How to Draw Over Other Apps on Android


Before we start, we should mention that in this context, “to draw” doesn’t mean an actual painting process. In fact, drawing other apps on Android means placing apps onto the other apps without any consequences. Didn’t you know that your Android devices has special configurations that would allow you to do that? Then let’s check … Read more

How To See Missed Calls from Blocked Numbers On iPhone


When you block someone’s number they won’t be able to reach you anymore. But sometimes we’re so curious to see if they ever tried?! You probably thought it was impossible, but here we’re going to tell you how to see missed calls from blocked numbers calls on your iPhone. And before we start we thought … Read more

How To Block iPhone/iPad Apps At Certain Times

how to block iphone and ipad apps at certain time

Have a tendency to overuse some apps on your phone? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Sometimes it feels like a full-on addiction you just can’t break. Only that you can actually overcome it—just with a little bit of help. Fortunately, this article is here to explain to you how to block iPhone/iPad apps at certain … Read more

How To Block Android Apps At Certain Times

How To Block Android Apps At Certain Times

We all spend tons of time on our phones nowadays. And if you think you’re an exception—just check out your weekly screen time report. Well, what does the report say about your screen time? Most likely that it’s way higher than it should be. Lucky for you, we’ve figured out how to block Android apps … Read more

How To Make Apps Download Faster (Android and iOS Guides)

How To Make Apps Download Faster

What does the download speed of apps depend on? Logically, it depends on the speed of your Internet connection. The higher it is, the faster your downloads will go. Yet, Internet bandwidth is not the only factor that can affect the download time of mobile apps. There are several other aspects that can speed up … Read more

Neon App Icons! How to Make Them on Android?

Most users would like to customize their devices. One of the best ways to do it is to change your app icons. In this article, we will give you a few recommendations on how to create neon app icons on Android. All the steps are quite simple so you don’t need special knowledge or skills. … Read more

Simple Guide to Set Purple App Icons to Your Android Device


Android is a very popular operating system for smartphones and tablets. There are many reasons for it. One of them is its highly customizable interface. You can customize almost everything, including icons and themes. By the way, if you would like to clean your Android device history, you should take a look at 7 Best … Read more

How to Fix Download Pending Error in 2023

How to Fix Download Pending Error in 2021

Download pending error is one of the problems you might face while trying to install the app from Play Market. This is a technical error that empowers your mobile to install any new apps. And it can get incredibly annoying especially if you need an app installed as fast as possible. However, there’s nothing that … Read more

How to Find Decoy Apps on Android & iOS


Sometimes we think that the person with whom we live or communicate is hiding something from us. In order to understand whether the person is hiding something from you in his smartphone, you will undoubtedly need access to the device. However, even then, you won’t be able to find what you want right away. If … Read more