11 Free Dog Breed Identifier Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

If you have a dog, you know how amazing these creatures are. They are playful, fun, and loving. However, do you know what breed your pet belongs to?

It’s hard to identify a breed if you aren’t an expert. This is why you might need a good tool to help you with that.

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Here are great options for iOS, as well as Android users.

Dog Scanner

If you need to identify a dog by its picture, this app will be the best option for you. The app is super easy to use. You don’t even need to create an account, just open the app and start.

Dog Scanner is quite friendly thanks to its simple interface. It is clear at the first glance, enabling you to focus on what matters.

Let’s see what you can do in Dog Scanner for free:

  1. Scan your dog’s breed. You can do in different ways. Firstly, you can do it right from the app. Take a photo and let the AI principles recognize the breed instead of you. Secondly, you can just take the picture from the Internet or your gallery and upload it.
  2. Identify mixed breeds. Yes, you can hardly understand what breed of dog is in front of you. Don’t worry—it is fine, Dog Scanner will help you. The process of recognition will take about 10 seconds.
  3. Identify people as well if there are no dogs at all. The algorithm is the same, just take a picture.
  4. Enjoy a big community of dog owners. Sometimes you might need a good piece of advice or just get inspiration.
  5. The app may function as a social media, meaning you can post your content and get feedback from others. For instance, you can easily share the photo of your dog.

The app will collect some data about you, such as your usage data, content, and purchases. However, this data won’t be given to a third party.

Dog Scanner is available on the App Store, as well as Google Play.

Dog Scanner1
Dog Scanner2

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Dog Breed Identifier: Dog Scan

If you are looking for a simple app with a friendly UI, Dog Breed Identifier might be a great option. It contains a big database of breeds you might come across.

What is more, the app is updated very often, meaning new breeds are also added to the database.

However, we will now focus on the options available at no cost:

  1. Check the breed cards. Each card contains some info about each breed. Read the description to get the most important facts. You can watch videos and pictures as well.
  2. Identify the breeds with your camera. To do it, just take a picture and wait for the app to recognize your pet. You can also upload an image of a dog from the Internet.

However, here comes a disadvantage that might upset you as a user. There are too many ads that appear out of the blue. They may interrupt you at times.

What is more, Dog Breed is available at no cost on the App Store, as well as Google Play.

Dog Breed Identifier
Dog Breed Identifier

Dog breeds – Smart Identifier

Here is a great application to scan your dog and identify its breed. The app has a smart interface and its functions are quite fast.

To get started with Dog Breeds, you just need to download the app and identify your dog. Make sure you give it permission to your camera and file system if you plan to upload photos from the gallery.

Let’s look at the best options you will get for free:

  • Read articles about dogs and their breeds. You can easily get new info about your dog. All the articles were checked by professionals, so you can fully trust it.
  • Identify your pet’s breed. You can do it by using your camera. The app will recognize the breed quite simply and fast. You will need about 8 seconds to get the result.

If you are worried about your data privacy, then you can be calm and relaxed with Dog Breed. Yes, it collects your data, and it can’t be deleted. However, all the info is encrypted so even if someone manages to catch the data, he can’t read it.

What is more, the app will never give third parties access to your data.

At the moment, the application is available on Google play at no cost.

Dog breeds - Smart Identifier
Dog breeds - Smart Identifier

Dogs Quiz – Guess Popular Dog

Do you want to learn new facts about dogs? Then this game is a must for you. It combines two approaches to learning – from one perspective, it has a big set of interesting facts and articles, from the other – it contains a fun and relaxing game. Learn and have fun!

Let’s see what you can do with the help of Dogs Quiz:

  • Learn new dog breeds and try to identify them. You don’t need to read long articles and learn hard terms by heart. Just look at the pictures and try to guess what breed the dog belongs to.
  • Take challenges. When you feel you know enough, don’t hesitate to take a challenge. This will help you test yourself and finally estimate your level of knowledge.

This application is free of charge. To get started, just download the app and start playing. It will remember your progress, so you can continue from the place you stopped in.

You can get this cool game on Google Play for free.

Dogs Quiz - Guess All Breeds!
Dogs Quiz - Guess All Breeds!2

Dog Breed Scanner Dog Breed ID

If you want to know more about your pet and, especially, what it says, you can try this dog breed scanner. This software has plenty of useful options.

Main features:

  • Detailed breed information (characteristics, temperament, and care requirements)
  • Offline capabilities to identify dog breeds even without an internet connection, ensuring accessibility anywhere
  • Saved history to review and refer to past results

With the power of cutting-edge technology, Dog Breed Scanner can identify an extensive range of dog breeds, making it a comprehensive and reliable tool for every dog enthusiast.

No matter if you’re experienced with dogs or just starting out, this app’s precise breed identification abilities are bound to impress you.

In general, I can say that this app is not about pranks and having fun, this software is a real assistant to study more about dogs, so you can bravely download it on your phone.


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Dog Scan Breed Identifier

If you were looking for a good application to identify dog breeds for iOS, then you would like Dog Scan. This is a simple app with a big set of options to try. 

