11 Best Napoleonic War Games for Android & iOS

From commanding mighty armies to shaping the fate of nations, these games offer immersive experiences set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a strategy aficionado, dive into the tumultuous world of 18th and 19th-century Europe, where empires clashed and legends were born.

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Muskets of Europe : Napoleon

Muskets of Europe: Napoleon transports you to the heart of European conflicts where strategy meets history in a riveting blend of Real-Time Strategy and First-Person Shooter gameplay.

As a commander, you have the unique opportunity to lead historic factions such as the British, French, Prussian, and Russian armies through the tumultuous times of Napoleon’s attempt to conquer Europe and the war of colonies between British and American colonists.

The game’s mechanics allow for deep strategic planning, from choosing the right unit formations and defenses to leveraging special abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Engage directly in the fray with FPS combat, utilizing an array of period-accurate weapons including muskets, bayonets, and swords to achieve victory on realistically inspired European battlefields.

Muskets of Europe isn’t just about following historical events; it empowers you to create your narrative with its sandbox mission editor.

As you navigate through massive battles and strategic warfare, remember that flexibility and innovation on the battlefield are your greatest assets. Muskets of Europe: Napoleon is not just a game; it’s a journey through time where your decisions shape history. Embrace the challenge and leave your mark on Europe!

Muskets of Europe

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European War 4 : Napoleon

This strategic endeavor is not just a game; it’s a journey through history, where your decisions shape the future of nations. The game introduces a novel dimension with over 200 historical generals, including luminaries like Napoleon, Wellington, and Washington. Your task is to elevate these figures from mere soldiers to esteemed marshals, and in doing so, etch your name in the annals of history.

The battlefield is a complex tapestry of units, each with unique characteristics. Mastery over these units means the difference between victory and defeat. With experience, these troops evolve into elite forces, significantly boosting your war efforts. The game’s innovative map system, with seamless zooming, presents the geopolitical landscape with unprecedented clarity, inviting you to strategize over real territorial lines.

Your arsenal extends beyond the battlefield, with opportunities to engage in diplomacy, economics, and espionage. Purchase items, recruit generals in taverns, and trade supplies to fortify your position.

“European War 4: Napoleon” is more than a game; it’s a simulation of leadership, strategy, and conquest. As you navigate through its complex systems and rich historical tapestry, remember that every decision could turn the tide of history. The quest for glory is fraught with challenges, but for those who prevail, the rewards are as immortal as the legacy of Napoleon himself.

European War 4

1812. Napoleon Wars TD Tower D

In “1812. Napoleon Wars TD Tower Defense,” you’re transported back to the heart of the Napoleonic Wars, tasked with defending against the relentless advance of Napoleon’s troops.

This strategic tower defense game invites you to immerse yourself in historic battles like the Battle of Borodino, engage in guerrilla warfare, liberate cities, and more. Your journey from cornet to general is paved with strategic decisions, weapon upgrades, and direct involvement in combats. The game’s storyline is dynamic, with the outcomes of your actions influencing the course of history.

The premium version of the game elevates the experience with a non-linear storyline peppered with engaging quests. The gameplay is both fun and addictive, supported by stunning graphics and captivating sound effects, including real military marches.

With over 60 levels across various difficulties, more than 30 enemy types to confront, and an arsenal of weapons and gears to upgrade, the challenge never wanes. The game’s atmosphere is further enriched by changing seasons and weather conditions, night levels, and formidable bosses that test your strategic mettle.

“1812. Napoleon Wars TD” is not just a game; it’s a journey through history, offering a blend of education and entertainment. Its comprehensive approach to the tower defense genre, coupled with historical authenticity, makes it a standout title.

1812. Napoleon Wars TD Tower D

European War 6: 1804 -Napoleon

European War 6: 1804 plunges players into the tumultuous aftermath of the American War of Independence, setting the stage for the French Revolution and the rise of iconic military figures like Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, and George Washington.

Key features include a campaign mode filled with historically significant battles, a conquest mode that allows for the development of cities and technology, and a challenge mode that tests strategic prowess under specific conditions.

The game’s dedication to historical accuracy is evident in the detailed portraits of over 160 generals and the inclusion of over 200 units from various countries. With support for cloud saves, players can seamlessly switch devices without losing progress, ensuring that the quest for domination can continue anytime, anywhere.

In conclusion, European War 6: 1804 is not just a game; it’s a journey through history, a test of strategy, and an opportunity to rewrite the pages of time. Whether you’re a history buff, a strategy game enthusiast, or someone looking for a deep and engaging gameplay experience, this title is poised to deliver hours of compelling play.

European War 6

Superconquest Napoleon

“Superconquest Napoleon” offers an exhilarating dive into the Napoleonic era, delivering a blend of historical accuracy and addictive gameplay. As either Napoleon or part of the coalition, players navigate through strategic decisions, battles, and conquests, mirroring the tumultuous history of Europe’s greatest military campaigns.

With its free-to-play model and optional expansions, the game offers flexibility and depth. Players can craft their strategies, manage armies, and face historical events like coalitions and guerrilla warfare. From managing territories to optimizing veteran troops, every decision impacts the course of history.

The game features all major nations of the era, various campaigns, and multiplayer options for added excitement. Whether reliving historical battles or forging new conquests, “Superconquest Napoleon” challenges players to showcase their military prowess in the Napoleonic era’s grand theater of war.

Will you rewrite history or succumb to its relentless march? Explore the past and conquer the future in this thrilling turn-based strategy adventure.

