11 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android & iOS

We’re living in a world overwhelmed with information. We take pics, record videos, and work with docs almost every day. So it would be nice to have a safe place to store all these files, right?

Fortunately, there are lots of cloud storage apps for Android and iOS that can take care of your data. Their apps keep your content secured even if your device is damaged. Plus, these apps empower you to reach your files on multiple devices and even give third-party users permission to do view them.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category you should try. Have a look!

Google Drive

Google Drive

Let’s start with the Google Drive app. This is a widely-used could storage app that can hold all your files safely.

The main goal of this app is to give you reach your content from any device you have. The number one question to all the storage services out there is the safety of your data. With this app, you can absolutely no worries about that as safe storage is its main priority.

Beyond that, the platform empowers you to invite other users to view your docs via links. You can set the visitors to be able to view, comment, or even edit your data and add new ones to it. And you can set notifications for all the activities that is going on with your content. Plus, you can make binders with your content and categorize them as you want.

Besides, the app can cope with all kinds of data — from pics to audios and docs. The storage also has a searching engine that empowers you to quickly look for the particular files. You can even observe the content if you are offline which is extremely handy. The app can also scan your docs with the built-in cam.

Google Drive1 Google Drive2


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Dropbox: Cloud Storage to Backup, Sync, File Share


Dropbox is another app that empowers you to deposit and transfer your content as you want.

This is a content hosting service that gives you entrance to your docs on any device wherever you are. All the data will sync automatically so you won’t need to do anything by yourself. The app enables you to keep the data of any type and size. The only thing that actually restrains you is the amount of space you have left in your accommodation.

The app also has all the tools to make the accommodation organized. Thus, you can make thematic binders with docs and sort them as you want. You can also rename the data and transfer them easily. The app also has a searching engine that empowers you to find any file quickly.

On top of that, you can set the visitor’s entrance to your accommodation. You can allow visitors to comments on your content, load it, or edit it. It’s also possible to allow other people to add new files to your accommodation. Besides, the app can run both offline and online so you can reach it any time. You can also recover some of the deleted data during a particular amount of time.

Dropbox 1 Dropbox 2




MEGA is an app that will safely deposit your data while keeping it organized.

This cloud service empowers you to load any content you want. However, you can’t add new content to it via an app so you will need to use the web version for that. It might sound annoying but you can actually import the data straight from the programs you edit it with which is quite comfy.

Once all your docs are loaded you can make multiple packs to keep all of them in order. Plus, you can sort the packs and content as you want and rename them. Another cool thing is you can open and edit all the docs without the Internet (all the changes will be saved and synced one you’ll be online).

It also needs to be said, this accommodation service is very generous as it gives you 50 GB of free space with no ads. You can also set the visiting rules for people you give the link for your storehouse. You can allow them to load particular files or give them entrance to the vault in particular. Furthermore, you can also allow them to edit data and leave comments.



Microsoft OneDrive


Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud service app that will take care of all your data.

It needs to be said, this service is not that generous as the previous one (it only gives you 15 GB of free space) but it is still quite powerful and worth trying. In this app, you get three binders by default — the one for images, the one for docs, and your personal accommodation. In case you think it is not enough you can make as many binders as your heart desires.

As for safety, the platform runs on powerful encryption algorithms so no worries about that. Therewith, you can give third-party users obtain to your files or folders by links. Plus, you can empower these users to edit your data or load them.

Beyond that, the app has a built-in editor for docs, tables, and even presentations. So if you need to make any corrections in your doc quickly you will be able to do that. Once all the content is loaded to the cloud you can reach them offline later on. However, if you’ll edit the files all the changes will be synced only after you will go online.

OneDrive 1 OneDrive 2




MediaFire is a file hosting app that you can use to store any docs you have.

The app syncs on all your devices so you can enter your data wherever you are. You can also organize the storage as you want — you can make packs and sort it by your will. Besides, you can rename and edit the docs you store. The app covers the data of all forms and sizes so you’re only limited with the amount of free scope you currently have.

Once all files are loaded you can reach them offline anytime. But if you will make any adjustments that will only be synced after you’ll connect to the Internet. The app provides its users with a high-security level so you can not worry about the safety of your data.

Besides, you can set the third-party users’ entrance to your data. It works simply — you send someone the link to a particular file or a folder, and he/she can observe your files. Plus, you can set the capability of the visitors to edit and download your content. Therewith, all the actions that take place in your storage will be reported to you via notifications.

MediaFire 1 MediaFire 2


IDrive Online Backup


IDrive is an app that will store any content safe and sound on your mobile.

