11 Free Recipe Calories Calculator Apps & Websites

You can find a huge number of useful and delicious recipes on the Internet for cooking your favorites and new dishes. Yet, often such instructions do not include the exact caloric content of the dish.

If you are on a diet, then this parameter is important for you. To avoid perisource calories in your diet, use these free recipe calories calculator apps & websites.

Make your cooking process easier with these best recipe finders by ingredients you already have.


This app is designed for people who are watching their lifestyle and nutrition. It includes a food log, a calorie counter, helpful articles, and many meals with their energy values.

You can add meals eaten throughout the day to the app to track calorie counts. You can also scan barcodes on foods to automatically add their energy value to your diet.

The app has many workouts and exercises that target different body parts and muscle groups. Every day when you log into the app, you’ll get reminders and alerts from the app itself about weighing yourself, drinking water, and so on.

The app will also send you weekly reports, workout results, and so on. It also has tips from professional nutritionists to help you maintain and lose weight.

You can connect your smart scale and watch to the app to get more reliable information about your body condition and fitness. Extra features of the service include diets calculated by professionals, automatic calorie deficit creation for weight loss or muscle gain, health trackers, menus and recipes, and so on.


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Nutritionix Track

This app will allow you to keep track of your figure and health with a smart food energy meter. You will be able to enter all the calories eaten and spent in this diary to build a program for losing weight or gaining muscle mass.

The app has a search for all foods, which allows you to get reliable information about the calories they contain. The service also gives you the ability to scan food labels to automatically add energy value to your diet.

You can fill out the diary according to your meals by adding the meals you eat during certain periods of time. The program will also allow you to find the right exercises and workouts for you.

The app will allow you to get into the habit of drinking enough fluids, as you will regularly be reminded to drink a glass of water. The service also helps you track your weight loss results through statistics and data analysis of weight loss or weight gain.

In the app, you will find interesting recipes with any calorie and energy value. Extra features include consultations and communication with a professional nutritionist, the development of individual menus, and advanced basic functionality.



This app will appeal to all cooking enthusiasts because it is a personalized collection of recipes.

In the app, you will be able to create your own recipes or export them from other sources. Even finished recipes can be edited by adding or removing certain ingredients. You can also customize the recipe to the desired number of servings.

Thanks to the app, all culinary experiments can be stored on your smartphone and not lost. In this app, you can prepare a book of recipes for the whole week.

The service also allows you to make a list to buy the necessary ingredients. This feature will help not to forget the main components of the future dish. Edit other people’s recipes, making them the author’s.

You can take ideas from any source and copy your favorite recipes for culinary experimentation. You can also contribute various notes or ideas that came to you while cooking recipes.

The app works with a lot of stores, so you can have all your cooking supplies delivered right to your doorstep. You can share your author’s recipes with your friends and family by sending them as a file from the app.


Calorie counter & Food tracker

This app includes a calorie log, interesting recipes for dieting, and a health tracker for keeping fit. In the app, you will be able to find any foods that are present in your diet to calculate your calorie intake as accurately as possible.

You will also be able to choose any weight loss system for yourself, regardless of your initial weight and fitness. There are many diets in the app that are suitable for people of all genders, weights, and ages.

You will also be able to find and discover new healthy recipes from professional nutritionists. The service allows you to calculate calories and even create the ideal calorie deficit for you according to the parameters you set and the desired final result.

The app has sections for meals where you need to add foods eaten during certain periods of time. This will allow the service to analyze your diet and suggest the best options for maintaining, reducing, or increasing weight.

Track your progress with reports provided by the app on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. All functionality is completely free for you, allowing you to lose weight or gain muscle mass at no extra cost.

In the app, you will find tips and advice from current nutritionists that guarantee positive weight loss or weight gain results.



The calorie tracker allows you not only to calculate your daily allowance but also to create an optimal deficit for weight maintenance, its reduction or increase.

More than a million products in the range will allow you to find all the products that are present in your diet and add their caloric content to the diary. If you can’t find a product in the app’s built-in search, you can add it using the barcode on the label.

The app will automatically display its energy value, allowing you to fit it into your daily allowance. You can also look at your results in losing weight or gaining muscle mass through the app, as the service creates analysis and reporting of your progress.

You can also adjust your diet by adding goals for eating certain foods and substances. The service allows you to set up a tracker to check your fluid intake. With its help, you will not forget to drink water and make it a habit.

You can add your fitness bracelet or smartwatch to the app to get reliable information about your health and physical activity throughout the day.

The app also has extra features: advanced analysis of your data and nutritionist recommendations, feedback from the developers, planning your diet, workouts in video format, and many new recipes for dietary meals.



In this app, you can not only count your daily calorie allowance but also check your health and fitness.

You can add your weight and age information to the app absolutely free of charge. This will allow you to calculate your optimal calorie allowance to maintain, reduce or increase your muscle mass.

Also with the help of this service, you can easily get into the habit of drinking the required amount of water per day, as it will regularly send you a reminder.

