9 Best IQ Test Apps in 2023 to Try on Mobile

Have you ever wondered how smart you are? It is quite hard to measure such a thing. The good news is that IQ tests may help.

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In this article, we have collected the best apps with reliable and accurate IQ tests. There are great options for any operating system, be it Android or iOS.

IQ Test – The Intelligence Quiz

IQ-test-logoIt’s time to measure your intellect! IQ Test contains a full set of various tests to measure how your brain works and what can be improved.

The app is quite simple to use. When you open it for the first time, you will see the menu. You can take a test or just train.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of tests you will explore:

  1. First of all, you can take a short and long-term memory quiz. Yes, your memory is also a part of your intellect, and it is vitally important to find out how many things you can keep in mind.
  2. Play alone or compete with others. There is a cool multiplayer mode that can motivate you to solve quizzes much faster. At the very end, you will see the rating of people who also took part. Please note that the app will keep in mind the number of correct answers, as well as the time you needed to finish.
  3. Try the exercise mode. If you need to get ready for the test (when you are applying for a job, for instance), this option is a must.

This app has all the features typical for real IQ tests. It will measure your processing speed, memory, as well as number understanding.

When you complete your test, you will be given a detailed diagram of the results. This will help you to understand your strong and weak points.

All the options provided by IQ Test are completely free.

IQ-Test-screen-1IQ-test-screenshot IQ-test-screen

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IQ Test

IQ-test-logo-1Let’s check the potential of your brain. It allows you to measure your intelligence quotient. After you study the result, you will see how your memory works, how many items you can keep in your short-term memory, how you operate with numbers and many other things.

Why is this app worth trying? Well, there are many reasons for it: 

  • This application is compatible with most mobile devices. The only exception is the oldest version of Android. 
  • All the tests are available with no connection to the Internet, enabling you to take a quiz wherever you happen to be. 
  • The app helps you save your battery. It means you can easily use this IQ Test while traveling. 

The app gives you the opportunity to train your brain, solving various IQ tests. You have to be fully concentrated and focused on the process. If you face a hard question, you can always press the ‘skip’ button.

IQ Test will give you a detailed review of the results. You can use these graphics and texts next time. If you need to share the results, fell free to export the file.

You can download the application on Google Play at no cost.

iq-test-screenshot-1 Iq-test-screen-2


IQ Test – Cryptex Challenge

iq-cryptex-challenge-logoIt’s high time you started measuring your IQ. In this app, you can take a test or play a fun game. In both cases, you will be able to train your brain.

The game is divided into 5 difficulty levels. We recommend starting with the easiest ones and then gradually moving to the hardest challenges.

Let’s take a look at other options available for free:

  • Enjoy a classic IQ test. This is a great option to measure your intellect level and compare your IQ to others.
  • Try cool puzzles. There are approximately 60 unique puzzles to solve. Make sure you try this exciting challenge. This is more interesting than just taking a classic IQ test.
  • If you got stuck, feel free to use hints. In general, there are over 120 hints you can use.If you have run out of hints, watch ads and get more.
  • Compare yourself with others. For instance, you can easily compare your IQ to celebrities and scientists. This is a truly motivational thing!

What is more, the app is famous for its old-fashioned and smart interface. It looks pleasant and saves your battery as well.

The app is free with its basic options. To get more, make sure you go for in-app purchases and buy the functions you lack.

Download Cryptex Challenge on the App Store.



Mensa IQ Check

mensa-iq-check-logoIf you want to measure your intelligence, Mensa is what you need to download. It consists of a big number of various IQ tests that can help you to find out how smart you are. 

Mensa IQ check has a cool UI. Colored in blue, it looks super smart.

Here are the best options you will see on Mensa IQ Check: 

  • There are two modes – the quick check and the full check. If you are running out of time, it is better to go for the quick one – it contains 15 questions only. The full check has 60 questions and logically requires more time. 
  • Save your result by obtaining a certificate. You can send it directly via your email or messengers. 
  • Get your score and log it. This option will come in handy if you want to get better and compare various results. 

The app is quite small – having 60 MB of memory will be enough. What’s more, the app doesn’t need any connection to the Internet to function well.

You can get it now on Google Play at no cost.

IQ-test-screenshot-2 IQ-testing-screen


IQ Test

iq-test-logo-2Did you know that Stephen Hawking’s IQ is 160? It sounds impressive. But what is about your IQ? Do you know which number you can reach?

Before you start, you have to set your age and the level of education. This step is vitally important as a normal IQ level depends on these factors.

