11 Best Group Fitness Challenge Apps for Android & iOS

If you decide to improve your body, that’s great! But everyone has moments when they want to quit sports. And nothing helps better than motivation from friends and competition with them. In this article, we will look at best group fitness challenge apps.

And more of fitness challenge apps (group or doing it alone) you will find in this article.

Momentum Group Fitness

Momentum Group Fitness is an app for group fitness classes. Improve your fitness with your friends.

A unique app for playing sports with your loved ones or friends in a group. Do you feel that you are losing motivation? Connect your friends to your classes and inspire each other to get better.

The Momentum Group Fitness app was developed by a group of Danish astrophysicists, engineers and athletes. Scientists have realized that sensors and sensors in your smartphone can be used for the benefit of your health.

How does the Momentum Group Fitness app work? It’s simple! Your smartphone has special sensors and motion sensors. Application developers use them to analyze your movements and actions during sports and then show your results based on them.

All you need is to put your smartphone on the steering wheel of your exercise bike or connect your smartphone to a sports bracelet.

Useful features of the app and interesting features:

  • Do sports on your own or move with friends. Achieve goals in sports together with your loved ones and compete with friends in activity
  • Do you think that playing sports is boring? Momentum Group Fitness will prove you the opposite. Compete with your friends in virtual sports competitions. Arrange a virtual bike race by choosing a 3D track to your taste.
  • Monitor your activity in real time
  • Compete with each other one person at a time or arrange a real competition of sports teams.
  • Track your productivity using the app’s convenient graphs and reports. Share your results on social networks.
Momentum Group Fitness1

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FitOn Workouts and Fitness Plans

FitOn Workouts and Fitness Plans – train at home and outdoors, independently or in company. Now your favorite sport is available everywhere!

Do you want to get rid of excess weight and adjust your body? Or maybe you want to relieve stress and stress after a busy day? The FitOn Workouts and Fitness Plans app will help you. Practice anywhere – at home, on the street or in the gym with your friends.

In the app you can find workouts for every taste, starting with fat-burning workouts and ending with yoga for stress relief. There is also a wide library of information at your disposal on how to take care of yourself mentally and physically.

Features of the FitOn Workouts and Fitness Plans app:

  • Personalized fitness plans and workouts from famous athletes. Pump up your body with the app. It will develop an individual training plan for you so that you get the right load.
  • Do fitness in groups by video. Do yoga, cardio workouts or Pilates with friends in real life or other users in an online format.
  • Allow your body to rest after a hard day’s work with meditation
  • Motivate yourself to study further and compete with other users. The app has a rating table of users. Compete in activity between friends, can you beat everyone?
  • Communicate with friends and other users directly in the app using text messages.
  • Track your progress and share it on social networks.
FitOn - Sport & Fitness1

Stridekick Activity Challenges

Stridekick Activity Challenges is an app that will raise your motivation to move. Compete in activity with friends and family.

The Stridekick Activity Challenges app needs to be connected to your fitness bracelet (if you don’t have one, it’s okay. The app will use activity sensors from your phone, but something will have to be entered manually.)

Now with the Stridekick Activity Challenges application, it will be much easier and more interesting to do sports. Nothing can motivate a person to improve more than competition with other people.

 The app will analyze your activity and will allow you not only to improve your physical fitness, but will also motivate you with the help of sports competitions.

App Functions:

  • Create your own competitions and participate in other users’ competitions. Arrange bike races and endurance tests. Who will walk more kilometers in one day? Who runs faster? It’s time to find out!
  • Playing sports with other users is always more interesting. Communicate with users of the Stridekick Activity Challenges application using text messages, brag about your activity and set joint records.
  • Track your activity in real time and follow the progress of improvement.
  • Share your successes on social networks
Stridekick Activity Challenges1


Strava – do sports on your own or with friends, share your successes and achievements and all this in one app!

The Strava app combines a fitness tracker and a live sports community. You can not only improve your body, but also find new interesting acquaintances.

Strava is literally the center of your physical activity. Here you can record your classes, keep a record of activity and analyze them. You will be able to try yourself in more than thirty sports and choose an activity to your liking.

