World History Quiz App Review

Good news for all history buffs! Now we would like to present to you the World History Quiz app. This is the ultimate tool to hone your historical knowledge or find out something new. World History Quiz app will fully grab your attention for several hours, so let’s get a glimpse of its features.

This is a great app for kids and schoolers to test their knowledge of history. We can offer more interesting apps for teenagers. Check out this list of apps for teenage girls.

First of all, after downloading the app, there is no need to waste time on the registration procedure, as you can use it straight away.


The app offers a user-friendly interface, so you will quickly find out how everything works there.
World History Quiz app includes 150 questions and provides you many interesting historical facts. If you do not know the correct answer, the app allows you to use a hint, ask a friend or skip this question.

One of the major features of this app is the fact that it ensures you a wide range of question types. You can pick the correct variant from the several answer choices or select True or False. The app offers you 10 hearts that means your rights to make mistakes, so you can lose them after every wrong answer.

You can find out more about history by watching interesting documentaries and videos about historical events. You can use the best apps for IPTV for that since most of those videos are published on Instagram these days.

If you do not have enough lives, you can also purchase them. Plus, when you complete all the questions, you will receive the certificate of history expert.  What is more, the World History Quiz app allows you to customize the settings – turn on or turn off notifications and sound option.


The app provides 16 languages, so you can choose any of them. When you click on the button Reset gameplay, you can start the game over.  World History Quiz app boasts a classical design that ideally complements the major ideas of the app.

And if you’re preparing for your history exams, you can also listen to podcasts in your free time. Just play the YouTube videos in the background – most of them are better as podcasts anyway. Use these apps for that.

If you want to recall your historical knowledge, you should definitely try this app. World History Quiz app can be suitable for everyone – students, historians, or just people who are fond of history.



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