9 Best apps that pay you to exercise (Android & iOS)

Everyone wants to stay in good shape. Since there are a lot of unhealthy and greasy food, bad habits and lack of free time around us these days, it immediately affects our physical fitness. Over the past few decades, people have started to walk much less, do physical work and even play sports.

How can you stay slim and fit in such a situation? How can you motivate yourself? Your motivation may be to pay for your efforts! Could you imagine that for a simple squat, yoga or a morning run you could get real money? Like it’s your job and it’s really paid for? In case your answer is no, we are ready to surprise you: such applications exist.

So, you can start planning where you’ll spend your money, because we’ve already picked up 13 of the best apps for you that are willing to pay you for physical activity.

FitPotato – Cash for Steps

fitpotatoWe are well aware that you may simply not have enough time to exercise fully. In this case, you can maintain your physical fitness with the most basic activity. The easiest option is jogging or walking with your pet. Is this a good fit for you? Then FitPotato is ready to pay you for it!

The app offers you payments for 3 categories of activities – walking, jogging and pet walks. The most interesting thing is that you will have to pass all 3 sessions per week. When you complete everything, you will receive a prize.

The award is formed from the general prize fund, which you share with other participants of the competition. It should be noted at once that rewards and payments are only available in Paid Mode – in Demo Mode you can participate only out of your own interest.

Remember – the more participants there are, the bigger the prize pool. As soon as you bring your colleagues and family to the test, you can compete with each other and diversify your fitness.

Since FitPotato is available on iOS, the app automatically connects to Apple Health and turns on GPS when tracking jogging. If you’re worried about your phone’s power consumption, consider this.

fitpotato2 fitpotato1



achievementIn order for insurance companies and medical organizations to improve, they need to collect information about different people, conduct data analysis and various studies. But because people don’t like to spread the word about their illnesses and health in general, it’s hard to get this information for nothing. But if one collects information remotely and even pays for it, consumers will be more willing to cooperate.

Achievement offers you a fee for filling in your health information. In the application, you enter your daily activity, number of steps, sports and meals. The bonus is also that you can control how you maintain your healthy weight. Developers also ask you to enter data about meditations and periodically take part in surveys.

Collecting this kind of data has already helped to investigate migraine, diabetes, arthritis and so on in more detail. In any case, with Achievement, you can start to monitor your health and earn money as well.

Take healthy action, keep an eye on your diet and be active – in this case, you will not only help medical organizations, but also yourself – both with money and health.

achievement screen1 achievement screen2


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Lympo – Walk. Run. Earn.

lympoIt is difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle and some people perceive it as a real challenge or competition. Lympo is ready to financially support you in your quest for a healthy body, as well as daily set you new goals and challenges – do not miss your chance to easily earn extra money!

As the app rewards you for your daily activity – such as running, warming up, walking and so on – it will keep you motivated throughout the entire time you use the app. Lympo is a community of health lovers, where you can compete with other people and keep track of your achievements and progress. For example, from the moment you install the application to some point you may lose weight or set new records in jogging.

You get the reward partially in the internal currency – LYM tokens. You can spend them in Lympo Shop – there you can buy new sports equipment (sneakers, clothes and even smart watches). There are also profitable offers from Amazon and even gift cards. But of course, the main award is your new healthy habits. Believe it or not, the monetary reward from Lympo will only be a pleasant addition to your new healthy habits.

lympo1 lympo2


Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage

weight lossIf a person has never played sports and suddenly started going to fitness, yoga or jogging in the morning, he probably had a “click on the switch”. HealthyWage can be a switch for you. The company offers you to exchange your excess weight for real money – sounds amazing!

In fact, HealthyWage is offering you a bet. A little excitement will only add tension to your goal. In general, a lot of players make a similar bet and thus form a prize pool. If your bet “plays” – that is, you really will work hard and lose weight – then you win. In fact, when you reach your goal, you get a prize in any case. The average payment, as the developers claim, is more than 1200 U.S. dollars – a good payment for the fact that you will become healthier.

HealthyWage is a community of like-minded people who share their results and motivate each other. Compete with before and after photos, minutes of activity per day, steps and so on, set new goals and make real money.

There are 4 types of competitions in HealthyWage with different conditions and prizes: up to $10,000 for individual participation, $10,000 as the first prize for teams of five, your own share of the total bank or competition in the number of steps. HealthyWage helps hundreds of people to get engaged and stay in shape – you just need to register in the application.

weight loss screen2 weight loss screen1


Pact: Earn Cash for Exercising

pactLike many other such applications, Pact forms a common application bank from the contributions of all participants. In this way, those people who are able to achieve results become a little richer at the expense of less motivated depositors. Pact will be your motivator for physical activity, so you can more productively achieve your exercise and health goals.