Functions and features of the app:

  • The first and most obvious thing is to do sports! Do running, hiking, cycling, athletics, yoga, Pilates and much more! Try a little of everything and find something to your liking.
  • Discover new routes for yourself. If you prefer to engage in outdoor activities, Strava will offer you a wide range of routes for running or cycling. You can also create your own routes and share them with other users.
  • Find new friends in the Strava community. Share your successes, correspond with participants of the Strava sports movement, share useful information.
  • Keep a training log. Track your progress with an interactive log. It intuitively and clearly shows all your activity and physical statistics.
Strava: Run, Ride, Hike1

SHRED: Home and Gym Workout

SHRED: Home and Gym Workout is an app that will become a real gym in your home walls.

Constantly find excuses not to go to the gym and postpone sports for later? Now you have no more reason to be lazy. Thanks to the SHRED app, you can train without leaving home.

You have access to a wide library of online workouts compiled by talented coaches and athletes. The app adjusts the training plan and schedule individually for you and your needs in order to properly distribute the physical load.

SHRED App Features: Home and Gym Workout:

  • Exercise in your own home as if you were in a real gym. Thanks to balanced physical activity, you will undoubtedly achieve success in your sporting endeavors. The main thing is not to be lazy and do not give up.
  • A wide library of workouts. Choose exactly the type of activity that suits you the most, whether it’s cardio training, cross-country, yoga or light fitness.
  • Choose the type of training for your fitness. Remember! The measure is important in everything, so you should not climb above your own head. Fill in your parameters in the application and study according to an individual plan.
  • Share your profile with your friends and play sports with them! You can turn on video streaming on your laptop or TV to watch a video workout with other people.
  • Keep a record of your achievements and analyze your progress.
  • Share your achievements on social networks.
SHRED: Home & Gym Workout1


Zwift – Diversify your sports activities with this app. Turn your home workouts into an exciting virtual game.

Who told you that physical activity and sports are boring? No, of course, if you just run on the simulator at home, we agree, it’s quite depressing. But if you do sports with the Zwift app, you will have no time to miss.

This app combines the benefits of physical activity and the pleasure of your favorite video games. Yes, yes! Now you can tear yourself away from the screen of your computer or smartphone to play during a workout, isn’t it wonderful?

Plunge into the virtual world with the help of workouts. Explore real places (did you want budget travel?) or go on a fantastic journey through the underwater or fairy-tale world.

Functions of the Zwift app:

  • You have access to more than a thousand exciting structured workouts. Choose the one that suits you the most – relax on an exercise bike after a hard day or choose an active workout to burn calories.
  • Play sports in groups and participate in real competitions. Are you bored of training on your own? Now you can take part in a real race! There are many competitions held in the app every day.
  • Immerse yourself in the virtual world during training. Explore the bottom of the world ocean or go to a fantastic world, travel along mountain plateaus or famous routes of London.
  • Monitor your progress and analyze your progress. The app keeps an interactive log of your achievements – how many kilometers you drove, how many steps you walked, how many calories you burned.
  • Share your own successes on social networks and encourage friends to study with you.
  • Create your own routes and competitions with other users. Surprise other people with your capabilities.

Goals.Fit – fitness challenges

Goals.Fit – fitness challenges – play sports in a team, organize competitions and compete in physical fitness.

In the Goals.Fit – fitness challenges app, you can organize a virtual bike race, a cross-country race for speed or distance, or a competition in the steps taken.

The app encourages you and your friends to play sports, turning routine sports into a game form. After all, nothing motivates us to improve more than competition and the desire to be better than someone.

Goals.Fit – fitness challenges was created primarily for people with a heavy schedule of the day. If you do not have time to regularly visit the gym, you can easily train at home, besides not alone, but in a team.

App Functions:                                                 

  • Train with the help of ready-made workouts and plans or create your own individual training plans convenient for you and your friends
  • Arrange competitions with friends or participate in large-scale online competitions.
  • Thanks to an interactive fitness profile, you will be able to track your activity and achievements. There you can find reports on all your trainings and competitions, share them on social networks.
  • Synchronize your profile with cloud storage or your account so as not to lose your results.
  • Sync the app with your fitness wristband to achieve greater accuracy in activity reports.
Goals.Fit - fitness challenges1

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Jefit: Gym Workout Plan and Log Tracker

Jefit: Gym Workout Plan and Log Tracker – exercise without going to the gym. Improve your body and show others what you are capable of.

