11 Free Lead Generation Apps for Android & iOS

Generating leads for your business is the most important process of its promotion. Depending on the number of leads and the quality of your conversion funnel, you get a certain number of paying customers.

This process involves many aspects, including finding contact numbers, emails extracting, identifying new sources of interested customers, and more. The life of your business goes on as long as the experts are doing this time-consuming work.

To streamline this process and improve performance, take advantage of these free lead generation apps for Android & iOS.


LEADer CRM is an app for managing employees and organizing tasks. It allows you to create projects, categorize them, and assign specific tasks to employees.

Besides, the app has the function of tracking the progress of tasks and the ability to comment on each of them.

With this app, you’ll easily set up your sales and make your business much more efficient.

You’ll be able to create and receive lead cards, as well as interact with them in all kinds of ways. For example, you can create a whole chain of emails to send out. Or you can see all the information about your potential customer. You just need to go to their card.

You can also set up automatic calls for potential customers and create business cards for those who don’t pick up the phone. Categorize people into several categories and track interactions with each. Take advantage of all these features for free.

The app lets you send your product information to all your potential customers.  View your call history so you don’t miss out on every target customer.


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LeaderMarket is an app for better management of your company and potential customers. It helps you track your business performance and keep full control over its development.

It allows you to create categories of customers, record potential ones, and keep track of communication with them.

Besides, the program has a function to display the statistics of expenses for each category. Take advantage of these service options absolutely free of charge.

In addition to tracking your interactions with potential customers in this program, you can get paid for selling your products. You can also see the feedback in the form of messages from your potential customers to your inquiries or letters.

To improve communication with your target audience, you can create entire email chains by segmenting them into specific categories. This way you can create the best communication between your potential consumer and your firm’s employees.

Also, you can easily share not only text files but also videos. Thanks to this, you will be able to convey any information much faster.


Lead Connector

LeadConnector is a lead and sales management app. It allows you to create a list of leads, track their status and contact potential customers.

The app has features for creating tasks, scheduling appointments, and tracking sales progress. You can track your entire sales funnel in this app. It is also possible to create your own accounts that will receive funds from customers.

The program has the most convenient and simple functionality, with which you can easily build effective communication with your potential customers.

It’s also quite convenient to move from the app to other Internet platforms and sources to continue communicating with your leads. Here you can add cards not only for your clients but also for potential customers, suppliers, and other members of your team.

The app will store information about each consumer, making it easy to contact them. You can add contact and personal information yourself or take it from other sources. Use the app to create business cards to send out to interested parties.


CraftJack Pro

CraftJack Pro is a lead management app for the construction industry. It allows you to create a list of leads, contact potential customers, and track sales progress.

Besides, the app supports a task and calendar feature for scheduling appointments and communicating with clients.

With this service, you can easily take your business to the next level by improving communication with potential clients. You can set it up with a generated chain of emails that will be sent out to potential customers’ email addresses.

Make calls to promote your product, close objections, and urge a purchase. Even if you can’t get through, you can easily send your business card with contact numbers. Anyone who’s interested in your product will be able to call you back or get a closer look at the product.

Use all of the app’s features for free. Create various notes here so you won’t forget about any particular task. The app will also collect information about payments and invoices, so you can analyze the effectiveness of your activities.



Privyr is an app for automating the process of contacting potential customers. It allows you to send personalized messages, create tasks for communication with clients and track sales progress.

Besides, the service has the function of displaying sales statistics and the effectiveness of contact with customers.

The app is as user-friendly and easy to use as possible, so you can use it for various purposes, including establishing communication with potential clients. For example, you can store all the information about your clients in the program.

You can also see what stage of the sales funnel each of them is at. Moreover, the app allows you to create template messages with an advertisement for a product and an offer to buy it. The program will automatically change it depending on the recipient and send it in chats.

The platform allows you to view the number of potential customers who have already been informed and the number of users who need to call back again. Here you’ll see information about each customer, including their contact information for quick communication.

You’ll also be able to set up your own calendar with notes for tasks. To make sure you don’t miss or forget about them, you can set alerts.


HelloLeads CRM

HelloLeads is a lead and sales management app. It allows you to create a list of leads to sell your product, contact your customers, and track your sales progress.

Besides, the app has features to create a calendar and send personalized messages. All of your leads’ accounts will be available for you here, which you can use in building an analytics chart to track your sales performance.