You set up your own fitness level yourself. Over time, it will increase, as will your fitness performance. You also set yourself goals for the near future – whether it is a week or even a month. In order for you to be able to get your fair prize, you will need to monitor and demonstrate your personal progress. This can be done with the help of photos and indicators of your weight.

You can control everything completely – trainings are tracked by GPS, accelerometer and your fitness bracelet (if you use it of course). Synchronize Pact with other applications that track your physical activity so you can get closer to your goal with confidence. In fact, your motivation is not to get your own benefit, but to not lose your own money. Don’t want to lose your contribution? Then run faster to the gym!

pact2 pact1


It Works! LiveFit

it works!The name of the application fully indicates to users what they should do. Live Fit is two words that are so commonplace and understandable, although they are the secrets of your health and beautiful body. Don’t you lack the motivation, knowledge or self-control to play sports? It Works! LiveFit will help you become more organized and achieve your goals.

The application will be your assistant in controlling your healthy lifestyle. It Works! LiveFit is a whole set of parameters that will lead you to the result. It’s about tasty recipes for healthy eating, daily training that you can do wherever you are, and of course, making real money. The opportunity to earn extra money will always motivate you not to stop and continue on your way to your goals.

Many such applications pay you only for the fact that you do sports. It Works! LiveFit adds a little bit of luck – every day you can spin a virtual wheel in the hope of getting your prize. The Spin To Win minigame brings a little variety to your healthy lifestyle.

Of course, Fit Coins is given to you for your daily activity – just add it to the application itself. Recommend it to friends and family – this way you can become an additional motivator for each other!

it works!1 it works!2


Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit

sweatcoin paysOwn currency inside the application is a great move for developers who aim to motivate people. In fact, you don’t get real cash, but you can easily make money without investing your own money.

Sweatcoin will really pay you for staying athletic and tight – and it has nothing to do with real money. Sweatcoins is the currency. You can spend it anywhere – on gadgets, equipment, food and more – your goal is just to earn it. The app pays you for your movements and activity, so you don’t have to do anything illegal or unbearable.

Physically active people every day do exercises, ride a bicycle or go to the gym – why not make it work for you? Developers work with many companies that are willing to provide you with services in exchange for your activity. Sweatcoin converts minutes of sporting activities into your wellbeing.

In addition to your own benefit, you can also donate all your earnings to charity or give to others. This way, you get not only a tightened body, but also the pleasure of having someone happy about your donation.

sweatcoin pays screen2 sweatcoin pays screen1


DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!

dietbetThe desire for an award always motivates us to do something about it. You can’t always find motivation in yourself, in dreams or in real people – sometimes everything is trivial and you can be pushed to some action by money. In the case of diets, money will be a pleasant bonus to weight loss – that’s what DietBet developers want to tell you.

We have already considered some of the applications of these developers in another article. The company has actually made a huge contribution to motivating people to keep themselves in great shape. In DietBet you place bets that will come back to you at an increased rate if you are successful.

The whole community helps each other to become more tense – you can learn special features, tricks and things that will help you to achieve your goals a little faster. Consider your participation a full game. You should keep track of your progress in the form of regular weights.

Are you sure about yourself? Bet even higher! Most importantly, remember – once you have made a bet, you should not lose your own money – it is better to achieve the goal and even increase your funds.

dietbet2 dietbet1


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Lympo Squat

lymposquatNowadays, a lot of people want to have a pimpy and athletic ass – no matter how rude it sounds. Actually, pumping gluteal muscles is not that easy and not all people have the patience to finish the job. But Lympo Squat is ready to motivate you – you will get good money just for sitting down!

Squatting is not the most difficult exercise in the fitness world. You can do it almost anywhere and every minute of your time. Lympo Squat offers you to make this process more interesting and play a real game. All you need to do is install an app and a camera on your smartphone. You lock your phone in place and the camera lets you start the game – it’s more fun to sit down and the coach in the form of artificial intelligence will help you pump up real steel buttocks!

Your hands will be free and you can do anything with them – dry your hair after showering, dance, massage your face, brush your teeth or even pump your baby – Lympo Squat requires only your feet. You earn Lympo tokens for your squats and you can then spend them on something you want or want to do for yourself.

The main advantage may also be that you do not need to go to the gym or even spread out a gymnastics mat – Lympo Squat you can run anywhere and anytime. All you need is just a place where you can stand!



In fact, how hard it can be to get yourself into sports. You can find hundreds of excuses, hoping that your laziness or unwillingness will not affect your fitness in any way. But you should agree that it is much more pleasant to receive compliments from others, to feel active and cheerful – and all this is what sports give you.

Now you will be motivated to go to fitness classes – just choose the application you like the most from the list and install it on your smartphone. Staying healthy and tight – it’s easy!

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