Build muscles and tone your body with the help of the Jefit: Gym Workout Plan and Log Tracker app. This application is suitable for absolutely everyone: both those who like to work out in the gym, and lazy stay-at-home people, and people who can’t get to the gym because of the busy schedule.

You have access to a huge library of lesson plans and more than a thousand balanced workouts. Thanks to balanced workouts and artificial intelligence, which will develop an individual lesson plan for you, you will be able to take your fitness to a new level.

Functions and features of the Jefit app:

  • Enter your characteristics into the app and artificial intelligence will develop an individual lesson plan for you. You can also make a plan yourself.
  • Use the detailed video training instructions to perform the exercises correctly and achieve maximum success.
  • Set your own goals for the number of calories burned and other parameters. Achieve them and share your achievements on social networks.
  • The app has a huge library of workouts. You will find physical activities for every taste – lose weight or build muscle, improve posture or get rid of pain.
  • Thanks to the Body analytics feature, you will be able to track your progress in fat burning or muscle building.
  • Compare your successes with the successes of other users and compete with them – arrange races for speed and distance traveled.
Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker1

Challenges – get fit

Challenges – get fit – Get yourself in shape with the help of friends and this app. Motivate yourself to play sports with the help of competitions

Very often it is difficult for us to start improving our body, for various reasons. Someone does not have time, and someone just finds excuses because of laziness. If you have finally decided to go in for sports, then the Challenges – get fit app will help you with this.

How does it work? The application will train you not alone, but in a group with a person or several people. It is proved that when a person works in a group of people, he puts more effort and effort.

App functions Challenges – get fit:

  • Train with other users. Compete in running speed and distance running, as well as participate in exercise bike races. It’s up to you to decide who you are – the winner or the trailing participant at the end.
  • Get achievements. The better your efforts, the more chances you have of success and victory among the rest. Earn points during classes and win achievements.
  • Keep track of your rating and progress in real time. Based on your activity, the app will promote or lower you in the class standings. Will you be able to take the first place and become the champion of the weekend
Challenges - Compete, Get Fit1

My Workout Group

My Workout Group is a workout app that motivates you to do sports with your friends. Move towards your goals together.

We agree with you that doing sports alone at home is depressingly boring. But what would you say if we told you that now you can train together with friends and family?

The My Workout Group app allows you to exercise at home with friends or family members – it doesn’t matter if you are in the same room or at a greater distance. Just add to each other’s profiles, sync the app with a fitness bracelet and go ahead to burn fat on your sides!

My Workout Group App Features:

  • Train at home as a team. Choose which type of competition you like best – an exercise bike race, a jog, or maybe it will be a whole calorie burning tournament?
  • Create your own training plan considering the capabilities and needs of each member of the group.
  • Track the progress of burning calories or building muscle. In the interactive journal you will find records of all your workouts.
  • The application has a wide library of workouts for every taste – burning calories, muscle set (there are separate sets of exercises for each part of the body).
  • Plan classes by leaving notes in the built-in calendar
  • Chat with your loved ones and share the results directly in the app.
My Workout Group1

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Onu: Wellness Challenges

Onu: Wellness Challenges – compete with your friends during workouts. Take sports to a new level.

Have you been wanting to start improving your body for a long time, but training alone is too boring, and there is no time to go to the gym? Ask your friends to help you and pump up at the same time.

All you need is to install the Onu: Wellness Challenges app and register in it. Create a shared virtual gym for training and invite your friends there.

Onu App Features: Wellness Challenges:

  • Train with friends or work colleagues.
  • Choose the type of workout that suits you the most, whether it’s an active fat burning activity or relaxing yoga for the evening.
  • Compete with your friends and earn activity points. Who will be the most resilient in your company?
  • Develop healthy habits
Onu: Wellness Challenges1
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