11 Best Games Like Sudoku for Android & iOS

Love Sudoku but feel a little tired of the concept? We have a decision for you!

There are lots of games like Sudoku for Android and iOS that will blow up your idea of puzzle games. The goal of these games is to pump your brain skills while keeping you entertained. Plus, all these games have different concepts so there’s something for everyone.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps in that category you should try. Have a look!

Move the Box

Move the Box

Let’s start with an app called Move the Box. This is a puzzle game that will keep your brain occupied.

By the concept of this game, your main goal is to move the boxes into groups of three. Once the boxes are lined up they disappear — just like they would in Tetris. Keep in mind that you can only line up the boxes of the same color.

You can rather do it vertically or horizontally so it might seem easy. The trick here is that you have a limited number of moves so you need to think ahead of your every step.

In case you realize you’ve moved the box the wrong way or did it accidentally you can use the undo button. It also needs to be aid that the game has more than 600 levels so it will keep you busy for a long while.

As always, the game starts with easy levels, but they are starting to get more and more challenging. Besides, you start with a couple of hints that will help you to move forward if you’ll get stuck on any level. And when you’ll run out of those you can always get new ones for the in-game currency.

Move the Box 1 Move the Box 2


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Clockwork Brain Training – Memory & Attention Game

Clockwork Brain Training

Clockwork Brain Training is another game that examines your brain and entertains you at the same time.

This whole game consists of various miniseries levels that are limited in time. It’s a perfect option for all Sudoku stands that are bored with playing with numbers only.

Due to this, this game trains all aspects of your brain — from memory to logic and strategic thinking. Plus, you will need to be very attentive to details.

The huge advantage of this game is that all those mini-series you’ll need to come through are absolutely different so you won’t get bodes with doing the same action again and again.

Therewith, all the series have fast-passed gameplay that will keep you entertained and interested. As for the time borders, they are adaptive for each series you play.

Another thing that seeds to be mentioned is the visual of this game — you’ll get thrown into a Victorian steampunk atmosphere and all the graphics is hand-drawn.

Besides, you will get a robot guide that will accompany and help you during the game. There are more than 20 different series and you can unlock extra quizzes while playing.

Clockwork Brain Training 1 Clockwork Brain Training 2


4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word is a popular game that can be a great alternative for app crossword lovers out there.

In the case of this game, its name fully reflects the concept. This, each round offers you four pics that you need to describe with just one word.

The word guessing part is like a crossword — you have the exact number of letters that the word should fit. Besides, you get to see the letters this word consists of but there are lots of excess ones.

As you could already guess, all for the pis are united by a common theme so you won’t have to guess random words. It needs to be said, the first few levels are extremely easy but don’t be quick to judge the whole game by that.

The sessions get more and more complicated so you can easily be stuck on the same one for a couple of days or so.

The good news is the game does have hints in it. You will have a few when you start playing and you can easily get more for the in-game points. Herewith, you will get some points for each level you successfully pass and you can also get them by inviting your mates in the game.

4 Pics 1 Word 1 4 Pics 1 Word 2


What’s My IQ?

What's My IQ

As its name supposes, What’s My IQ is an app that tests your brain abilities in a game form.

What this game does is it asks you a series of questions that you should answer. Therewith, some of the questions might seem stupid but there’s actually some very creative answer to them.

As for the graphics, it’s pretty cartoony and even a bit childish but not too much to be annoying for the adults.

Due to this, this game is great for playing by the whole family. The coolest thing is that kids can answer some of the questions faster than their parents cause adults are overthinking possible answers. Plus, there are more than 50 questions so it will take a while to go through them all.

Furthermore, the difficulty of the questions varies from one to another and some of them can be very challenging.

To be more precise, the answers are always easy but never obvious so you will need all your logic skills and creativity. In case you will find it impossible to answer the questions you can use hints that will give you the solution.

What's My IQ 1


The Room

The RoomThe Room is a POV quiz game that will hold your attention for a long time.

By the concept of this game, you will need to put yourself in the position of a burglar and crack the boxes open.

Each round comes with a new series of boxes and the lock on every box is unique. The lock itself looks like a jigsaw so you will need to zoom the elements of it in and out till the lock opens.

On top of that, the graphics of his game is truly miraculous — it looks like you’re playing an HQ PC game. The whole atmosphere of this game is mysterious and kinda gothic and there are realistic sound effects as well.

Practically, everything that can be touched or moved in this game has a unique sound that compliments the game’s setting.

As always, the game starts with more simple levels but it gets more and more difficult and confusing with time. Therewith, all rounds are unique so the game doesn’t give you any time to relax.

In case you will be stuck on any level you can always use hints to move forward. The game also has a background plot that aims you to solve various mysteries.

