11 Best reflexe/reaction games for Android & iOS

Games for the development of reactions and reflexes help our brain to think and work faster. It speeds up the processes that are responsible for decision making and brain activity.

Besides, it is a pleasant and at the same time useful pastime. You will not only be able to escape but also enjoy such games.

This list contains beneficial games that will improve your reaction and reflexes.

Squex: the reflex trainer

Squex: the reflex trainerSquex: the reflex trainer is a game where you need to dodge moving rectangles using the red dot. Try to check your speed and accuracy.

The point here is as simple as possible. There are several blue cubes and a red dot in the center. You need to click on the circle in the center and try to hold out as long as possible so that no other object can touch you.

You can’t touch the black frame, this adds complexity. The movement of the blue rectangles is completely random.

In the first seconds, they move in the same direction. So, holding out for five seconds will be quite simple, but then it will be incredibly difficult. You need to find a way to dodge everything.

Each time you set a new record and you can compete with your friends. The process is addictive and turns into real competition. Here only the reaction decides.

You can also change the game mode. Choose between limited and full. In full mode, it becomes much easier to watch the flying blocks. Hand movements become more accurate due to the increased size.

Squex: the reflex trainer Squex: the reflex trainer

The app Squex: the reflex trainer will help you improve your reaction skills. This skill will help you think and think about important decisions faster. Many players cannot last longer than 18 seconds. If you overcome this level, then you can be confident in your abilities.


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Fast Reflex: Train your BRAIN & Time of Reaction

Fast Reflex: Train your BRAIN & Time of ReactionHave you ever been impressed by the memory of the waiters in a restaurant? In the Fast Reflex: Train your BRAIN & Time of Reaction application, you need to experience the responsibilities of a waiter.

Each visitor will order a drink, main course, side dish, and dessert. After a distracting task associated with the calories of dishes, you will need to remember the orders.

Is your memory as good as the memory of the waiters? Play and see!

Memory is the storage of information over time. This game involves 2 aspects of memory: visual memory and short-term memory.

What is the use of this application? Impeccable visual memory is very important in everyday life. Even if you are not working as a waiter, you need good visual memory.

This is used to memorize people’s faces, various notes, or to go back along the same road in the city that you came along. The thought processes of solving the tasks need the use of “short-term memory.”

It works like RAM on a computer. You temporarily store the information necessary to complete an existing task. But you do not need to translate it into permanent long-term memory.

Fast Reflex: Train your BRAIN & Time of Reaction Fast Reflex: Train your BRAIN & Time of Reaction

This free app is a great simulator for your memory. With this, you can more easily remember important information.


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RGB Reflex

RGB ReflexThe RGB Reflex app is a great way to spend your time usefully. Here you will find many interesting games that will captivate you for a long time. Train your brain and memory with your mobile device.

One of the most useful games here is a game with colored balls. You will see several colored balls moving across the playing field. You need to remember what kind of balls they are.

Then new balls will appear and they will all be painted in the same color. You will need to select the initial ones. A game with cards is also very well implemented.

It was created for speed of solving problems, for quick memory and ingenuity. Here is the whole set of training you need for all the functions of your brain. Some of the games here are so complex and interesting that you will need time to figure it out.

In each task, you need to type the required number of correct answers. For each completed task you get points. It boosts your level. This approach serves as a motivation for the game.

So, the more you play educational games, the more you improve your memory and reaction skills. There are also special graphics that show your gameplay.

Here you are shown how you are developing or falling in development. In which areas you have better indicators, in which – worse.

RGB Reflex RGB Reflex

You can also pass the test for the main disciplines and get an average score. It also motivates to play better to get a higher score. You can share your results with friends on social networks.


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Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

In the Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training application, you develop your mental abilities and learn something new.

Here you will find a lot of interesting tasks and training. This application has features that other products do not have. Besides, everything was done efficiently and interestingly.

At first, the app offers to pass a test for your knowledge of the attentiveness and speed of thinking. Next, register so that the program can save your result. Then you go to the first tasks.

The program Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training considers your initial level of development. Then, it gives tasks on the level that suits you. There will be no such situation that the tasks are too complicated and you cannot solve them.

There are a lot of game options here. They engage your brain at a high level. So you will play with pleasure and go through different tasks. For example, you need to choose which word in the text is superfluous to get points.

