabled.

For family members of a child who uses the app, it is also available to compose messages for the teacher, comment on messages, and communicate with other members of the app. You will also be able to add photos and videos.

The interface and functions of the app are simple enough, so even beginners will be able to understand them. The platform simplifies the educational process for teachers and students. All the basic functions of the app are available in free mode. The rest can be connected with a subscription. 


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TEACHERS | TalkingPoints

The TalkingPoints mobile app is designed for teachers with an understanding of their jobs. With the app, educators can maintain a productive dialogue with students’ parents and guardians in real-time.

A major benefit of the app has been mixed translation. TalkingPoints supports over 125 languages, giving users the ability to communicate without language barriers.

The high-quality translation is done automatically with the help of linguists and computer technology, which excludes misunderstandings between the interlocutors. The app has a simple interface that is understandable for everyone. It is successfully used by all age groups.

With TalkingPoints, teachers have a conversation with one or more family members. They spend minimal time sending out a large number of messages. You can keep your cell phone number private, which is important when communicating with a big number of people.

Use the advance mailing feature to share relevant information with everyone who is interested in it on time. You will also be able to share information via video and audio files. User feedback on TalkingPoints is overwhelmingly positive. Teachers and parents note the app’s simplicity and usefulness.



The Classting app is great for managing your class comfortably from your gadget. In this program, you can create your own class and invite your acquaintances there through a link.

All the information that will be published in the class will be available only to the members of the group. All user data is protected, so it will not fall into the hands of third parties.

In the app, you can create assignments and share them within the class. You also have access to the status of assignments sent, so you can always keep up-to-date with the latest information.

In class, you can save photos and share them with the rest of the group. You can also connect with users from other cities and countries around the world.

Chat about different topics, talk about your culture, and learn something new about others. In the app, you can fully learn and share informational and educational materials.


Clever Parents

Clever Parents is an app that provides quick communication between parents and teachers. Thanks to this service parents are always aware of their child’s progress and current news from the life of the class and school.

In the app, parents communicate with the teacher via private messages. The system will always notify you when the teacher has received a message and read it.

Thanks to the app, you get quick access to all the news from your child’s school life. Never miss a teacher’s message thanks to configured Push notifications. Signing in to the app is easy.

Anywhere you can use all the features of Clever Parents, all you have to do is enter your username. In this program, you can view school photos that capture moments of the learning process. You also get quick access to all the school news of your district, school announcements, and alerts from the teacher.

In the app, parents have access to documents, notes, and homework sent by the teacher. Communicate with Clever Parents in your native language. The app is currently available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Korean.

The app helps your child with homeschooling. Add the Clever Badge option to your account and get all the tools you need for homeschooling.



Bloomz is a free and easy-to-use app for teachers, kids, and their parents. It saves time for parents to contact teachers.

It allows you to communicate online and you don’t even have to go to school to do so.

In the app, teachers can share useful information, photos and videos, current class schedules, and so on with students and their parents.

Also, parents and students can write a message to the teacher in the chat room.

This free app greatly simplifies the process of communication between children, parents, and teachers. It contains everything you need to quickly contact the school staff to clarify any important information.


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Seesaw is designed to improve the educational process and communication between teachers, children, and their parents.

All necessary information is presented in one place, saving time on mailing important information, clarifying schedules, and other data.

The platform has a clear and accessible interface, so even the youngest students can use it. It has photos and videos that engage young audiences and make the educational process more interesting.

Parents can easily contact any of their child’s teachers. They also have access to information on children’s grades and ratings. They can read teachers’ comments about their child’s performance and success at school.

The service is accessible to everyone, as its interface can be customized in any of 100 languages.

Teachers in the app can add schedules, communicate with students and their parents, and share crucial information. There are separate sections on the platform for administrators, where they can publish announcements and other data.

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