5 Best Apps for Actors to Learn Lines (Android & iOS)

Acting craft comes with lots of difficulties, and learning the lines is defiantly one of them. Lucky for you, we’re here to make it easy for you!

We’ve picked up the 5 best apps for actors to learn lines (Android & iOS) to help you get more productive. These apps use various memory-increasing methods to help you learn the lines and get ready for the audition. Plus, these apps will save you from the need to look for a rehearsing partner, which is handy. Let’s dive in!



This is a handy app that helps actors to memorize their lines with ease.

It’s an assistant app that presents the script in a special way that helps you memorize your lines faster. What it does is separates your lines from ones of the other roles. Sounds simple, but it’s quite helpful and lets you practice your lines without the second person. Plus, it lets you focus your entire attention on the lines, which affects memorization.

The app works with pretty much all text-based scripts. You can import the script from your files or any cloud service. All you need to do is to pick a role and all your lines will automatically highlight. The list of supported formats is pretty wide, so you shouldn’t have problems with that. However, if you have the script in PDF or image format, make sure to convert it into TXT first.

Beyond that, the app comes with a text-to-speech tool that lets you listen to your lines on the go or make it pronounce the lines of the other actor. You can even record the lines by yourself and play them at any time needed.

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MyLines 1

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Next, there’s an app to help you learn the lines as fast as possible.

The concept of this one is quite simple. It lets you record the scenes and lines and listen to them while learning your part. This method will be incredibly useful for those who tend to memorize things better by hearing them. The UI is simple, so you’ll quickly figure out how the app works.

Herewith, you can use the app the other way as well. You can leave gaps in the recording to speak your parts aloud. This method may be the more complex one, but it’s still effective. Plus, the app comes with a prompt button to remind you of the line.

Once the recording is ready, you get to play certain scenes on repeat if needed (it helps with the parts that are the most difficult to learn). You can also alter the pitch of certain characters to make everyone sound different. In fact, you can share your records with others and make them record their lines, so you could rehearse together at any time.

LineLearner 2
LineLearner 1



Although this app is son specifically made for actors, it comes in handy when you need help learning your lines.

This app is here to help singers, comedians, actors, or anyone who needs to learn any kind of speech to do it in the most efficient way. It helps to learn scripts, poms, lines, songs, and whatever else is needed. It uses a special method that helps you memorize the text by gradually hiding the words in it.

Here’s how it works: first, you need to read the text a few times. Once it’s done, tap on the “hide” button, and some works will be covered up randomly. Your goal here is to read the text again and try to fill in the gaps. If you have issues with that, you can display more words again and hide them when you’re ready.

Thus, you get to hide more and more words gradually once you’ll get more familiar with the text. In the end, no words should be visible, which means the text is officially learned. In case the method sounds a bit confusing, the app comes with tutorials to show you how it’s done. It supports multiple formats of files, so you can easily import your script and start learning.

coldRead 2
coldRead 1

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It’s another popular app to learn lines.

This is an interactive app that will run the lines with you like a real reader. It will respond to your cues, so you won’t need a second person to practice the scenes. The app runs offline and doesn’t require a sign-up, so it’s ready to go right after download. It lets you record the lines and leave the gaps where your cues should be.

Thus, you won’t need to look for someone to practice: you’ll get to do it at any time, anywhere. Lines will be transcribed a recorded, so no worries here. There’s also a teleprompter tool that gets you to view the lines as you record. Your records won’t be loaded to any cloud services, everything will remain private on your phone.

The app uses smart tech to sense when you’ll finish the line, and then it will read the line from your partner back to you. Herewith, you get to modify the pace of the reading and its pitch as needed. The app runs on sub-packs, but there’s a free trial to decide if it works for you.

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MemoCoach 1

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This app will boost your productivity in learning the lines.

The concept of this app is quite similar to the previous one. It lets you read and listen to the scripts whenever you need. All you need to do is to import the script, and you’re ready to go. The app covers several file formats, including PDF, so no worries here.

Once the script gets added, the app will read it out loud for you to help remember the lines. You may listen to the whole script or mark the required lines, it’s up to you. The app comes with a pro version (that is pretty affordable) that unlocks over 40 character voices for your script.

Besides, the app lets you add a soundtrack and add custom notes to the script as well. You’ll get to easily skip between the lines and pages and edit the script as needed. You may also mute rehearsal dialogue scenes and only play scenes if needed.

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