13 Best Tip Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Usually, in restaurants and cafes, it’s customary to leave a tip, although by law you do not need to pay it. As a gratitude for good service, you can leave a small amount. In different countries, this amount may vary. Leaving a tip is a sign of good tone because you thank the waiter for good service.

How much to leave tips? This issue is very ambiguous and depends on many factors:

  • quality of service;
  • type of the place (simple cafe, elite complex, expensive hotel or restaurant);
  • the personal opinion of the visitor (stingy or generous, in the mood or not and so on);
  • from the bill (a simple lunch for $ 10 or a banquet for $ 1000).

As a rule, the size of the tip is 5-20%, the amount can maneuver depending on the above factors.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of different calculators. Here you can see the best of them and download the calculator which is best for you!

The etiquette of leaving tips causes a lot of questions: when, to whom and how much to pay, how to transfer money – in person or leave it in a conspicuous place. Finally, a tip is not only one point of etiquette but also an expense item that must be thought in advance.

You do not need to worry about the size of the tip if they are included in the bill and are already registered on a separate line. And if the service was excellent, even then, you can thank in addition, adding from yourself another 5-10% to the check.

You can get confused about how much money you need to leave as a tip. Therefore, we have prepared for you a selection of the best tip calculators for calculating tips. They are the tool that will help you to calculate the right amount.

Tip Calculator % Gold

This useful tip calculator app is no less popular than any other app on the list. This is a simple application for calculating how much you should leave a tip. It will be helpful while paying the bill in the restaurant or a cafe or anywhere else. The app will help you to split the bill and know the sum of a tip.

For calculating you should enter the total bill and the percentage you would like to pay as a tip than the calculator will show you the final sum that you should pay and the tip. The menu of the app is so understandable that even a child can manage the app.


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Tip Calculator by Flatiron Apps

This app is the easiest and fastest way to calculate tips. To get the amount of gratuity for a hotel or restaurant employee, you just need to enter the total bill and the desired percentage. The calculator will instantly give you the result.

If you do not change the percentage in different establishments, set it as default. You don’t need to connect to the internet or go through a complicated registration, because the app is ready to use right after installation.

The cross-platform service does not contain anything unnecessary. You can use any of the numerous options as the main theme. The free app does not contain advertising or hidden fees.

Copy the bill and tip amount to share with friends or coworkers. This will help to properly divide the bill among all participants. Try this modern and fast Tip Calculator with creative design and accurate results.


Tip Calculator — Clean, Simple

This service makes tip calculation as easy as possible. The stylish app with optimal functionality does not require paying for its services. It can be used to calculate the amount of gratitude in cafes, hotels, cabs, and anywhere else.

Specify the amount of the total receipt and divide the money to each of the company members equally. In total, you can divide the amount for 15 people. You can copy the result and send it via email or messengers with one tap.

Determine the percentage you want to calculate from the final amount. It can stay the same or vary depending on the situation. You don’t even have to click the calculation button, as all the data is displayed as you enter the information you need.

You can check multiple options for a single case. The paid Premium version allows the smart calculator to review messages received from banks and stores independently. The final cost and tip calculation are displayed as short notifications.


Tip Calculator by Chaddar Chiz

Leave the worry of calculating tips to this app. Your phone can now calculate and round up the amount of money you want to give to the clerk as a tip. Besides, this app will divide the total check into equal parts. All you have to do is specify the total value and the number of shares in the right field.

You can put any percentage or fix it for all situations. If you want, you can use a specific rate instead of calculating by percentage. This is a quick and free way to find out how much the servicer is entitled to. With an automated approach to tip calculation, the chance of error is reduced to zero.

The app can be used an unlimited number of times. It will help you include tips in the correct category when filling out your tax return. No hassle and inconvenience while calculating tips.

Tip Calculator takes up less than 6 MB, and thanks to its easy-to-understand menu, it can be used by absolutely everyone.


Tip Calculator by Cool Great Apps

Tip Calculator looks outwardly like an ordinary tool for mathematical calculations. Yet, its advantage is that you can easily find out the cost of tips for employees, suppliers, and other service providers.

You don’t have to check calculations several times. Stop worrying about inadvertently tipping your partner or supplier. Enter the amount that appears on the total receipt. Select the percentage you want to use. The amount you should leave as an incentive will appear on the screen.

No extra moves or unnecessary options. If you need to split the account among several people, Tip Calculator will also help you with this problem.

Forget about the vastness of ads and constant subscription fees. Concentrate over a delicious meal and pleasant conversation, instead of deciding on splitting the bill and giving out tips.