Superconquest Napoleon

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Strategy & War 2: Empire War

In Strategy & War 2: Empire War, players are transported to the tumultuous 18th century, commanding armies led by famous generals in epic battles that shaped history. With immersive gameplay, this Napoleonic Wars strategy game offers an array of features to engage players:

  • Historical Realism: Relive iconic battles and alter the course of history with strategic prowess.
  • Generals: Command legendary figures such as Napoleon, Frederick, and Kutuzov, each with unique strengths and abilities.
  • Troop Customization: Develop and upgrade your own generals and troops, strategically combining them to overcome diverse challenges.
  • Legions: Assemble specialized legions featuring Grenadiers, Dragoons, Cannons, and more, leveraging their distinct capabilities in battle.
  • Visual Excellence: Enjoy stunningly detailed units and environments, with upgraded attack animations and effects for a truly immersive experience.

In Strategy & War 2: Empire War, players don’t just play the game; they rewrite history with their strategic brilliance. Experience the thrill of conquest, the depth of strategy, and the legacy of legendary generals in this captivating strategy masterpiece.

Strategy & War 2

Napoleon Bonaparte

The mobile strategy game centered around Napoleon Bonaparte’s victories beckons historians and strategy aficionados alike to embark on a captivating journey. Relish the epic ambiance right on your mobile device as you strive to erect your own empire.

Dive into the annals of war, letting your tactical prowess guide your armies toward empire upgrades. Channel the legendary leadership of Napoleon, showcasing your strategic brilliance. Engage friends in multiplayer mode, ascend the leaderboards, and etch your name in the annals of history.

Forge alliances, challenge foes, and fortify your realm—all while experiencing historical battles with cutting-edge graphics and immersive gameplay. This game sets a new standard in mobile strategy, uniting history buffs and strategy enthusiasts. Are you prepared to build your empire and seize dominion?

In this unique mobile strategy game, the focus isn’t solely on individual triumphs but also on collaborative efforts within the community.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Evony: The King’s Return

Evony: The King’s Return is not just a game; it’s a journey through history intertwined with strategic brilliance. With its latest addition of Napoleon and Josephine, players delve into the annals of time, crafting their own epic saga.

In this real-time strategy MMO, players are not just rulers but architects of their destinies. From solving brain-burning puzzles to expanding their empire across seven distinct civilizations, every decision shapes their legacy. The game offers a rich tapestry of features, from diplomatic alliances to commanding armies led by iconic historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Genghis Khan.

But it’s not just about conquest; it’s about camaraderie. Join alliances, communicate in real-time, and strategize with friends to emerge victorious. However, beware of the allure of in-app purchases, lest they disrupt your noble quest.

Embark on this thrilling adventure, where every choice reverberates through the corridors of time. Evony: The King’s Return awaits the brave-hearted, ready to carve their mark in history. Join the fray and ascend to the throne of seven kingdoms!


Grand War: Army Strategy War

“Grand War: Army Strategy War” is an engaging mobile app designed for players who relish strategic warfare. Set in a dynamic battlefield, this app offers a plethora of features to immerse players in thrilling tactical gameplay. Commanding armies, players strategize to conquer territories, expand their empires, and ultimately dominate the battlefield.

Key features include customizable armies with a variety of units, each possessing unique strengths and abilities. Players can devise intricate battle plans, utilizing terrain advantages and employing diverse tactics to outsmart opponents. Real-time multiplayer battles allow for intense competition against friends or players worldwide, fostering a vibrant gaming community.

The app’s intuitive interface ensures seamless navigation, while stunning graphics bring the epic battles to life. Regular updates and events keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, offering new challenges and rewards.

In conclusion, “Grand War: Army Strategy War” promises an exhilarating gaming experience for enthusiasts of strategic warfare, combining immersive gameplay with social interaction in a visually stunning package. Embark on a journey of conquest and glory in this epic mobile strategy game.

Grand War

World conquest: Europe 1812

World Conquest: Europe 1812 immerses players into the intricacies of the Napoleonic Wars with its turn-based strategy gameplay, encompassing diplomacy and economics. With a choice of 56 countries, your objective is to conquer half of the map, utilizing tactics reminiscent of the historical era.

In this game, you strategize by maneuvering armies across the map, upgrading regions with structures like walls and recruiting diverse troop squads. Diplomacy plays a crucial role, allowing for alliances, trade agreements, and gold exchanges with other nations.

Key features include a scenario and map editor for customized experiences, an economy system, various buildings, and the ability to play multiple countries on one device. The optional Arcade Mode offers unlimited freedom and resources for a different gaming experience.

With World Conquest: Europe 1812, history buffs and strategy enthusiasts alike can engage in epic battles and diplomatic maneuvers, shaping the outcome of Europe’s fate.

World conquest

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Strategy & War: European War

“Strategy & War: European War” transports players to the tumultuous Napoleonic era, offering an immersive turn-based strategy experience. From the French Revolution to the Battle of Waterloo, the game allows you to shape history’s course. Join the Anti-French League to thwart invaders or lead the French empire’s rise under the Corsican lion’s banner.

Featuring over 50 diverse levels, players confront renowned battles with varying difficulties, ensuring both challenge and satisfaction. Command legendary figures like Napoleon, Wellington, and Blucher, each with unique abilities to sway the tide of war.

The game’s mechanics emphasize strategic depth, incorporating morale systems, technological advancements, and terrain effects. Whether erecting fortresses or luring enemies into traps, every decision impacts the outcome.

In summary, “Strategy & War: European War” offers a captivating blend of historical immersion and tactical gameplay, inviting players to rewrite history through cunning strategy and military might. Embark on a journey through Europe’s past and forge your legacy on the battlefield.

Strategy & War
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