The app runs on powerful key encryption so you can be sure all your data is secured. You can reach out to your profile on multiple devices to always have your content on hand. Therewith, the app covers all types of docs you can think of — form pics and docs to tables and even contacts.

On top of that, you can organize your files by your will. You can make multiple thematic folders and name them as you want. There are no restrictions on the quantity of these binders and files so the only thing that limits you is the amount of free space you have left.

Besides, you can edit your files within the app even if you are offline. The only trick here is all the changes will be refreshed only if you’ll connect to the internet.

You can also give third-party users obtain to your files via links. Thereby, you can set the visiting rules by enabling them to edit or download your content. Herewith, you will be notified about everything that happens with your content.

IDrive 1 IDrive 2


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Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a commonly-used cloud platform that gives you easy entrance to all the data you decide to keep.

The main goal of this app is to make sure you won’t accidentally lose your data even if your device is damaged. Herewith, the app supports all types of files — from vids to tables, and so on.

Plus, the app empowers you to reach your docs on any device. All you need to do for that is to sign in to your profile. Once you’ll load all the data you can then access it even if you’re offline. Besides, you can refresh your docs and tables with an in-app engine.

Furthermore, the app empowers you to organize your content. Thus, you can rename the files, sort it as you want, and make folders. The app also has a searching engine that grants you to find particular files easily.

You can also optimize the visitor’s rules for your cloud. You can give other people entrance to your docs and binders via references. Therewith, you’ll be notified about all their actions in your cloud.

Amazon Drive 1 Amazon Drive 2




The Box is another file storage app that empowers you to maintain and transfer your docs as you want.

The concept of this app is basic — give you the space to hold any content and free some space on your device. Herewith, the app empowers you to reach your data on any device so you can do it wherever you are.

You can even work with your dos offline once they are loaded into the app. The only trick is the adjustments will only be synced after you’ll connect to the Internet. The app has a built-in editor so you can easily adjust your data.

You can also invite other users to your cloud via links and set the rules for their visits. They can be entitled to leave feedback and edit files. Plus, the app uses powerful encryption engines so you can be sure all your docs are safe and sound.

And even if your device gets damaged the files won’t be lost. You can also sort your files into binders and sort them by your will. Besides, the app has a searching engine so you can quickly find your docs.

Box 1 Box 2




Tresorit is an app that will serve as a safe place for all your content.

Generally speaking, this is a cloud service that has all the basic tools. Thus, it uses highly encrypted techs to keep your docs a secured. Plus, the app covers all types of docs so no worries about that.

The app also empowers you to categorize your files in many ways. Thereby, you can make thematic binders, rename your data, sort it an all that. There’s also a searching engine that emperors you to find your files quickly.

You can also give third-party users permission to view your docs. It can be done via links and you can rather give entrance to a particular doc or the binders. Plus, you can set the rules for visitors to comment on your content or edit it.

Once the file is loaded to the platform you can view it without the Internet ever since. You can also elevate the protection of your account with 2-factor authentication or a password. It needs to be said, the app doesn’t ask for entrance to your contact list or GPS data.

Tresorit 1 Tresorit 2


Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is an app that empowers you to store your data and transfer it to other devices easily.

The app can work with all types of docs even with the heavily weighted ones. The app actually uses extra tools to transfer big docs faster. You can also organize your data via binders and sort them by your will.

Plus, the app takes care of the security of your data and uses the highest encryption techs for that. The app doesn’t get attached to any device so even if your mobile or a computer will get damaged your content will still be safe.

You can also set up the backup rules. For instance, the app can sync to your camera roll and backup pics the moment you take them. Therewith, if you’ll delete the pic from your mobile it won’t be deleted from the cloud.

Furthermore, you can give other people permission to view your content. You just need to send them a link and that’s it. Besides, you can empower people to interact with your data. Herewith, you’ll be notified of everything that is going on with your data.

Resilio Sync 2 Resilio Sync 1


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And lastly, Nextcloud is a cloud service that will keep all your docs safe.

This app supports all the content you may want to store. It also has an editor for docs and tables so you won’t even need to leave the app to adjust them. Plus, the app empowers you to put your content in order. You can make binders, rename your docs and sort it.

There’s also a searching engine that empowers you to quickly find any file. Besides, you can reach any data offline once it’s loaded into the service. However, if you’ll decide to edit the doc offline it will only be synced on other devices after you’ll go online.

Beyond that, you can set the app to make backups for your docs or pics ad soon as you make them. You can also invite third-party users to view your content. Herewith, you can enable them to only view the data or leave feedback.

Thereby, you will be notified of all the actions made with your docs. In case you’ll want to limit the access you’ve given you can easily do that.

Nextcloud 1 Nextcloud 2


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