9 Best Apps Like Tutuapp for Android & iOS

Modern phones can replace bulky computers and laptops because nowadays practically all the software that we’re are used to using on PC is available both on Android and iOS. As you probably know, not all of the programs are free. If you don’t want to spend money, you can install apps like tutuapp:

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vShareIf you want to play a new cool game on your device but you have neither desire nor opportunity to pay for it, an interesting vShare application may come to your rescue! It will help you to turn paid games from the App Store into free ones.

First, you need to preset this application on your PC and then you can use it on mobile devices. So, registration and settings – on PC, installation of games – on gadgets.

The program is an App Store emulator, only with more functionality. The design and navigation through the catalog are just like in the App Store. Having found a necessary game or program, you should tap on the ‘Get’ button. After this, you will see a window that asks for permission to install it. The installed software appears on the homescreen in the form of standard applications.

After the VShare program is installed on a device, it no longer requires regular connection to a PC. All games and programs can be downloaded directly from the device without the help of a computer. Sometimes the program will throw you out of your profile. In this case, you need to reconnect the device to the PC and re-authorize.

Some programs will give the following message at startup: “Unreliable corporate developer”. This is due to the fact that VShare is pirated software. If this is the case, you should go to “Basic Settings” and then to “Profiles and Device Management”. There, you should select the developer of the conflicting application and change the settings.

vshare review

The main problem with VShare is that everything that was installed using this application doesn’t pass the test in the iOS system. This means that your personal data may become publicly available. This doesn’t mean that information about everyone who has downloaded the app is already easily accessible on the Internet, but you certainly do put at risk your personal files.

Everyone decides for oneself whether it is worth downloading applications like VShare. Weigh all the pros and cons and make your decision. The cons are:

  • The VShare catalog doesn’t contain all the games that are present in the App Store;
  • Not all applications downloaded  through VShare work correctly;
  • Regular use of the app can lead to blocking Apple ID.

VShare helper, like any other pirated program, gives users new opportunities. Its use, however, can be dangerous. To install it or not is completely up to you!


Available on Android and iOS

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appeven iconWith this application, you can download games and programs for free on your smartphone without jailbreaking your phone.

In most cases, AppEven is installed to use software products for free or evaluate them before purchasing. Pirated versions are rather unstable and don’t always work correctly, so at some point, you’ll probably want to acquire

In order to be able to install free games, you first need to install the application store itself. The store is different from its Chinese counterparts because it has a much clearer interface, which is nice. There is a convenient search system.

There are some disadvantages as well – for example, the content isn’t divided into thematic categories, which makes navigation a bit more difficult. It should also be noted that there is a lot of video advertising.

After AppEven is installed, you can see a standard app store interface with popular applications, new games and programs.

You can use search to search for the games you’re looking for. On games pages, there are rating, description and the number of downloads. To install a game on your iPhone or Android phone, simply tap the “Install” button.


If the download request is successful, the icon will change and you will see the status of the download and installation. After installation, the usual launch icon will appear on your home screen.

AppEven doesn’t require connection to social media accounts or billing information; you don’t even need to create an account to use the program. You can use on different devices – the experience will be the same both on Android and iOS devices.

AppEven is a good convenient app store for iOS and Android devices. Its main advantage over the App Store and Google Play is that all games and programs are completely free. It is worth remembering that there are some download limits.



pphelperPPHelper allows you to download and install any software for free. It has hacked versions of applications, in which all internal purchases are activated and advertising is removed.

Downloaded and installed applications won’t be displayed in the shopping list but nevertheless will be available on the device.

It is worth mentioning that it isn’t always possible to download the necessary program immediately. If you can’t download an app right away, try a little bit later. Failures may be due to an unstable service. There are also no guarantees that installed programs and games will be updated or work for a long time.

This third-party store is in great demand among users. It has a lot of good reviews; new ones are written every day. Among the shortcomings is the fact that the app is completely in Chinese and doesn’t always start right away. You can fix this by using standard Windows OS tools.

You can check on whether an app is compatible with your device by right-clicking on its icon and selecting the “Check program for compatibility” option.

pphelper review

Remember that you can install this application only from the official site. Downloading from third-party sources is unsafe.



appvalleyThis is a very useful application for owners of iPhones and iPads who have no desire to spend money on games and programs. Using AppValley you can download any content for free.

The app is a complete replacement of the App Store. The main advantage is the lack of regional restrictions and unique content. What is also great is that AppValley doesn’t require jailbreaking or Apple ID.

AppValley is an alternative catalog of applications for iPhone. Users have the opportunity to find apps that can’t be downloaded from the official store for iOS devices. This application is useful not only for iPhone users but also for iPad owners. It is perfect for everyone who wants to download programs and games for free that are not free in the official app store.

The design reminds the official App Store. It is quite convenient.

The app provides the ability to distribute hacked and modified apps. Such applications as AppValley usually have open access to prohibited software and functions that are illegal. In some cases, this allows users to avoid compulsory payment for the used services.

Key features of AppValley application:

  • Pleasant and user-friendly interface;
  • Extended functionality and additional options;
  • The ability to install all the applications for free;
  • Doesn’t require registration;
  • Has a convenient update manager.

appvalley review

Noteworthy is the fact that the AppValley application provides the opportunity to get VIP status. This is the only way to get rid of annoying ads that accompany the user at all stages of working with the application. There are a number of other advantages as well:

  • Built-in tool for clearing memory and cache;
  • Improved conditions for downloading files;
  • Regular updates;
  • Full access to all the content.

