3 Ways To Unblur Coursehero Documents

Course Hero is a platform providing you a huge library with all types of study resources for students. It’s practically a lifesaver for all the situations when you’re stuck preparing for the test or if you need homework help.

The trick here is, you can only have access to all those documents if you have an active paid subscription. And even if you only need to see one particular page, you’ll need to buy a subscription.

But is it any way to get avoid paying you may ask? Yes, it is!

Here’s the list of 3 ways to unblur Coursehero documents. Check it out!

In case you need an app to view documents on your mobile device, be sure to have a look at this article.

Do you need access to CourseHero docs?

If you are a student who needs any type of educational help the answer is yes. First of all, the platform provides you access to useful documents you might not find anywhere else on the web. All the files are being added by students and professors around the world and the new articles coming out each day.

Plus, there are not only articles you can get in CourseHero. It contains everything from test answers to exam cards and more. You can search from the documents for free but when you open it gets blurred. So keep reading the article to find out how to unblur the documents.

It needs to be said, all the ways written down bellow are absolutely legal no worries about that.

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Upload your own documents.

This way is as easy and obvious as it can be. The app runs on give and take system so when you share your documents you can unlock another one as a reward. Therewith, the more documents you share the more you will be able to view for free.

However, your documents need to match the demands of the platform so they need to be helpful and quality-wise. The process of uploading is not immediate and your documents need to stand the checkout and be approved by the platform and then get a good rating.

You can get a free unlock for a Coursehero by adding five documents of your own. But unfortunately, this is not that simple. When you load five docs you will need them to rather get five unlocks or a five-star rating. Once you’ll be done with that, you will be able to unlock one course for free.

Is it fair? Not really, but it works five if you have useful and demanded documents to share.


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Rate the documents, take quizzes, and refer to the platform.

The reviewing part of this way is simple. It’s about rating the documents that are already uploaded to the platform and writing reviews about it. The trick here is you will need to write comments to the five documents that you’ve unlocked and or to rate them.

Once you’ll be done with that, your request for free unlocks will be sent to the Coursehero and you will have to wait for the approval. Next, you will be able to unlock one course for yourself.

However, to unlock those documents that you will write comments to you will still need to pay for a monthly subscription so this not that profitable as you may think.

The quizzes part means that you can earn free unlocks on Coursehero by making tests related to the docs and articles that are already published on the platform. Yet again, you will still need to have access to the documents to make a quiz but it can help you get a good reward.

Thereby, by making a quiz for the doc you can get for up to three free unlocks on Coursehero. But you need to keep in mind that all tests need to match the demands of the platforms and be quality-wise. Furthermore, the tests need to be demanded by the users and be good enough to be approved by the platform.

As for the referring part, it runs on the system of referral links. So if you’ll send your personal Coursehero link to five of your friends and they will register using it, you will be rewarded by the platform.

This reward includes eight tutor questions that you can ask for free. Therewith, the more friends will use your link the more free questions you will get.


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Use Creative Savants and other plugins.

Creative Savant is an outstanding platform that empowers you to get a limited amount of unlocks for Coursehero. This service also permits you to have access to all the documents, answers, ebooks, and more by paying for every single file instead of buying not so cheap monthly subscription.

This option is suitable for people, who only need t look through one ar two articles and who are exactly sure they won’t need anything else.

It needs to be mentioned, the prices this service has are very much appropriate and profitable to use it. The service makes sure to give you the docs and articles that answer directly to your question so that you won’t need to pay for extra documents.

All the docs you’ll get through this platform will be unblurred and has no watermark so no worries about that.

Apart from that, the app provides you with free Coursehero unlocks and free accounts on antiplagiarism platforms.

So if you need to check any doc on plagiarism, Creative Savants can help you with that too. The platform also does everything in its powers to provide you with fast work so you won’t have t wait long for the document to come up.

The other plugging includes the software that empowers you to unblur any types of documents in general.

For example, you can use Unblur StudyBlue to unlock some documents from Coursehero. Be awarded, the plugins may not be working well on all the documents but it definitely worth trying if you need to get access to the documents quickly.

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