For instance, if you are a 10-year-old child, then having 70 is cool but if you are a well-educated adult, this number isn’t enough.

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In IQ Test, you will get access to the best sets of classic IQ tests. They are divided into categories. You can take a standard test and get result. Another mode is intended for training – you can choose the type of exercise and train your brain.

IQ Test is available at Google Play for free.



The IQ Test

the-iq-test-logoIf you were looking for a good IQ measurement application for iOS, this is a good option. It is believed to be the most comprehensive IQ app available on the App Store.

Unfortunately, this applications isn’t free. To install it, you have to pay 0.99$. Then you will be able to enjoy all the options.

Here are the best features of The IQ Test: 

  •  You will see over 930 questions devoted to different topics, such as your erudition, number operating, direction sense, logical thinking, coding, decoding, as well as classification, and pattern recognition. 
  • The app has a simple and smart interface enabling you to start at once. 
  • Enjoy cool sound effects. However, if you easily get irritated by repeating sounds, you can always turn them off. 
  • Take a full test or train only one type of quiz. For instance, if you face problems with short-term memory, you can 
  • When you are finished, you can easily see the detailed report. You will see what skills you have and what you lack. 

What’s more, the app has a super small size – having 35 MB of memory will be enough to install it on a smartphone or tablet.

The IQ Test can be downloaded on the App Store.



IQ Test Classic

iq-test-ios-logoHere is a set of classic IQ tests. This app will come in handy if you need to get ready for IQ tests to apply for a job or just test your brain.

One of the best features of IQ Test Classic is that it gives you fast tests. As you might already know, it usually takes people about an hour to complete a classic IQ test.

It is hard to find a free hour, though. The IQ tests in this application are much shorter but still very accurate.

What tests will you get access to? Let’s check some of them:

  1. All the tests were created by the professionals, meaning you can trust them. These tests are updated regularly.
  2. Try Classic and Mensa Test. The classic one requires more time to complete. However, both options are equally accurate. They both contain tasks that check your memory, logical thinking, pattern recognition, erudition, and vocabulary as well.
  3. Save you time without spoiling the quality. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes to complete the IQ test.

This application supports a huge number of languages, such as Greek, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Polish, and many others.

At the moment, IQ Classic Test is available on the App Store only.



IQ Test: Intelligence Test

IQ-Test-Intelligence-logoIf you love smart design and big sets of top-notch IQ tests, then this application is what you need. It is simple to download and use. You don’t have to create an account, just open the app and start measuring your IQ.

Why is IQ Test worth trying? Well, here are some reasons:

  1. There are two levels – mental and logical ones. It is better when they are balanced but it happens quite rarely. Still, it is better to know which type of thinking is typical for you. To find it out, you will have to answer 40 questions about your EQ(emotional quotient).
  2. The IQ tests you will find in this application look like Ravens Progressive Matrices. It means they are simple to understand and answer.
  3. Get your results right after you have finished the test. They can be short (in this case, you will just see the IQ number) and detailed (you will be given a report about your weak and strong points). You can export the result if you need.

As you see, the app is effective and fast. To know your IQ, you will need about 30 minutes, which is faster than the classic IQ test.

At the moment, IQ Test is available on the App Store for free.

IQ-test-intelligence-screen iQ-test-intelligence-screen-1 iq-test-intelligence-screen-1-1


IQ Test: Brain Cognitive Games

iq-test-brain-logoIf you consider yourself a smart person, then this is a good challenge for you. This app consists of tests, as well as interesting IQ games that will help you to test your memory, logical thinking, working with patterns, and many other skills.

Let’s see why the application is worth trying:

  • Colorful interface and straightforward questions. Sometimes it might be a challenge to answer the question just because of its strange shape. At times you can’t even understand what you have to do? and that’s frustrating. In IQ Test, all the questions are clear at once.
  • Analyze your result. For instance, you can compare your IQ to the celebrities’ ones. Still, if you don’t feel like competing with anyone, you can just study a detailed report filled with diagrams and pie charts. 
  • If you are an employer, this app may also come in handy. You can test your future employees to find out if they can be good workers and solve all the tasks you’ll give them.
  • Set a huge database of results. If your aim is just to measure your IQ one time, this isn’t necessary. However, if you are a professional HR or psychologist, this is a nice option enabling you to store the results of your clients or candidates.
  • Invite your relatives and friends to test their IQs as well. You may also share your results with others if you want to compete with them.

You can get IQ Test: Brain Cognitive Games on the App Store. The app is free with in-app purchases.

iQ-test-brain-screen-2 iq-test-brain-screen


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