11 Best Apps for Tutors to Get Paid (Android & iOS)

One thing is finding the right tutor. But what about the tutors themselves who are also looking for ways to make some money with their knowledge? In the article down below, we present the best apps for tutors to get paid that can be especially useful for tutors with little experience.

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Wyzant – Find Expert Tutors

Since Wyzant is one of the most popular tutoring apps, it’s logical it’s going to be one of your first choices when you want to make money with tutoring.

Wyzant has a number of features that make it simple for instructors to identify students, such as a dashboard that is unique to each tutor and shows student requests and alerts for new teaching possibilities.

Also, the app gives users access to a pool of prospective students in a variety of subject areas, including math, science, language, and test preparation.

But what the app is particularly remarkable is that it provides great opportunities for tutors with little to no experience.

Anyone with a suitable education can create a profile and highlight their knowledge, experience, and credentials. In order to accommodate their schedules, tutors can also establish their hourly prices and availability.

The Wyzant payment procedure is simple. Payments are made safely and promptly to tutors straight through the app. The hourly fees for tutors are up to them, and Wyzant charges a commission for each tutoring session.

Due to the fact that the app draws many tutors from various backgrounds and expertise levels, there may be intense competition among them. Yet, instructors can differentiate themselves by developing an interesting profile, being timely in their responses to students’ questions, and offering exceptional tutoring sessions.

Overall, Wyzant Student App is a great tool for tutors who want to broaden their student base. Tutors of various levels of experience find it appealing due to its features and simplicity of use, and the payment method is dependable and safe.

Wyzant - Find Expert Tutors1

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Varsity Tutors Live Tutoring

Another popular app where thousands of students are looking for tutors. It can be a great chance for you to make money as a teacher. But keep in mind that the competition here is also going to be much harsher than in other resources.

The prominent feature of Varsity Tutors is that here the first can highlight their educational background, prior teaching experience, and topic areas of expertise. This enables prospective students to identify tutors who are a good fit for their individual requirements and interests.

The program also allows tutors to handle customer information, check their earnings, and of course book appointments. What is more, it offers a simplified method for managing a teaching business, which is especially useful for tutors who are new to establishing their own companies.

The app manages all financial transactions involving the tutor and the student. Remember that the service charges a fee on each transaction, and tutors are free to set their own hourly prices. Since the payment is handled through the app, tutors are guaranteed a convenient and safe method of receiving money for their services.

By the way, although there may be competition among tutors, the app offers a fair and open system for linking tutors with students.

Summarizing all the points, I would say that this app will be a great platform for those who are looking to evolve a career as a tutor. But in case you’re just looking at it as a way to make fast and easy money it’s probably not the best option.

Varsity Tutors Live Tutoring1

Filo Tutor: Teach 1-on-1 Live

Another more or less popular service. If you are looking for places with less competition and lower commissions, Filo Tutor can be a great option.

Create an account on Filo Tutor, fill out your profile with your credentials, experience, and areas of specialty, and then sign up to become a tutor.

To safeguard the security of all users, the app also demands a background check and a legitimate payment method. Tutors can begin receiving requests for tutoring from students in their particular disciplines as soon as their profiles have been completed and validated.

What is even more interesting, the app offers resources for tutors to improve their tutoring abilities and learn more about their specialized fields. Filo is also perfect for tutors with hectic schedules because it also allows for flexible scheduling and the opportunity to conduct sessions from any location.

The app handles all financial interactions between the instructor and the student, and Filo Tutor provides tutors with competitive prices. Filo is known to be a credible source that pays its tutors fairly.

But just like everywhere, you need to take care of reviews and overall impressions by students because it will determine the price for your future classes.

Filo Tutor1

Tutor.com To Go

This is also an app that belongs to the bigger portal with tutors and it can be your other option to earn money.

The registration is easy and bearable: create an account on Tutor To Go, fill out your profile with your credentials, experience, and areas of specialty, and then register to become an instructor there.

Then prove your background and choose the payment method. Then wait for the students to contact you.

In each transaction involving a tutor and a student, Tutor To Go keeps a commission as remuneration. Tutors can choose their own hourly prices, and the commission rate is competitive with those offered by competing tutoring applications.

And just like at any tutoring platform, here you need to take care of the feedback that students give you. A little tip: when a student contacts you, don’t rush to sign yourself up for it, examine their background and their requests, to make sure your expectations match.

Tutor.com To Go1

Kadama – Find a Tutor

Kadama is another popular tutoring service, that will be especially useful to explore for language teachers.

You will be allowed to work with Kadama after the service will check your educational background. But to be honest, the checking system here is not as strict as in the previous apps.

Therefore, you can begin receiving requests for tutoring from students in your particular disciplines as soon as their profiles have been completed and validated.

Officially, the app claims that tutors with all levels can access the app, but that leads to the flow of little experienced tutors, so if you are one of them, be ready to face severe competition.

Kadama offers a variety of payment methods, including PayPal and credit cards. On each transaction between the tutor and the student, the app keeps a commission.

What is remarkable about Kadama is that it also offers 24/7 customer assistance to help tutors with any queries or issues they might have.

To sum up, Kadama provides a trustworthy and practical platform for tutors looking to expand their tutoring company and meet new students. The payment methods are trustworthy, but the competitiveness in the app is harsh.

Kadama - Find a Tutor1

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AmazingTalker: Language tutors

AmazingTalker is one of the most popular language-learning platforms. So why don’t you sign up as a teacher here and make some earnings?

