14 Best Severe Weather Alert Apps 2024

Severe weather can ruin our plans, can’t it? We are going to the forest for a picnic, but suddenly it is rain or strong wind. We are going to the beach but it is a storm. We need to change our plans. If we knew the weather forecast, we would be prepared for any weather.

That’s why it is important to have harsh weather alert in your smartphone. It can predict the sky and you will plan your leisure time properly. We all have smartphones. Why don’t we use it to make our life easier?

By the way, if you’re someone who’s travelling by sea often, we also offer you to check the best marine weather apps.

It is a list of apps that can help you to know the weather prognosis. You can sample them all and choose the best!

Windy.com – Weather Forecast

This impressive­ weather app called Windy.com is among those that have re­volutionized the world of weathe­r forecasting. With a rating of 4.6 on Google Play and 4.8 on App Store, it certainly enjoys some popularity.

First off, this app boasts that it is used by professional pilots, paragliders, storm chasers, and even governments and rescue teams. It compiles data from multiple sources, including global and local models, to give you the most up-to-date and detailed weather forecast possible.

Windy provides access to various weather maps, from wind and rain to temperature and pressure. It even offers satellite and Doppler radar images from around the world.

The handy tool is free­ to use, but includes some paid features.

Howeve­r, it’s worth noting that this app may not be suitable for those who prefer a simpler and more straightforward e­xperience. With its abundance­ of features and data, it can appear ove­rwhelming to those seeking a quick weather update­. However, for weathe­r enthusiasts who relish the opportunity to customize­ and analyse their forecasts, this app is great and trusty tool.

Windy.com - Weather Forecast
Windy.com - Weather Forecast

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NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts

Do you want to have a weather station in your pocket? It is not a joke. With this app, you can have your own weather station. The map is so realistic. You can track wind and rain clouds. You will think that you are an employee of a meteorological station because the app is so professional.

Severe weather won’t be a surprise for you. You will know about it in advance. The app can notify its users about weather changes. You can customize your sky report. You will see only what you want to see.

The app can make your life perfect because you will know about the weather. It won’t ruin your plans for weekends. You will know about the current weather temperature and be aware of natural disasters. The app gets information from the satellite. It means that the info is super accurate.

The design of the app is so cute. You will like it. The app has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times. If you see green color in your location on the map, it means that it is rain. The app can be your perfect sky protector!


AccuWeather: Weather Tracker & Live Forecast Maps

You can live the weather forecast just open this app. It is a good weather radar that can prognosis weather changes. You can confidently plan your weekend or vacation without worrying about the weather.

The app will notify you about the harsh sky. Don’t worry about rains, hurricanes and storms. You will always be aware of them. You can see the daily temperature. You can see the real temperature and how it feels.

You can even know about pollen and hay fever level in the air. It is really useful for people who are allergic. The app has been downloaded more than 50,000,000 times. People love it.

The app can become your weather helper. Just install it and you will know all about the weather! The weather info is really reliable. Don’t worry about mistakes. The app will be your favorite weather reporter.


Weather Radar & Live Maps with The Weather Channel

You can be aware of every weather condition with this app. The Weather Channel can warn you about severe weather. If you have an Internet connection, you can always know about the weather. The app tracks sky and its changes.

You can get your personal weather forecast to see what you want. If you are afraid of a storm you can track the wind speed. The app works online. Bad weather won’t be able to destroy your plans for weekends.

If you are allergic you can track the pollen level in the air. The app will notify you about temperature changes. You can adjust the information that you want to see. There is a good news list. You can know about all the weather conditions in the world.

You will always be informed about the weather. Just open the app and find your location. The app will give you detailed information about the weather and its changes. You will be ready for every work trips and vacations.

The Weather Channel - Radar
The Weather Channel - Radar

Today Weather – Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert

Are you afraid of the harsh weather that can ruin your plans? Then, try this app. It is a perfect way to track weather condition. All prognosis are easy to understand. The main feature of the app is photo reports of the weather.

You can see the real condition of the weather in real time. The app shows the chance of rain and storms. You can see the quality of the air. It is important if you live in a big city. There is a lot of information about the weather.

You can even share your own weather report with other users. The app will notify you about weather changes.

The app has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times. You will be impressed by using the app. It is really useful for getting information about the weather.

Today Weather1

My Hurricane Tracker – Tornado Alerts & Warnings

It is one of the most accurate apps to forecast severe weather and tornados. The app gets information from satellites. It can tell you the exact prognosis of the sky. You can see the information about previous natural disasters.

You will be warned about severe weather and be ready for it. Plan your weekends and vacations not worrying about the rain. The app shows you the forecast for the next 5 days. Get ready for every weather condition with My Hurricane Tracker.

Track storm and hurricane movement around the world. You can warn your family and friends if it is dangerous in their region.