The faster you do this, the more points you can earn. Then there will be a test for high-speed reading, then for memory, and so on. Quite a lot of interesting tasks.

The test for reading speed really loads the brain so much that then you will begin to read very quickly. This practice is for book lovers.

Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

This is a great app to develop your thinking, reaction and perception skills.


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Luminous Tap – Reflex Training

Luminous Tap - Reflex TrainingLuminous Tap – Reflex Training is a simple and very convenient game for training your brain and reaction.

The gameplay is quite simple and based on the laws of physics. You will need to understand this and get used to some features of the ideas.

The game Luminous Tap – Reflex Training will need to draw on the screen a variety of stripes that somehow interact with the virtual world.

For example, you need to move the balls or turn the glass upside down. To do this, draw a strip of the desired shape on the screen.

When falling, it will push objects. Of course, this is the simplest example of how you will play. After all, in fact, there are a lot of options for levels and the level of complexity is constantly growing.

Yesterday, you played a rather simple product with easy tasks. Tomorrow you will already be thinking about how to pass this task and turn the subject over. It’s good that the developers tried so hard. Although getting used to complexity is sometimes unrealistic.

The game Luminous Tap – Reflex Training does not need any unrealistic skills from you and does not need constant visits. You can quite calmly go about your own business and sometimes solve the next difficult task. For some, this is good entertainment.

Luminous Tap - Reflex Training Luminous Tap - Reflex Training

This free application is quite interesting and informative. There is something to think about. Besides, you will gain useful experience in developing your reaction and thinking.


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Duet Duet is a fun addictive puzzle game in which the player needs to solve various problems. Earning game gold for each level passed, you can unlock more difficult puzzles.

Accumulate even more bonus points. The gameplay is well thought out. Animation pictures designed just fine. Solving problems, you complete the entire game for free without spending real money.

This is an amazing game full of various tasks and small mini-puzzles. To train the brain in various directions, the application Duet offers many levels.

Each of them contains unique tests. Some need logical thinking, some emphasize non-standard conclusions. Other games need concentration, dexterity, or a steady hand. Each puzzle is different from the previous one, so the gameplay is always fun.

The game in this application starts with several free levels. Earn points at these levels, you can unlock the rest.

The application Duet has excellent graphics and even some 3D elements. Good music that lets you focus on thinking. Tasks are new every time. You never know what exactly awaits you at the next level.

Some tasks may seem overwhelming to you compared to the previous ones. But after spending some time, you understand that the solution was very close.

Finishing the next stage with a golden star, you can move forward very quickly. The Golden Star is the highest score for completing levels in the application. With certain skills, tasks can be solved quite quickly.

Duet Duet

So the application Duet can be called the perfect game for an interesting pastime. Although some puzzles need a lot of thought.


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Geometry Dash

Geometry DashGeometry Dash is that type of puzzle, the complexity of which makes the brain work.

In fact, it resembles ordinary familiar puzzle games. But here all this needs to be done at the same time both on a flat and 3D scale. Clear graphics and beautiful music immediately immerse in very difficult gameplay.

This is one of the most challenging puzzles you can find for among all the applications. Essentially, you need to connect the pipes at each level so that the cell turns green.

After that, you can proceed to the next generated task. This game really makes you think and focus.

In the game Geometry Dash, various grid sizes are available for combinations. Here you can play either in a plane or in a rotating 3D space.

In the second case, the tasks are very difficult. Rotating cubes is very simple. It is enough to drag your finger in the right direction and click on the appropriate area to expand it.

Movement saves proprietary “magnetic” function. This feature guesses the next helpful position that the player wants to set.

It may seem incomprehensible at first, but during the game, everything clears up. Such an intuitive helper is a very nice addition to the wonderful gameplay.

Geometry Dash Geometry Dash

The application Geometry Dash has nice graphics and a wide variety of colors. Music and sound effects are very well matched. The dance music is quite pleasant and modern. You can also turn off music here.


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Color Switch

Color SwitchColor Switch is an online simulator for brain development and reaction skills.

This application contains games that gradually develop your mental abilities. Regular training improves attention, logic, quick thinking and memory.

To start using the application Color Switch you need to register. You can log in via social networks or create a new account.

When registering, you need to fill out a simple questionnaire, indicating personal data. You also need to enter minor information about your daily routine.

For example, the number of hours you devote to sleep. After that, you will need to undergo unusual testing. Play several games to see your progress in the future.