For tutors on AmazingTalker, the registration process is simple and quite typical. To complete their profile, a person must create an account and add their credentials, experience, areas of expertise, and maybe some personal info.

To protect the security of all users, the app also demands a background check and a legitimate payment method.

All expert levels of tutors can use AmazingTalker. What is more, the app contains tools that tutors can use to improve their tutoring abilities and learn more about their particular languages.

The scheduling here is flexible. The payouts can be done via PayPal and credit cards. Tutors can choose their own hourly rates, and remember that the app takes a commission on every transaction between the teacher and the student.

But beware that if a student is unhappy with the tutoring service, they can ask the app for a refund. The program also includes a policy for tutors who need to postpone or cancel lessons, but the penalties are not that dramatic.



If you’re a native English speaker and you want to make some money, why not work as an English tutor? Especially when there are so many students out there looking for a native speaker for practice and ready to pay.

With Cambly, signing up as an instructor is quick enough. Besides filling out the form, you must also upload a video introduction, and get through screening. Tutors can indicate their availability and begin receiving inquiries from students for tutoring in their chosen language after they have been accepted.

Because Cambly offers materials to assist tutors to develop their teaching abilities and deepen their understanding of their particular languages, it is appropriate for instructors with minimal experience (in other words – just native speakers).

Cambly compensates its tutors via PayPal or Payoneer once per week for their services. Each tutoring session is charged a commission by the app, and the size is quite common among tutoring apps.

I also wanted to warn you that here students can request a refund, and the app includes a cancellation and rescheduling policy for tutors. The fair fines are intended to make sure instructors deliver dependable and consistent tutoring services. So, be responsible for the quality of the materials you are providing.

Cambly - English Teacher1


Preply is another language-learning app that is quite popular. It is a good chance for native speakers and teachers of all languages to earn some money.

The registration procedure is quite standard – filling out a profile, submitting the docs, and so on. Following approval, tutors can establish their hourly fees and begin getting requests from students for instruction.

Preply is best suited for seasoned tutors with solid credentials who are knowledgeable in their subject areas and capable of offering high-quality tutoring services. That’s why with Preply a tutor can earn a little bit more in comparison to competitors.

Payments to tutors can be made weekly or monthly by PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill. Also, Preply offers assistance in resolving any payment disagreements between tutors and students.

The app has a policy for handling payment-related disputes, and if a tutor is not paid for a session, Preply looks into the situation and takes steps to make sure the instructor is compensated.

Tutors who fail to fulfill the platform’s quality requirements or postpone or cancel lessons without giving adequate notice may be subject to fines, so keep that in mind.


Math & Science Tutor – Algebra

This is basically an analog of the previous app, but for math sciences. So if you are a legit math teacher/tutor – this app can become your next chance to earn some cash.

First of all, there are no particular exams or paperwork that must be submitted in order to register as a tutor on Math Tutor. Tutors only need to complete a profile to begin working with students.

Math Tutor is ideal for seasoned tutors with a solid background in the subject who can deliver high-quality instruction. It’s not the most suitable choice for beginners, unfortunately.

Here payments to tutors can be made via PayPal or bank transfer, and Math Tutor doesn’t charge more for either of these methods.

The only thing is that the number of students and requests can be quite low depending on the season. Also, students often seek a more affordable tutor and in this particular app, it can become some sort of controversy.

Math & Science Tutor - Algebra1

Yup — Math Tutoring App

Yup is another math tutors app with a broader spectrum of audience. Here the tutors can help not only older students, but also provide solutions for kids.

In order to start using the service, the tutor must complete an online application, which includes a background check (related docs, education, and so on). To ensure that only competent educators with the necessary experience and skills are admitted, the app includes a strict verification process.

Here the competition is a little bit easier since the program is appropriate for tutors with various levels of experience, including both seasoned math tutors and college students who are currently enrolled in math classes.

Yup use PayPal to make the payment. Every minute of coaching that is given is compensated. As the tutor, you will receive their entire payment, and the app doesn’t take a commission.

Given that it offers a flexible work schedule and allows tutors to work from any location, Yup almost doesn’t have any notable drawbacks for teachers. The flow of clients is steady because, as I already mentioned, the app covers a broader audience.

Overall, Yup is a great software for math tutors who want to inflow their income by helping students with their homework or exam preparation.

Yup — Math Tutoring App1

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italki used to be roaring on the market, but I think I haven’t heard anything about it in the last couple of years. If you aren’t familiar with the service, it is a language-learning app and any native speaker can make a little money with it by working as a tutor.

What is important, is that proof of identity, and passing a background check are all required as part of the registration and verification process to become a tutor on iTalki. It is a great platform for beginners to start.

Students can access group classes, one-on-one lessons with native speakers, and language exchange partners through the app.

Because it gives tutors the freedom to determine their own fees and get paid directly by students, iTalki is renowned for being fair to its tutors. Each lesson on the platform is subject to a commission fee, which varies depending on the type of course and the experience of the tutor.

Tutors can be paid using PayPal, Skrill, or Alipay, and the payment process is simple. iTalki features a resolution center to assist with the resolution of any payment disputes or conflicts.

The fact that iTalki is not fully devoid of con artists means that instructors may occasionally come across students who have no intention of paying for their lessons. The possibility of fraud is quite significant here. That’s why I would rather recommend it just for the experience itself, more than for the money.

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