11 Free Factoring Calculators With Steps Apps & Websites

Factor-solving tools are extremely important and allow you to solve the most complex equations in a simple way. You will find many different services on the Internet that will give you results.

Yet, they don’t help you understand how the result was obtained. Thus, we recommend that you use these free factoring calculators with steps apps & websites. These services also give their users access to extra ways to solve equations.

Find the solution to any of your equations with the help of these free camera math apps.

Fraction Calculator Plus

The Fraction Calculator will allow you to make operations with non-integer numbers quickly and correctly.

As it turns out, we work with fractions every day. Our kids do their algebra homework, and cooking recipes are not doable without calculus. Save time for the really important things!

Enter numbers and get clear, nicely labeled results in just three taps on the screen. If necessary, round up the resulting number or convert it to decimal form.

Calculate examples with different types of fractions simultaneously! The app’s interface is easy to understand even for kids, and the step-by-step guide will keep you on your toes.

Your calculations will stay in your memory and you can go back to them at any time. Let the flexible assistant into your weekdays.


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Maple Calculator

A free and so powerful math calculator is now on your phone. It knows how to solve problems, draw graphs and explain homework to kids. It’s fast and uncomplicated.

It can handle any level of difficulty, from the school bench to the university chair. Learn absolutes, integrals, matrices, polynomials, and differentials, and don’t stop there.

Present the answer you get in the form of a two or three-dimensional graph. Change the initial values and observe the changes on the graphical version.

Enter data to solve problems manually or use your camera. Press a button and the answer is in front of you. If you get tired, play a math puzzle game without leaving the app.

The following types of information processing are available: simple math, algebraic calculations, beginnings of analysis, differential equations, and linear mathematics.



You can use this app to solve equations and other math problems. You can enter an example manually or take a picture of the problem sheet.

To get the solution to the equation, you must first select a section in the main menu. Then you need to enter the example using the on-screen keyboard.

It is also possible to create a snapshot of the equation using the camera of your mobile device. To do this, you need to provide permission to take a picture and point the lens at the sheet with the example. The app automatically recognizes the text and displays the solution on the screen.

Users can not only find out the final answer but also see the progress of the solution.

With the help of the app, it is possible to build graphs of functions. To do this, you need to select the appropriate item in the main menu.

The utility allows you to determine the area of increasing and decreasing functions, as well as to find its derivative.



The MathPapa welcomes you and invites you to spend time together in an entertaining and rewarding way. Solve your problems step by step with a full understanding of the material you’ve learned.

The app will always be there for you. It solves equations, and inequalities (linear and square), build graphs and analyzes systems.

The work of the app is intuitive, and access to the Internet is not required. Just enter numerical values into a special field, and the app will automatically give you the answer.

Study the step-by-step problem-solving to master the topic and never come back to it again. The symbols you need to use the tool are on every keyboard.



This is an app that won’t leave you alone with math. It is capable of analyzing any type of problem, from the school bench to the university chair.

Its uniqueness is that it shows the solution step-by-step and with a page in the textbook to use. The app is like your teacher explaining your homework. Do it faster and better!

Convert prime and decimal fractions, find a common denominator, simplify, and round numbers. Plot equation-based graphs such as parabolas, hyperbolas, and any necessary curves.

The app will do any calculations related to graphing. Solve equations and inequalities in seconds: ordinary, quadratic, logarithmic, and linear inequalities.

Trigonometry and an exponent calculator will take the hassle out of this subject forever. More than thirty years of experience have gone into the operation of this app.


Polynomial Factorization by GK Apps

Decompose a polynomial into single terms of lesser powers with a fast math calculator. It works with any number of values of different powers.

Solve polynomial equations, find maximal and minimal values of polynomials and plot the corresponding graphs in a few minutes. This tutorial will help you pass algebra at any school.

Working in the app will be your first step towards algebraic geometry and higher mathematics.

It will come in handy in physics, chemistry, economics, and even social studies. The calculator is free and has an easy-to-use interface.


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Prime Factor Calculator

Your new math example solver is forever on your phone. Often, to simplify a fraction or solve an equation, you need to decompose a number into prime factors.

This action takes a lot of time and slows down the solution process. Take advantage of a free tool that gives you the answer in just a few clicks and seconds.

The app is able to solve many numbers simultaneously by prime factors. Then find their greater total sought number in the largest and smallest values.

All results will be saved in the memory of the app with the ability to edit them at any time. The results will be sent to the email address you specify.


Polynomial Factorization by Math Apps

This is a convenient and fast calculator to decompose a polynomial into monomials, linear and quadratic.

The math calculator is an indispensable helper when performing factorization. Solve equations of any degree of complexity, graph them, and find maximal and minimal points and zeros.

Use the tool for calculations of any program: from the school bench to the university department.

Apply your findings to algebra, geometry, higher mathematics, economics, and the social sciences.


Factor Calculator

This free math calculator will help you decompose a number into prime factors. Get the result in seconds.

To work in the app, enter the number in the special field and press the start button. Save time and improve your math skills by passing the mechanical calculations off to this tool.

You no longer have to do the calculations yourself. The app will be useful to all students, from high school to college graduates.

The interface is intuitive to use, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty. Get the answer quickly and move on!



Many people who are fond of studying mathematics and solving various complex examples have always wanted to find such a multifunctional calculator. This is exactly the kind of calculator presented by this online service.

Here you can easily calculate even the most complex math problems and examples. You can get results from examples with variables as well as logarithms, roots, and fractions.

Now you don’t have to waste a lot of time and effort counting all the functions and formulas yourself. You can add all the data you need for the calculation to this online service, and it will do everything for you.

You will be able to see the entire course of the solution to repeat it yourself on paper or to prepare for a test.

This service is suitable for beginners in mathematics as well as for real experts who just want to test their knowledge. You can unequivocally trust the scores you get and write them into your answer.

This service is designed with the most accurate calculation tools and reliable calculation functions.


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Most math equations and examples are actually solved really easily and quickly. Yet, it is not always clear which formula to use to calculate, which of the expressions to count first, how to correctly take out the brackets, and so on.

In order for people to stop suffering because of errors as a result of calculating examples, this online service was created. It solves a bunch of problems by providing its users with an extensive and clear solution broken down into several simple examples.

Now you can analyze your solution and determine exactly where the error was made. You will even be able to save the course of the solution to consult on it with a more competent mathematician.

With this online service, your solutions will become more correct both in the result and in the course of the calculation.

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