The Room 1


100 Doors 2013

100 Doors 2013100 Doors 2013 is a quiz game that aims you to find a way to open multiple doors.

The main thing that needs to be said — don’t you rush to give up on this game only because of the year it was developed. But why should I play a 013 game in 2020 you might ask?

Well, cause this version is the legendary one. It was the coolest in the genre way back when and it still is. All the latest versions are just copies so if you want to try the game with this concept — go for this one.

Beyond that, you need to understand ha when it comes to this game — you would rather hate it or love it ad nothing in between.

As it was already mentioned, your main goal in this game will be to open the door based on the interior and the stuff you see around it. Each round comes with a new door and there’s always a unique way to open it.

The levels come from the pretty obvious ones to the ones that seem impossible to pass. Therewith, you will need to shake your phone or turn it upside down to complete some levels. There are 100 rounds in this game so it can keep you entertained for a very long time.

100 Doors 2013 1 100 Doors 2013 2


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Stupidness 2

Stupidness 2

Stupidness 2 is another game that will challenge your logic skills and creativity.

Here’s the point of this game — there are multiple tasks you need to solve and all of them come with different types of tricks.

Some of the rounds can be solved logically and some of the aims you to think out of the box. Therewith, there’s a progress bar on top of the screen that will go darker and darker if it takes you too long to answer the question.

Beyond that, there’s another bar that kind of reflects your IQ level (at least this is what the game says). Plus, some rounds allow you to make mistakes while the other ones throw the Game Over window after the first mistake. All the levels are absolutely unique and aim you to find new ways to solve the tasks.

Besides, if you will decide to use a hint it won’t cost you points, it will take away some of your precious time that is left. Some tasks will be logical, some are math-related and some of them are just…well, stupid is actually the first word that comes to mind but you can also call them creative.

Stupidness 2 1




2048 is a popular puzzle game that will drag you in for a long time.

This is a game with a minimalistic design that is easy to learn but difficult to gain a record. As you might already know, there are lots of games like that on the market, they even have the same name.

All these games are pretty much the same thing the only difference is usually the color scheme or some extra features. Considering that this one looks cute why not trying it, right?

As for the gaming process, it’s close to chess cause you also need to think a couple of steps ahead to win. Your only reference point here is to gain your own record and it’s much more difficult than you think. The game also has a leaderboard so you can look through the records of other players as well.

The gaming field consists of 16 cells and you need to stick together the cells with the same number. Therewith, you can only do it vertically or horizontally which ads lots of difficulties.

Your global point is to get 2048 number in one square which is very hard to gain. That’s because the game elevates the difficulty level with each cell you stick.

2048 1 2048 2




Threes is a jigsaw match-three type of a game that you can play forever.

Here’s how it looks — there’s a 4×4 field and nice cells of it are taken by random numbers. And when you move your finer at any side that numbers will move along and layer on top of each other.

Your goal here is to stick the cells with the same numbers. When you do that, the number will be doubled and tone cell will be free.

Plus, there’s a number coming up on top of the screen after each move and you will need to find a place for it. Once the whole field fills up with cells — the round counts as over and the game counts your overall score. It might sound simple, but the game generates an endless set of scenarios which means you will never run out of levels.

This game aims you to think strategically and logically cause one mistake can ruin your whole score. There are lots of playing tactics on the Internet but it’s not that fun to play with them. The game also has a pleasant visual and nice sound accommodation.

Threes 1 Threes 2




As you can already use, 1024 is a game similar to 2048. The only difference is the overall score you are aimed to gain.

Your goal in this game is to move around numbered tiles and stick together the ones with the same number. When you stick the tiles the number on it doubles and you can stick it with another one. There are no time borders in this game so you can take time overthinking your every move.

As for the visual, it is quite minimalistic and eye-pleasing and the game also has easy controls. It needs to be an aid, you are not allowed to move the tiles diagonally which makes the game a little bit more challenging. Plus, the game has cute sound effects that help you to relax editing the rounds.

The difficulty level of the roads elevates gradually so you will have time to get used to the rules and come up with tactics. There are also hints that can help you pass the levels you get stuck at.

1024 1 1024 2


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Calculator: The Game

Calculator The Game

And lastly, Calculator: The Game is a single-player puzzle game with a unique concept — it’s perfect if you’re tired of monotonous games.

By the concept of this game, you get to manipulate numbers with the help of subtracting, reversing, and even moving them through the portals. The gaming field itself looks like a calculator and each round comes with a question you need to answer.

The visual of the game is quite decent and there are not too many buttons or color accents that may divert you from playing. There’s also nice music playing in the background of the game and all the buttons make individual sounds.

It needs to be said, the game doesn’t give you any time limitation but you still have a limited amount of moves for each round. Plus, the difficulty level of the game elevates as you move through the rounds and it can be very challenging at some point.

Calculator The Game 1 Calculator The Game 2


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