All games in the application Color Switch are presented in categories. You can practice the development of memory and attention. Improve your skills and speed of reaction.

When registering, you need to carefully fill in all the information. Based on the data entered, an individual development program is drawn up.

Besides, personal statistics are kept. This will help you keep track of progress. Aim points scored during the games will help to objectively test the result of the work.

First, you need to pass a test of three easy tasks. You have to find the right pair of cards. Also, send the locomotives to the necessary depots and complete certain tasks. After completing each task, you will see the statistics.

Color Switch Color Switch

You can compare your results with the results of other players. Every day you will have access to several games.


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Circuroid The Circuroid app contains exercises for developing memory, reaction speed, accuracy, and attentiveness.

For example, the application will show you an arrow on a red or blue background. Your task is to draw a line with your finger on the screen in the direction of the arrow.

In this application, you do not just solve puzzles, but take part in a competition.

The algorithm will select from the users the application of the opponent, equal in skill. You will complete three tasks at once and find out who is better.

To successfully compete in the battle, you can train one or another skill separately. But do not forget that the number of attempts is limited.

To use the application you need to register. To register, you need to fill out a questionnaire about the skills you want to develop. Enter your email, then go through a 3-minute test. During it, you need to solve problems from three categories. Thinking, memory, and attention.

Exercises are divided into several groups. They develop memory, responsiveness, ability to concentrate, and even language skills. For each group, several mini-games are provided, which also train memory well.

Available mini-games:

  • composing words from letters
  • sorting cards with images
  • spatial orientation
  • planning a route from memory
  • distribution of numbers in ascending order
  • and many others

Circuroid Circuroid

Often, exercise is limited by time or the number of tasks. In both cases, the quality of performance is assessed by the points earned.


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Music Racer

Music RacerDo you like to listen to music? Then you can combine business with pleasure. The Music Racer application will help you with this. Here you can train your reaction by listening to your favorite music tracks.

The application Music Racer is based on the successful Tetris + Lines concept. Here you have to control the starship.

Starship flies on a three-lane “track”. It picks up multi-colored cubes to build arrays of the same color from them.

Overfilling the “columns” is punishable by a fine, temporary excommunication or retirement. Space for movement is minimal. Right or left along the bottom edge of the screen.

This process will help diversify interesting characters. For example, Pointman can pick up blocks and hold them until the right occasion.

Mono character will help you avoid gray cubes and catch the rest. For fans of harsh conditions at a difficult level, sidetracks have been removed. But the main thing here is your music.

The track is created by the in-game system. She analyzes any proposed composition and displays an intricate route. It has sharp turns, ups, and downs.

The speed of movement and the color of the cubes also depend on the rhythm. Fast sections are red and yellow, slow sections are purple and blue.

Music Racer Music Racer

The game Music Racer will drag you for a long time at the first start. You will get unforgettable pleasure and useful skills. For each track you complete, you will receive points. It will help you rise in the ranking among other players.


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Ninja Reflex

Ninja Reflex In the game Ninja Reflex, you have to act like a ninja student. Learn the wisdom of ancient martial art from an experienced master.

The teacher immediately declares that his goal is to train your reaction. This will be done using traditional and original methods.

It offers a total of six species. Nunchaku, katana, shuriken, as well as catching flies, fish, and fireflies.

Nunchaku should beat fruit, boxes and other items. The elderly sensei will throw these items at you. In this case, you need to spin the weapon in a regular arc, resembling an eight.

With katana, you can hunt ghosts-samurai in a dense forest. Block one of the three types of attacks and quickly carry out a counterattack.

Shurikens should be launched into large moving targets. The situation is slightly complicated by management. To throw you need to use one finger to aim. With your other finger, throw Shuriken towards an imaginary opponent.

Livestock exercises are a bit more fun. If only a lightning-fast click is enough to catch a moth, then you have to catch flies with hashi sticks. Send them to a special bowl in which the insects will wait for their time.

With fish in the pond is even more difficult. You need to hold your palm over the water. Wait for the moment when the Japanese crucian is interested in you and pops up. Then you need to catch him. You should move very smoothly, otherwise, you will frighten away all waterfowl.

Ninja Reflex Ninja Reflex

After completing all six mini-games and their endless variations, you can meditate. Look at the beautiful screensaver and listen to the instructions of the master. For achievements in ninja art, they give a belt of new color and the ability to choose a name.


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