In sum, this is quite a convenient application where you can easily download and install games and programs. The only drawback is that advertising pops up quite often.


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Blackmart Alpha

BlackmartYou don’t have to pay for your favorite applications. The latest and full versions of software for Android are all in Blackmart Alpha. This is a complete alternative to the famous Play Market.

The program allows you to download and install paid games, programs, and other digital products on your smartphone. It is designed for downloading paid applications at no financial cost. The program can be used to download updates and all kinds of add-ons to the already installed software on your device.

Many people use the program to try out paid digital products and only then purchase licensed versions. Nobody wants to pay for a pig in a poke.

Blackmart Alpha offers flexible settings, various sorting modes, and many other useful features. For example, if you have superuser rights, it provides you with the possibility of backup and recovery.

Many users believe that this service is much better than Google Play. While downloading free content, you will hardly notice the difference.

Developers don’t forget about their product. They do their best to improve it and listen to the requests of users. The software updating is carried out in an automatic background mode.

Blackmart review

Thus, Blackmart Alpha offers a huge base of digital products, which is constantly updated. New apps are added all the time.

Due to the fact that the market is not official, it doesn’t always work perfectly. Even with an ideal Internet connection, there can be some problems with downloading and installing apps. Some apps are checked through the official Play Market. If the test result is positive, the launch will be impossible.

The interface of Blackmart Alpha is simple and intuitive. Even the newbies won’t have problems with management. Registration is not required.

After launching the application, you will see the main menu on the screen. All the content is sorted into the following categories: Launchers, Video, Messengers, Instruments, Graphic editor, Keyboard, Weather, Music, Games.



appcakeAppCake is another alternative for tutuapp. We have included it in our list because the program has received positive feedback from most of the users who refused from jailbreaking. The popularity of AppCake and the number of downloads are growing. Those who have spent a lot of time reading the AppCake reviews know that AppCake works very well on iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

The AppCake interface is very simple and doesn’t require time to master. The developers offer you to choose one of several ways how to search for the necessary applications. You can use the search or browse by category.  It’s possible to track recently added programs and games and search both by a week and overall rating.

appcake review

Don’t forget that Appcake was designed to give users the opportunity to try programs before buying them. To avoid copyright infringement problems, use Appcake only to install those applications that you plan to purchase in the future.



AptoideAptoide functionality is almost the same as in tutuapp. There are a catalog of applications, a dynamic list of applications that have already installed been on your device, and a search. You can monitor the installed applications’ updates and get intrusive (and disconnectable, by the way) offers to update them all. But there are certain differences, some of which advocate the use of Aptoide.

Aptoide is a store for shops. Anyone can register their store on the platform and distribute their applications through it. It’s clear that this platform can be of interest to application developers who want free advertising. In Aptoide, there are more than 700 thousand applications from various stores.

Aptoide app

After launching Aptoide, you’ll see several tab screens: “Homepage”, “Feed of applications”, “Stores”, “Updates”, and “Downloads”. You can subscribe to the stores you like to receive notifications about updates and new applications from there.

The category of stores is used for search for applications in all stores or only in those to which you are subscribed. The stores themselves cannot be found by search or filtered by the number of subscribers or the number of applications in them.

If you have an account in Aptoide – registration takes just one minute – you can easily create your own store, put all the best applications (according to your opinion) in it and enjoy new subscribers.



9AppsThe highly specialized project 9Apps for Android takes the search for free games and applications to a new level – the system scans Google Play and then, collecting and analyzing the search result, gives a list of applications suitable for downloading.

The purpose of the application is to provide users with the most important or relevant applications, organized in a special list.

The selection of free games and applications occurs according to a special algorithm that takes into account the interests of the user, reviews, the number of downloads, and rating.

The results are formed in special categories, broken down by type, importance, and popularity. Games are divided by genres – racing, action, arcade. In addition to such apps’ lists, 9Apps offers daily recommendations.

9Apps review

The 9Apps application’s design is very simple – light colors, bright menu navigation, clear icons.

It is worth noting that applications cannot be downloaded from the program itself – 9Apps will redirect you to Google Play, which makes it practically useless. Unlike other programs on this list, it doesn’t provide you with access to paid apps – it only compiles lists of apps that you will probably like.

9Apps is a download portal with strengths and weaknesses. It is good for finding and downloading a variety of wallpapers and funny ringtones, but it doesn’t allow direct downloads of games and applications.


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TweakBox reviewHow to stop paying for applications? Good news for those who want to download paid mobile programs on iOS for free. Below we will share the info on how to use TweakBox – the source which can replace the standard Store app.

After downloading TweakBox, you need to confirm your profile. Developers offer four categories of apps:

1. Appstore Apps – a section with games and programs that cost money in the App Store;

2. Tweakbox Apps – a section with programs that you will not find in the App Store (emulators, online cinemas, and much more);

3. Tweaked Apps – a section with modified applications, for example, Youtube ++, Instagram ++, with advanced features that allow you to download videos and photos to your phone.

If you are a music lover and pay monthly for the subscription of music programs on your phone, we advise you to download Deezer ++ and Spotify ++. You don’t have to pay for the subscription – the developers of TweakBox have taken care of everything.

4. Hacked Games – a section with hacked games. You can even download the Clash of Clans with unlimited game currency.


After installing a game or a program from TweakBox, you need to make a confirmation. After that everything should work.

In general, this is a good option for getting paid applications. An only drawback is a small number of applications in some sections, so the program will not replace App Store for 100%.


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