Let’s take a look at the best features you can explore in Dog Scan: 

  • Quick identification by a photo of your pet. The app uses a top-notch AI to easily recognize the breed. You will get the result quite fast, the process usually takes up to 10 seconds. 
  • If you have a mixed breed, it’s not a big problem. You can identify it as well. The only thing is that the recognition might take a bit longer. 
  • Attention whistle. This is a brilliant option if you need to take a photo of your pet. Once you opened the gallery, you can tap on a whistle button. Then the sound will ring. It will attract your pet’s attention, and it will look straight into the camera. 
  • Import your photos from the gallery. To do it, just give the app access to your gallery and file system. 
  • The app works even when there is no connection to the Internet.

These were the basic functions. They are available at no cost, but with ads. If you feel like removing them from the service, make sure you go to premium. It costs $2.99, and you have to pay once. 

The app is quite big, though. It requires about 221 MB of memory. 

At the moment, Dog Scan is available on the App Store. 

Dog Scan - Breed Identifier1
Dog Scan - Breed Identifier2


Here comes another nice tool for dog owners with iOS devices! It combines a big set of functions connected to recognizing dog breeds. 

It has an impressive and friendly UI that is clear at the first glance. But let’s review the best functions available at no cost: 

  • Analyze the breed by camera or import the image from the gallery or the Internet. You will be given the name of the breed and some info about it. 
  • Recognize mixed breeds. It might be a bit harder than identifying a clean breed, but it still might be effective. 
  • If there are no dogs around you, don’t worry! You can scan people as well and see what dog breed they look like. 

The application collects some data about you, but it doesn’t link it to you, meaning you are 100% safe. 

The app is quite big. It requires about 240 MB of your phone memory. 

iOS users can download DogDNA for free and start identifying dog breeds easily. 


Dog Identifier: AI Dog Scanner

Dog Identifier can recognize a wide range of dog breeds from all over the world. From the popular and well-known breeds to the rare and unique ones, this app has got you covered.

No need to worry about identifying the adorable pups you come across on your daily walk, at the park, or while scrolling through dog photos. This app can lend a hand in recognizing your furry friends.

Main features:

  • Dog breed identification
  • Image recognition
  • Extensive breed database

It provides valuable information about each recognized breed, including their characteristics, temperament, and care needs. As a result, you can gain deeper insights into the diverse world of dogs, fostering a better understanding and appreciation for these beloved companions

In conclusion, it is possible to say that this app is an ideal one to explore the vast database of dog breeds.


DNA My Dog

This is a great application if you want to learn more about various dogs and their breeds. This app doesn’t work as a scanner, but it may serve you as a breed encyclopedia.

It has a smart UI, and all the articles and info are divided into sections, so it is easy to find what you are looking for.

Let’s take a look at the best features provided by DNA My Dog:

  1. See a big catalog of breeds and find what you need. To make the process faster, you can use the search. It might be helpful when you know the name of the breed you want to learn about.
  2. Look at the pictures of dogs and identify them. Yes, it doesn’t work like the other apps listed here, but if you have time and energy, you can use this method.

However, there may be some problems with authorization, especially if you’re signed in on a website. If you download the app and try to log in there, an unexpected issue may occur. You have to repeat the action one more time.

The app doesn’t collect your data. This means you can forget about concerns of your security.

The size of the app is quite small in comparison to the others listed here. It requires less than 50 MB of memory.

DNA My Dog is free of charge. To install it, go to the App Store.

DNA My Dog1
DNA My Dog2

Dog Scanner – Breed Identifier

If you are interested in identifying your dog’s breed, you have to take a look at this app. It is effective and simple at the same time.

There are three main functions available in the app: 

  1. Dog recognition. The app uses AI principles to find the best match in the database. The process of identification is fast, it takes a few seconds. 
  2. The search and scan history is always available. If you often use the same search or scan the same pictures, this option will come in quite handy. 
  3. Breed cards. A card is a small article that contains some useful data about each breed. For sure, it can’t replace a full guide but it contains the most essential facts. 

However, if you use the basic version, the variety of options won’t be too wide. The good thing is that you can use a free trial. It will allow you to get access to all the options at no cost. 

The only disadvantage is that the app might be inaccurate at times. However, the database is enriched with every new update. 

At the moment, you can get Dog Scanner on the App Store only. 

Dog Scanner - Breed Identifier1
Dog Scanner - Breed Identifier2

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Dogs Pedia: Breed identifier

This application is a bit different from others listed here. Its main option is its big set of articles. This is why it may help you to learn more about various breeds.

The app works just like an encyclopedia. It contains a huge database of breeds. The navigation is also quite easy, meaning you can find what you need fast. Then you will be given a set of articles about the breed you have found.

Here are the best options you will find in Dogs Pedia:

  • Identify your dog. If you have some free time, you can browse through the catalog of articles and find what you require. Still, if you don’t have time, it’s not a problem. Just take a photo of the dog right from the app or upload it from your gallery.
  • Use filters. If you need to find the breed that corresponds to some criteria, make sure you use filters. They are simple to set and fast to function.

Please note that the application will collect some data about you, such as your usage data, location, diagnostics, as well as identifiers. This data will be linked to you.

The size of the application is less than 40 MB, enabling you to install it on almost every device.

You can get Dogs Pedia on the App Store for free.

Dogs Pedia1
Dogs Pedia2
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