9 Best Apps to Check Ingredients in Cosmetics

Cosmetics are in direct contact with our skin and are on it quite a lot of time. It can also get on our mucous membranes, which increases the possibility of infection. It is therefore important to follow the composition of the cosmetics you use.

Many manufacturers often add low-quality ingredients to reduce the cost of goods. To avoid using such cosmetics, use these best apps to check ingredients in cosmetics.

Find the perfect match while choosing you next foundation with the help of these best skin tone detection apps.

Think Dirty

Think Dirty is an app that informs about potentially dangerous elements in personal care and cosmetics. It is not an advertising service.

With its help, you can put products aside already at the time of purchase and pay attention to other, cleaner ones.

To get started, you have to scan the barcode. The app will reveal information about the product and, if necessary, select a safe counterpart. There are more than three hundred thousand items in the database.

The information is detailed but easy to analyze. With the help of the tool, it is convenient to carry out general cleaning in the bathroom. It has become easier to change the contents of the cosmetic bag and track the progress. A special section is included for this purpose.

It is possible to save favorite products to the shopping list. Only high-quality care and hygiene products with a harmless composition go there.


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Use the Hwahae app for shopping for care and hygiene products with clean formulas that contain no hazardous substances.

The reviews of other users will help you choose. They send photos before and after using cosmetics. Pictures are not photoshopped. There is a skin type filter that will only show relevant reviews.

There are more than two hundred thousand products in the database. If you want, you can post your own reviews and help thousands of people choose a perfect product.

Twenty dangerous elements that can cause itching and allergies are warned about. All products are grouped according to the category, skin type, age, and presence of problems. There is also popular and useful content from beauty bloggers about skin care.

The app asks for some permissions. Smartphone memory space is used to store and view photos and the main image. Location is needed for weather updates. All of the app’s permissions can be changed in the settings at any time of day.


INCI Beauty

INCI Beauty is an app that analyzes the composition of cosmetic and hygiene products quickly and free of charge. It and thousands of product references will always be nearby.

You can study the detailed composition by using a barcode number or scanner. If there is no information about the product, you can register in the database and leave a request with a photo.

For a low-quality product, the app is able to pick up a satisfying counterpart.

It is necessary to closely monitor the ads of sellers, so as not to miss out on quality cosmetics. You can add an unsuitable item to the exclusion list so that cosmetics that have it in their composition are not shown.

It is possible to create a shopping list of favorite products. To share your opinion, just click “like” or “dislike” and leave a comment. Watching the reactions of other users will help to make the right choice.

The account allows you to choose a profile picture, and add personal information.



Yuka is an app that checks food and cosmetic products for ingredient quality. It is the ingredients that have a decisive influence on health.

The tool will make the composition transparent and teach intelligent planning. The basis of the work is a scan.

The good or bad health effects of a product are deciphered with a special color code and a separate table. There are more than a million foods and about the same number of cosmetics in the database.

Each is evaluated according to three indicators: nutritional value, extra ingredients, and natural constituents.

Comprehensive analysis is based on the evaluation of an individual product ingredient. Each gets a risk level justified by science. For all products with bad characteristics, the app automatically selects a safe counterpart.

The platform is independent and ad-free. It is intuitively easy to use. Cosmetics reviews and tips are compiled objectively. There is no influence of any manufacturer or brand.


Ingredients Scanner

An app that uses scanning to determine the hazards of cosmetic ingredients and exclude potentially harmful ones.

You need to set your camera to list the ingredients and after a few moments get the same list, but multicolored.

Red warns that an item carries health risks. Orange signals data that confirms skin irritation and other problems. Only a compound completely filled with green is completely safe for health.

The app will help if the names of the chemical structures in the instructions are unfamiliar. There is no need for a knowledge of chemistry to read labels on cosmetics. The smart app will save not only money but also time.

Favorite products can be saved in a separate folder to return to them again. The tool will help you choose the cosmetics that will ultimately improve your quality of life.


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HairKeeper is an app to check the ingredients of hair care products for health safety. The analysis takes a few moments. No more need to take manufacturers’ word for it.

The app will quickly identify weighting silicone or alcohol that dries the scalp, emollients, allergens, and proteins in the composition.

It uses the camera on your smartphone to work. It is the composition that needs to be scanned, not the barcode. The meaning of each obscure word can be read in the information tab.

The program works offline without using the Internet. This is indispensable for shopping abroad, where you do not want to spend precious megabytes.

The platform is translated from English into Polish, Spanish, and Russian. In the free version, users are allowed up to seven scans. To continue working with the tool, a one-time purchase is required. Then the number of scans will not be limited.


Ingredient Analysis

This mobile app helps you analyze the composition of cosmetic products. It will save you from buying products with toxins and allergens, which are detrimental to your health.

To get the information, you just need to point your camera at the composition of the product. You can also add an image from the gallery. It is possible to check the presence of individual allergens in cosmetics, you just need to name them.

The app will also inform you about undesirable but not dangerous ingredients. It does not require personal information or registration. It works offline without using the Internet. All actions take place in real-time, and photos are not saved, leaving the phone’s memory unfilled.

The app is free and does not contain annoying ads. To ensure that the result is always of high quality, after pointing the camera, you need to wait for the time during which the text will be fully analyzed.

Only after making sure that the display is accurate you should click on the search button. The verdict will be ready in a few moments.



The Ingredio app warns about the presence of dangerous chemical ingredients in care products. It will help shape the right consumer behavior, which is to use safe products.

The first step is to download the app to your phone and turn it on. The next step is to point the camera at the composition of the product and capture it.

You can also download an image from the gallery. The result will be there in a few moments. It will accurately refute or confirm the presence of any harmful ingredients in the composition. You can do this from anywhere on the map.

The interface of the app is user-friendly and the design is concise. It even scans texts written in a foreign language.

The process is based on international safety standards. Frequently checked products can be added to favorites to return to them again.


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Cosmetic Checker

This app is capable of determining the production date of a cosmetic product, and expiration date by lot number. It covers decorative cosmetics, specialty skin and hair care products and perfumes.

The program will save time and precious megabytes that are wasted in an independent search.

The batch code is a combination of alphabetic and numeric values that each batch of products released receives. It can include information about the date of manufacture, an individual brand code, and the location where the product was made.

The batch code is useful when a single defective product needs to be investigated for the entire batch, if necessary to be withdrawn from sale entirely. The code can be seen on the packaging or on the bottom of the product itself.

The laconic interface of the app and many colorful themes make it even more attractive. After downloading, you need to open the app and find the brand of the cosmetic product. The next step is to enter the product code in a special field.

If you have any questions, you can refer to examples of data processing. Then press the start button and wait a few moments until the result appears on the screen.

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