My Hurricane Tracker & Alerts
My Hurricane Tracker & Alerts

WAAY Weather

This app is like a pocket weather station. This smartphone weather station works 200 meters away from your current location. You can see the temperature of the air and wind speed. The map looks so realistic and detailed.

The information about the sky updates every hour. You will know about all the changes. The app will notify you if it is a flood, blizzard or thunder in the street. You will always be ready for it.

You can change the look of the map. There are 3 of the design of the map. The app shows you the weather forecast for the next week.

WAAY Weather
WAAY Weather

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Weather Now – Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert

It is a simple weather prognosis app that can make you ready for every weather condition. The design of the app won’t confuse you. The information about the weather is clear. It can understand even children.

You will be prepared for any harsh weather. You can see a short report about the weather in your current location. The app shows you the temperature, wind speed and air pressure. You can choose the design of the app.

Just download the app and you will always be ready for any weather. You can plan your leisure time not worrying about the weather that can ruin it.

Weather Now - Forecast, Radar
Weather Now - Forecast, Radar


The app allows you to see the weather condition in any spot of the Earth. The app shows you 3D map of our planet. It is so real. You can get to know the weather prognosis about any place. Just write the location you want to know. The app shows you the current information.

It has perfect weather alert to help you to prevent unwanted sky. You will be aware of the changes in the weather. You can choose different cities to help you to orientate. There are a lot of countries. You will see weather information for each hour.

You can just see on the map or choose the radar option. The app can even show you the pictures from the satellite. You will get notifications if the weather is going to change. Try it and you will be ready for any weather.

WEATHER NOW daily forecast app1
WEATHER NOW daily forecast app2

FOX 55 Severe Weather Center

The app was developed by the Fox channel to help people to be aware of the weather. You can track the change of the temperature, type of rain and wind. It is easy to use. The design is simple and intuitive.

The image of the map is high quality because the photos are taken from a satellite. If you want to know about tomorrow’s weather condition the app can show it. The application will send you notifications about temperature changes or precipitation probability.

You can learn about the exact time of sunset and sunrise. The forecasts are accurate because all information about the weather is taken from weather stations and satellites.

You can be aware of harsh weather with Fox 55 Severe Weather Center. Try all kinds of map to choose the best. If you are going on a ski vacation or on the Mediterranean coast, this application will help you a lot.

FOX 55 Mobile Weather App
FOX 55 Mobile Weather App

Storm Hunter WX

It is a good app for getting everyday forecasts and storm alerts. It was designed by modern meteorologists. You can adjust the hurricane radar. You may be aware of the weather condition in the United States of America.

The app is useful for regions in which there are often storms and hurricanes. It can notify its users. The app gets information from satellites. It makes it so accurate. It works online. You can update the information every hour to know better about the weather condition.

A lot of users all over the world have already installed it.

Storm Hunter WX
Storm Hunter WX

Weather Underground: Forecasts

The main feature of the app is an interactive map. There are a lot of layers to look at. You can choose any information about the region that you want to know. You can compare the temperature of the air with last year’s days.

The app will show you the condition of the weather. You can see pressure, humidity, wind speed, probability of precipitation and much more. You will be prepared for any weather condition. The weather won’t be able to ruin your plans.

This app is popular. It has been installed more than 5,000,000 times. It is a good pocket weather station for you and your family.

Weather data & microclimate1
Weather data & microclimate2

WTOV Severe Weather Team 9

Do you want to now current weather condition anytime and anywhere? This app can help you with it. There are everyday videos with weather prognosis. The quality of the app is high because the image is sent from the satellite.

You can see the temperature of the air and other weather features. The app will notify you if the weather is going to change. You will always be sure of plans for outdoor recreation using this application.

Try this app with other 10,000+ users. If you know about the weather your plans will go like clockwork!

Severe Weather Team 9
Severe Weather Team 9

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Ventusky: Weather Maps & Radar

One more weathe­r app worth checking out, Ventusky fee­ls like a meteorologist’s playground on your phone­. This app provide­s precise weathe­r forecasts for your specific location, paired with an inte­ractive 3D map displaying the larger re­gional weather patterns.

The­ tool offers a wealth of mete­orological information, including weather conditions, precipitation le­vels, wind speed, cloud cove­rage, atmospheric pressure­, and even snow depth at various altitude­s. One standout feature is its wind animation. It shows you wind patterns using streamlines.

The app boasts one truly unique feature: a special neural network that predicts the positions of cold, warm, occluded, and stationary fronts based on data from weather models.

From an average user viewpoint, it provides extensive­ data, which can sometimes fee­l overwhelming. If you simply want to know whe­ther you’ll need an umbre­lla tomorrow, it might feel like a slightly complicated tool.

The app is free to use, although there are paid features in it – such as details on wind gusts, dew point, air pressure, wave forecast, and ocean currents.

At 31 MB, it is unlikely to slow down your device.

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