Tip Calculator by TuriApps

A tip calculator helps you easily determine the total cost of a meal or service including tips. It simplifies the calculation of the tip amount and allows you to determine each participant’s share. The app does not require an internet connection or a paid subscription.

The simplest calculator with a nice design and simplified interface. Enter the amount of the service and the percentage of the tip. Familiarize yourself with the amount of the tip and the total cost.

Divide the receipt equally among everyone present. You can round the final figure or set the number of characters after the decimal point.


Tip Calculator & Bill Split by Rome Rock App Studio

Go to the coffee shop with gusto using the Tip Calculator app. If you are tired of making routine calculations manually, entrust it to a modern calculator. Spend time for a pleasant conversation, get high-quality services, and do not forget to leave an honest tip.

Calculating their value is easy: write down in the right field the total cost of the service or product and determine the percentage of tips. All calculations will be immediately displayed on the phone screen.

If you correct numbers in at least one field, the final amount will change instantly. In case you have chosen a fixed tip rate, you can also make calculations through the app.

Here you can solve the issue of joint payment of a single bill. Just agree with other participants on the tip amount, include it in the final cost, and divide the final figure by the number of invitees. All this happens automatically in just a few seconds.


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QuickTip™ Tip Calculator

This is quite a solid program, an alternative calculator for those cases when the calculation of a number of tips turns into tedious work. And this app gives an opportunity to solve the problem without immersion in the jungle of mathematics.

What is the point in such calculations? Yes, if we just leave 10 or 20% of the check amount as a bonus for the waiters, there is no problem – as a rule. And if their work does not worth more than 15% reward? Or 18% – just try to calculate without a calculator. The advantage of this application is in its minimalism and informative interface. Now it will be easier for you to calculate the tip and do it fastly.


Gratuity | Tip Calculator

Gratuity is a simple tip calculator app that has a lot of benefits and deserves to be on the list of the best. In general, the main principle of this app is simple and clear. It consists in the ability to calculate tips depending on the amount of the bill in the cafe.

Before using the program in the settings, the user can set the currency, enable or disable the rounding function. And the user-friendly interface allows you to enter numbers without any problems with the help of a calculator on the display and not only calculate the total amount of tips, but also divide the bill for the number of people in the company who had dinner.

The application has got to the list, because of it, in addition to the main function, allows the user to evaluate the service and note the restaurant. It is not clear where this information is ultimately sent, but it can be of interest to the waiters in terms of the relationship (or lack thereof) between the service level estimate and the tip amount.


Tip Check – Calculator & Guide

This app has many positive reviews due to its simplicity and helpfulness. Calculate how much to tip with this free application! Simply enter the total bill and the app calculates the tips that you must give.
More: Tip Calculator allows you to divide the tip equally between guests and keeps the desired interest rate.

With the Tip Calculator app in your pocket, there will no longer be a headache after eating!


Tip N Split Tip Calculator

Tip N Split Tip Calculator is a great helper when you need to calculate the tip. The app is useful to those people who often visit restaurants and cafes, and often wonder how much tip to leave the waiter since it is a tip calculator. Everything is simple here, you just need to enter the total bill and the percentage that you plan to pay as a tip, after which the program will give the sum of tips and the total amount of the bill. Also a handy feature is the ability to set the number of people to split the bill. The program also displays the amount that everyone must pay.


Tip Me (Tip Calculator)

This app is a smart tool which will help you and your friends to calculate tips. The program has a number of functions and settings that are suitable for a variety of cases. First, Tip Me allows you to select a percentage of the bill that you are going to spend “for tea.” Secondly, you can specify the number of participants in the feast and, indicate the amount of each debt, get the sum that each of your friends should pay as a tip.


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Tippy Tipper (Tip Calculator)

You sit and drink in the bar with the company. You are billed for five, which you need to split equally, and then apply the rule of tipping accepted in your city or country to all this. For example, now everyone should add 7% to the bill. We remind you that you drank well, you are happy and want to give all your generosity. Tippy Tipper is an application that allows you to calculate the bill of each person in the company and calculate the tip to the smart waiter.


In the era of mobile applications, people are trying to solve the dilemma with the help of numerous tip calculators and applications that help to calculate a tip. Such applications will not help to solve the fundamental question of leaving or not leaving a tip but will help to get rid of some inconveniences of the client, who nevertheless decided to leave some amount in gratitude to the staff.

People positively estimate the convenience of this service. A similar service makes life easier for those who still want to leave a tip.

In this article, we gave you the best examples of the newest applications that allow you to calculate a tip easy and fast. Don’t delay, try it!

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