An analysis of all your customer interactions is also presented for you, so you can see what stage of the sales funnel a particular customer is in.

Within the app, you can interact with your customer. For this purpose, the program allows you to create personalized messages that will be sent to people on your list.

The program also allows you to create your personal calendar with notes for tasks that need to be done. In order not to forget about them and to complete all scheduled tasks in time, you can put smart notifications on the app.

It’s also convenient that you can contact your potential customers not only in the app itself but also on other platforms. All information and contact details will be stored on the client’s card.


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Lead Finder – Unlimited Leads

LeadFinder is an app for finding and managing leads. It allows you to find leads from social networks and other sources, create a list of them, and track sales progress.

Besides, the app supports the functions of creating tasks, making appointments, and sending personalized messages.

The program will offer you a list of potential customers based on your information about the product or service you provide. It is possible to search for people interested in a product or service, both on social networks and on various Internet resources.

For convenience, you can define the sphere in which you should search for potential consumers. The narrower the list is, the better the list of clients and interested parties will be. You can use this app not only for finding your potential customers but also for storing data about them.

Send the data you get from the program about your potential customers to other sources. For example, to your email. Share this information with other users on various sources and Internet platforms. You can also use cues to improve and optimize your search.


Integrate Events Lead Capture

Integrate Events Lead Capture is a lead management app. It allows you to create a list of leads, contact customers, and track sales progress.

Besides, the app has features to create a calendar and send personalized messages to each person interested in your product or service. Collect all the information you need about your target customers in one place for future use.

Moreover, the app will work both when you are connected to the network and when there is no connection at all.

You can create your own collection of business cards in the app so that you don’t lose touch with your customers or suppliers or just interested parties. Scan them with your camera and then open them in a special section of the platform.

Also in the app, you will be open to the entire range of marketing tools that you can use in your communication with potential consumers.

In addition to the free features of the service, there are also paid ones. You can sign up for a subscription to take advantage of the service’s broader set of tools and options.


Lead App

Lead App is a tool for managing and organizing your sales activities. It allows you to create a list of leads, communicate effectively with your customers and track your progress in the sales funnel.

Besides, the app has features to create notes for tasks and a calendar for scheduling meetings and communicating with customers.

This app is suitable for both those who do business for consumers and those who do business for other entities and companies.

You can store all of your target customer data here. Easily scan any business cards or contact information to collect them into a single collection. Do this in the app completely free of charge.

You will now be able to create a card for each of your potential customers so that you can always access it and have an unbreakable connection with the person.

You can also do survey sheets, briefs, and other documents in the app that let you know the consumer’s intention from interacting with you and your product.

The app works both online and offline, which makes it much easier to use. Track the effectiveness of your communications with your customers with notes. You’ll qualify each of your customers with points. Then, display the statistics in charts and graphs.


Lead Generator – Exhibition App

Lead Generator is an app for managing leads at concerts and events. It allows you to create a list of leads at an event, contact your customers, and track your sales progress.

This app has features that allow you to create a personal and work calendar, as well as send personalized messages to your potential customers to encourage them to buy a product or service.

The program allows you to create a template message, which will be an individual appeal to each recipient from your list.

Also, this service is the most convenient for performing analytical tasks. With its help, you can easily summarize the results of the event. For example, enter data on the number of purchased goods, revenues, profits, and so on.

You can also create cards for your target customers with their contact information. This will allow you to offer your goods to a wide range of people even if they are at the initial stage of the sales funnel.

You can add any contact information, including social media and email. Creating a personal calendar and setting up notifications will allow you to keep track of important tasks to be completed.


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Lead Generation Apps

Lead Generation App will allow you to improve your management organization and optimize your sales by creating personalized programs and even personal websites.

Here you can order any page to promote your products, services, or even an entire company. You can choose any category to create your personal website and app.

Choose your own design that will perfectly match your product and the portrait of your target users. Innovative solutions will allow you to stand out in the market and provide your product in a different and unique format.

Besides the fact that you can choose a ready-made template in the app, you can also order a completely new one, which will be designed only for you. Besides, you can also pay for your order in the app itself. You can also track the history of all your purchases here.

You won’t have to pay to download the app itself, as it is available completely free of charge. You can see the cost of the products already after installing them.

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