How to Appear Offline on Instagram

Instagram is familiar to absolutely all Internet users. Some people even have several accounts, having time to upload photos into each of them. You may not even be an active user or blogger – in any case, there is an opportunity to find interesting content among everything that is published there.

With each update, Instagram introduces some innovations that are not seen by all users. Not so long ago there was a useful feature – activity status. When you communicate with a person in Direct Messages, you can see the time of his last activity in Instagram or the status “online”.

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You probably don’t want other users to have this information about you – for example, you don’t read their messages or wouldn’t want them to get offended. In that case, you have the option of hiding your own status, and we will now tell you how to do so.

Depending on which device you use Instagram from, the way to hide it depends – it can be a smartphone or a computer. In mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms, the algorithms are absolutely the same.

From an application on your smartphone

Step 1: Once you have launched the application, go to your profile using the bottom control panel.


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Step 2: Go to the menu – the button looks like 3 horizontal stripes in the upper right corner.


Step 3: In the tab that opens, go to the settings, and find the “Privacy” section.


Step 4: You will immediately see the “Show Activity Status” function – disable this function. As soon as the online status checkbox turns grey, other users will not be able to see whether you are online or offline.

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From the browser of your desktop or laptop

The algorithm of disabling the network status from the browser is almost identical – only the Instagram interface changes.

Step 1: Go to your personal profile and open the menu, the button of which is in the upper right corner of the tab.

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Step 2: Go to the “Privacy” section after the menu window opens.

Step 3: Uncheck the “Show Activity Status” box. The result will be exactly the same – users will not be able to know if you are currently online.

There are a few more important checkboxes that people can use to track your activity.

1. Publications in Stories and likes of other users. If you publish a story or post on your Instagram page, it is obvious that you are online. The system also shows your subscribers the publications you have liked – so you should ignore this feature for the desired time.

2. Subscribing to new users, or approving subscriptions for new subscribers. Every time you subscribe to a new person, other people can see it in the public updates section. With new subscribers, it’s more complicated – it’s possible that the person you’re interested in will subscribe to you or another person and see it in the news.

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So why hide your online status in general? The reasons may be different. For example, your employer is subscribed to your Instagram page and monitors whether you visit social networks during working hours.

It may also be your fans or parents – why give them extra information about your activities? In any case, it is not superfluous to disable your online status. We hope that our article has helped you, and you will always stay in the shadows.

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