7 Best Cheating Prank Apps For Jealous Couples (Android & iOS)

Many people, being in a relationship like to make fun of each other. The most acute and risky topic for couples is jealousy, and only real daredevils dare to joke about it.

It is for such fearless people that certain apps have been created, using which you can arrange risky pranks on your significant other. In this article, we have collected best cheating prank apps for jealous couples. And more fake boyfriend/girlfriend call prank apps you will find in this article.

Girlfriend Calling Phone Real Prank

This is an app in which you can organize calls to your phone number from insanely beautiful girls, celebrities, or any person whose photo you decide to use. This app is perfect for drawing, and most importantly, the call will be organized completely naturally, and no one will distinguish it from the real one.

All you have to do is click the “Order a call” button in the app. Next, you will need to indicate a clear time at which you want to receive a call. After that, you can choose the “name” of the contact who will call, as well as any photo assigned to the contact.

In this app, there are separate collections with cute girls, celebrities, or popular personalities. In addition, you can take any photo from an existing collection and assign it to a contact that is saved in your phone book. Also, you can upload photos of real people here to get a call “from them”.

Also, here you can order calls to anyone: just enter the desired phone number, select the name of the contact, as well as a photo that will be displayed on the screen, and after that, the right person will receive his joke call.


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Fake phone call from a girl

This app allows you to receive realistic fake calls at any designated time: if you want to make a joke about the other half, avoid some situation under the pretext that you are being called, or just play friends – use this app.

Here you can independently choose the name of the contact who will call (for example, some celebrity, or just a girl you know), as well as a photo that will appear on the screen of your mobile device when you call: in this app, there are different subblocks with all kinds of photos for contacts, for example, celebrities, models, just beautiful girls, as well as many others.

You can select them and use them not only for a call but also assign them to some of your existing contacts.

This app is perfect for a harmless prank on friends, or your significant other.


PrankDial- #1 Prank Call App

This is a very popular phone prank app that is used by people all over the world in different languages. Here you can order fake calls both to yourself and to your loved ones. Choose a name for the fake contact, as well as a photo that will be displayed on the screen when you call.

One of the main features of this app is the fact that here you can order not only regular calls, and then reset them, but also select interacting calls. This means that you will be able to answer this call and “talk” with the person who is calling.

For example, you can order a call for your significant other, which will say that the other guy can’t get through to you and asks you to pass something, or you can choose cool scenarios by the type of call from the police, or from an educational institution, as well as much more.

You can choose a clear time of the call, as well as its duration. Moreover, all fake conversations will be recorded, and the recording will be sent to you, so you can listen to what the person you ordered the call answered if you are not nearby.


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Fake Call Boyfriend

This is an app for organizing fake calls and SMS messages from a guy. Here you can order for yourself a call or a message from an alleged fan of yours so that your boyfriend gets jealous. This app is developed exclusively for entertainment purposes, and each call does not imply a dialogue with a fake caller.

You can choose the name of the contact who will supposedly call you, as well as choose a photo that will flash on the screen during the call from the huge collections in this application. Also, you can upload any photo of a person you know here to receive a call supposedly from him.

Moreover, you will be able to receive fake messages, the text of which you can choose both in collections and print yourself. For example, the collections already have such ready-made texts as “I miss you.”, “call me back”, as well as many others.


The Prank App

This is a special app for creating pranks and harmless pranks for your loved ones, friends, second halves, work colleagues, as well as for other people. Here you can order fake calls, SMS messages, gifs, messages in messengers on social networks, and much more.

Here you can choose not only the names of contacts and images for them, from which messages will come calls but also the text of messages and a monologue for the call.

For example, you can get acquainted with a standard selection of texts for calls, such as a call from a former/ex, a call from the police, a bowman, and so on. For messages, you can not only choose texts from collections but also print them yourself for each individual person.

Also, this app is known for its sound effects when calling, for example, the realistic sound of shooting, another voice in the background, the sounds of a traffic jam, and many other options. Also, the app has built-in purchases and tariffs for those who want to use this app much more often.


Fake Chat Conversation- prank

This is an interesting app of innovative format, in which each user can create an unlimited number of fake chats, including using the formats of well-known social networks and messengers, so that the correspondence looks more realistic.

Here you can send an unlimited number of messages and respond to them yourself, creating a complete correspondence from both sides.

You can choose the format of a certain social network from the selection in this application, and then create fake screenshots of the chat by sending messages from both sides.

Also, you can choose the name of the interlocutor, as well as the image that will be his avatar, to create the feeling that the chat is real. In this way, you can create funny jokes, and even make your soulmate jealous in a humorous manner.


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Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank

This is a fairly large-scale app in which you can create fake dialogues on social networks, not real calls, video calls, fake profiles in messengers and popular social networks, and much more. The purpose of the app is to create practical jokes, as well as funny moments with your loved ones.

Here you can create fake profiles on social networks yourself, as well as correspond with them, printing promises from both sides to create a sufficiently large-scale draw for your loved ones.

This app is especially loved by users who use it to draw their second halves to make them jealous in a humorous manner since here you can create a correspondence with secret fans, or get an audio call, and even a video call from a fecal secret admirer.

Also, if you order a prank call from your loved one, you will be able to get a recording of this conversation if you are not nearby at that moment. Also, ordering correspondence, fake message, and video call for any other person.

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