In your diary, you will be able to add physical exercises and workouts performed to calculate the number of calories spent. To keep track of the foods you eat and their energy content, you can search for them in the app or add them using the barcode scanner on the package.

You can also add your own recipes and meals to calculate their calories. In addition to the total energy value of your diet, you will be able to calculate the amount needed to consume individual substances: fiber, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and so on.

You can also synchronize the app with devices to track your health. You can activate other features by subscribing. These include setting weight loss or weight maintenance goals, diet assessments, timers for fasting or other diets, meal timing notes, and so on.


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Lose It!

The app allows you to keep your health and fitness in perfect condition. Here you will have access to functions such as calorie counters, workouts and exercises, diet diary, and so on.

An advanced food basket search will be available for you so that you can calculate the caloric content of your diet as accurately as possible. You will be able to create an ideal food diary according to the diet you are following.

If foods from your regular diet are not found in the app, you will be able to scan the barcode from the packaging and add them automatically to the diary. In addition to calories, information about the content of each nutrient in the product will be available to you.

You will be able to track your progress in losing or gaining weight, the amount of fluid you consume, and even your sleep status. For a more detailed analysis of your body and fitness, you can connect smart devices to the app: fitness bracelets, watches, scales, and more.

The service allows you to follow the diets that are presented in it, or add your own author’s diets. You can also take ideas of recipes for healthy and low-calorie meals to achieve a better weight loss effect.

The app will regularly send you a report on your weight loss progress. It will allow you to highlight mistakes or, conversely, the right methods to maintain your diet. All these features of the service will be available to you absolutely free of charge.


Calorie Counter +

This app will allow you to lose weight or gain muscle mass with health benefits. The service includes all possible foods from your food basket, allowing you to calculate the exact calories and nutritional value of your diet.

You can also enter your weight and age to calculate your daily calorie intake. The app will allow you to see your calorie balance even without logging into the service because it will be displayed on the label.

You can search for foods to add to your diet not only by name but also by photo and barcode from the package. Set goals for eating certain foods and nutrients to reach your weight loss or muscle gain goals faster.

In the app, you will be able to track the number of calories burned by adding in workouts and exercises that were performed during the day. The service allows you to track your fluid intake with regular reminders to drink a glass of water.

You can sync the app with your fitness watch and other devices to help you get information about your health and fitness. You’ll receive rewards for progress and goals. Share regular reports about your health and fitness with friends and family.



The service allows you to track your health and fitness. You can get into the habit of exercising and drinking the right amount of water per day.

In the app, you can record all the food you eat during the day to keep track of your daily calorie intake. To do this, search for food and produce in the search.

You will also be able to try out fasting in the app by setting a timer for the amount of time you need to give up food. To calculate your calorie deficit correctly, add the workouts and exercises you did during the day.

Anyone can use the app by setting goals and objectives to lose, maintain, or gain weight. The app will regularly report on your achievements and progress according to your set goals and other personal data.

The app gives you access to a general forum where you can share your experience with other users. Compose your diet with familiar foods, because you can easily search for them or add them by scanning the barcode on the label.

Track your diet not only by calories but also by the nutrients that go into the energy content of the foods you eat. You’ll even be able to track the number of vitamins you’ve gotten after eating a meal from your diet.



This app will allow you to create the perfect diet for vegetarians or meat-eaters. In such a virtual cookbook you will be able to add both ready-made recipes of dishes, as well as your own author’s.

The service will automatically calculate the energy value of the dish, allowing you to fit it into your daily quota.

In addition to data on the calorie content of foods and the finished dish, you will receive an expanded table of constituent nutrients. This lets you know how many carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and other substances are in your diet.

You can add and delete recipes as many times as you want. They will be stored on the device, so you won’t lose track of them. You can write the recipe by hand, add photos, or just paste the link into the app itself.

Finished recipes can be edited to get your author’s ideas. Add and change ingredients in a recipe to make it more nutritious and healthy.

You will be able to create a weekly menu with a detailed analysis of the energy content of meals, create homemade recipes and identify foods that are recommended to be excluded from the diet.


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Verywell Fit

This service will allow you to create your own cookbook with the author’s recipes of dishes. You will be able to make them perfect by making up your own or editing someone else’s. You will also be aware of the health content of your diet.

Enter foods or cooked recipes into the service to get detailed energy and calorie information. Edit recipes at the touch of a button, adding new ingredients or removing old ones. You can also start a recipe over at any time by deleting a previous one.

You can also save several and choose the most appropriate one after analyzing the energy value of each one. Share your recipes with other people by sending them links or codes that are generated by the service itself.

Thus, you can even use it to start your own cooking blog and share healthy food recipes with people. In this service, you will also be able to analyze each product and its nutritional value. This will allow you to understand where calories come from and how to reduce them without harming your health.

Compare recipes by removing certain ingredients to get perfect results. Choose foods from a list that is updated regularly.

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