Motion Math: Pizza! app review

Now you can create your perfect pizza in Motion Math: Pizza! Learning math is not boring and terrifying anymore since you can obtain and improve your economic or math skills just by buying ingredients, creating various design, setting prices and providing service for the customers in your pizza restaurant!

You have total control on your pizza business: it is up to you to decide where to buy products, from whom to buy and how to buy them. You can also chose the type of products you would like to purchase; you are able to decide how your pizzas will look like. You can even experement with the names and of course chose the price which would be suitable for you and your customers.

Motion-Math-Pizza_BuyTo make the game process more intricate this app includes different types of people with different preferences and tastes. You will have to be as much creative as you can in order to bake a perfect pizza for everyone of them.

In your store you will find a number of upgrades avaliable for buying. Save up to buy them. As soon as you are obtaining more scores you are able to unlock new ingredients and use them all in making new amazingly delicious pizzas. It will make your pizzeria more popular and will attract more customers.

However to reach a success you have to be well trained with your math skills and compile your stragedy attentively. You will have to look for the best prices on the market, be precise while setting your prices and evaluating costs and have total control on your cash register by adding and multiplying different numbers. In the end you will get a perfect famous restaurant with pizza which is the dream of your every customer, a restaurant which makes a great profit because of your ability to be in control on your accounts by improving your math skills.

This game cannot become boring because of several levels of its difficulty. The more succesful you get in this game the more elaborate the game process becomes.

This app targets to teach the basic economic and math skills and to aid the player to become more rapid in it. The math tasks are getting more elaborate and speed raises as you are making your progress throughout the game.

The game has a number of positive reviews. And we feel about this app in the same way.


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