11 Best Prescription Discount Apps (Android & iOS)

When we get sick, we need a lot of medicine. Doctors write us huge prescriptions. What if the list is very large? How to save money? We know the answer. You can download pharmacy apps with discounts.

You will be able to buy the whole list of medicine. Apps show the cheapest prices and the best pharmacies. You can also buy medicine online and get free shipping.

This is the best way to save money. Don’t be afraid of large lists of drugs. These apps will help you find great deals and great discounts. You can get free shipping. When we get sick, we can’t go out.

Home delivery will help us recover faster. You can pre-order medications to defeat the disease in the early stages. There is a list of best prescription discount apps for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose the only one.

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GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions

This app will help you save money from shopping for medicines. The app will show the lowest medicine prices You can buy them. You can use coupons to get more discounts.

Don’t be discouraged if the doctor has prescribed you a long list of medications. You can profitably buy them all. Enter the name of the medicine. The app will show the address of the nearest pharmacy.

Show coupons at the box office to get a discount. You will receive a discount of up to 80%. All coupons are stored in the app. You can use them anytime and anywhere. You can add needed medicine in favorites.

The app will track their prices. It will notify you when the price is low. You can buy any medicine at a low price. The app is popular. It has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Be healthy and happy.


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Prescription Drug Discounts – Rx Discount App

This is a great app for finding medication coupons. Save money using coupons. The app cooperates with more than 60 thousand pharmacies around the world. You can also get coupons to the largest shopping stores. It is easy to save money with this app. Medicines are expensive. No need to overpay. Buy medicine at a discount of up to 70%.

The main feature of the app is that you can get coupons even for medicines for animals. The design of the app is simple. Navigation is intuitive. You won’t be confused. Download the app as soon as possible and you can save a lot of dollars on medicines. The app has been installed more than 10 thousand times.

Prescription Medication Discou1

Rx Discount Card by FamilyWize

No need to spend a lot of money on medicine. Download this app and you will see medicine prices in different pharmacies. The app keeps track of prices and discounts. You will easily find great deals. Enter the name of the medicine and the app will show discounts and prices. New coupons appear every day. Don’t miss lucrative prices.

You will easily find the lowest prices. You can send the selected medicine to the doctors. They will advise you to buy it or not. If you collect the car first aid kit, this app will help you. Look for ready-made kits at low prices.

This is a great helper for people who like to save money. Stay healthy with this app. The app has been used by more than 1 million times.

Rx Discount Card by FamilyWize1

Vpharmacist – 20% Discount for all medicines

This simple app helps you save money. When you buy drugs, sometimes the numbers on the check are large. You can prevent this. Register in the app. It can send you coupons and special offers from many pharmacies.

No need to overpay. Just enter the name of the medicine and the app will show you the best prices. No illness is terrible with this app.

You can take a photo of your medical prescription and send it to the app. It automatically reads all your medicine list. No need to self-enter every medicine. The app will quickly find the lowest prices.

You can buy them by paying online. Read the description of each medicine. This is important when shopping. The app has been installed more than 10 thousand times.

Vpharmacist - Upto 20% Discoun1

ScriptSave WellRx Rx Discounts

You can save up to 80% of the money. This app is a great way to buy profitable medicines. It is easy to use this app. Search for medicine at the lowest prices. The app works quickly and doesn’t spend a lot of battery. The app will notify you of new promotions and discounts. You won’t miss anything. You can buy even the most expensive drugs.

The main feature of this app is the setting of a medicine reminder. Put a notifier and you will never forget to take the medicine. The app will notify you every day. Did the doctor write a long list of medications? It’s not a problem.

You have a great app for buying drugs at low prices. Use coupons and special offers. The app works free. You do not need to register and fill in personal data.

ScriptSave WellRx Rx Discounts1

Myra – Fastest Medicine Delivery & Healthcare App

Are you sick and you urgently need medicines at low prices? This app will help you. Download it and you will get fast delivery of orders to your home. The app will show you the lowest prices. Get great discounts and special offers. You will save a lot of money. You can spend it on something else. No need to overpay if you can save money.

If you have any questions, you can call the doctors. They will give you the best advice and recommend the best medicine. They will choose you the best prices. The design of the app is simple and modern. You will like it. Navigation is easy. You won’t be confused. The app has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.

Medlife Xpress is now Pharmeas1

RxSaver Prescription Discounts

If you know the app called “Retail Me Not” – this one is another app by this company. RxSaver Prescription Discounts is one of the best apps in this sector because it is absolutely free and it doesn’t even require the sign up for the usage.

It is no secret to anyone that the prescription medicine is pricy and if you don’t want to pay all those crazy sums of money you can install this app and start saving at the same moment.

All you have to do is to enter the name of the drug or medicine into the search bar and RxSaver will show you all the possible results in seconds. It shows you these products in the nearby pharmacies at the best price. More than 4 million people are currently using this app.

Here you can save up to 85% on discounts. Just call ahead to give the pharmacist the coupon information over the phone, or read the codes at the drive-thru.

RxSaver – Prescription Coupons1

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Blink Health

This is also one of the best prescription discount apps because it has an incredibly user-friendly interface. Moreover, here you can find the medicine at the lowest prices – just check the app from time to time. The database of this app counts more than 35 thousand pharmacies all across the US.

In Blink Health you will find such large-scale retailer brands as Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Safeway, Albertsons, and many more – you can explore them in the app. Most of those retail stores accept Blink Health.

Another prominent feature of this app is that you can ask for a consultation by one of the online doctors about your prescription. The doctor will give you the necessary information and you will be able to find this medicine in the app right after which is very convenient.


MediPocket-Rx Saving On Demand

You need to register to use this app. Registration won’t take more than 5 minutes. You can buy any medication with a discount of up to 80%. It is profitable and economical. Add the necessary medication to the cart.

The app will show you coupons and discounts for them. You will be able to read detailed information about the medicine. This is a great way to save money and be healthy.

The design of the app is nice. Navigation is intuitive. You won’t be confused. You can get free shipping on the day of purchase. This is one of the fastest ways to get your order.

The app notifies users of new coupons and discounts. Don’t miss them. You can buy even the largest list of drugs at low prices. Don’t be afraid to go to the hospital. You buy medicine with great discounts.

MediPocket-Rx Saving On Demand1

CVS Caremark

This app is more specific and that is why it is placed rather low on our list. However, CVS Healthcare is a large and respectable brand and there is a big chance that you are even going to buy something from them.

They make nice prescription discounts as well. The user interface in the app might seem a little bit complicated to those who never dealt with that company.

When you scan the barcode of the prescription the app will find the best offer in its database for you. By the way, sometimes this way of searching helps you to find out the information about the unknown pills.

If you have the CVS membership card you can also scan it in this app. And you can create the account for the whole family so they can use discounts as well.


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ScriptSave WellRx Rx Discounts

Do you want to save up to 80% of the money on the purchase of medicines? You can do it. Download this app. This is a great online service for buying medicine at low prices. The app will provide you with coupons and discounts.

It will inform you about new promotions and special offers. If the doctor has written you a huge list of medicine, don’t be discouraged. You can buy anything, saving a lot of money.

You will be able to set a reminder medication. Choose a time of day and the app will notify you. You won’t miss taking the medicine.

This is an important feature for people who forget everything. The design of the application is nice. You will easily learn how to use it. The app is popular. It has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. Be healthy and happy!

ScriptSave WellRx Rx Discounts1
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