12 Best Celebrity News & Gossip Apps for Android & iOS

Are you the type of person who wants to know all the latest news and rumors about celebrity lives? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve rounded up the best celebrity news and gossip apps for Android & iOS to save you hours of scrolling. These will keep you informed about all the details of the showbiz world.

Some of the apps cover celebrity insights on fitness, and diets, and even do event streams. With these on hand, you’ll be informed about all the drama, relationship updates, breakups, and all. Let’s get started!

E! News

E! News

This is an app that will keep you up with the latest news and gossip of the celebrity world.

The app focuses on the lives of famous actors, singers, and socialites and also reports on all the important news. Plus, the app is a good source if you’re looking for insights and details about the shows of E! channel. Thus, there’s a whole category of the news and behind-the-scenes of the KUWTK show. There’s even a built-in streaming service that empowers you to watch short vids about the celebs and even full-length episodes of some shows.

The app looks like a great online journal. All the news covered by the app is split into categories and easy to navigate. For instance, there are entertainment news, even photos, and even live stream for viral events like the Oscars and the Met Gala. Plus, there’s a category of news about movie stars, TV shows, and even celebrity kids.

The search engine of the app is quite powerful. Thereby, you can search for the name of the celeb you want to read about, use hashtags, or title any words related to the topic you’re looking for. You can also search for high-quality photos if needed. Furthermore, there’s a whole category of articles related to the fashion industry and its latest news. You can send the news directly from the app and turn notifications for the specific themes and name mentions you don’t want to miss.


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This app will report to you about all the breaking news.

This app also covers the lives of Hollywood stars, famous actors, sportsmen, and even the lives of royal families. Along with the previous app, this one also comes from the well-known self-titled channel. Thus, the app gives you free access to all the episodes of TMZ life. Plus, the app usually publishes some extra materials about the shows and even the videos behind the scenes.

The app has an endless feed of news, gossip, rumors, and insides that you can scroll for hours. Plus, the app publishes several new topics and articles every day so you’ll never run out of new information. All the articles are split into categories and it’s easy to find the one you’re looking for. The search engine is also nice and you can search for the words related to the article or use tags.

Furthermore, the app has a gallery with high-quality pics from paparazzi, events, and some pics from celeb’s personal archives. It also needs to be said, that the app always marks if the article is just gossip so you will always know what topics are pure facts and what are not. The app contains ads but it makes the app free for all users.


Gossip Bucket


As its name implies, it is an app that provides you with all the breaking news and rumors about celebrities.

The main goal of this app is to give you exclusive news about movie stars, the Hollywood elite, the royal families, and even popular bloggers. The outstanding thing about this app is the fact that it collects articles and topics from all possible online journals and platforms about the celebs and collates them all in one place. Therewith, each article and topic contains the link for the original source so you could go have a look on the original platform.

For now, the app collects the news from more than thirty different platforms and blogs. The same thing goes for the pics and exclusive vids that are also included in the app. Besides, you can easily navigate through all those articles and topics. You can search for tags or any other words related to the article you’re looking for. You can also switch into categories if you’re not exactly sure what you want to read.

The feed of news in this app seems massive and there are a couple of new topics coming out almost every hour. You can also turn on notifications for the particular tags and the names of the celebs to not miss a bit of info about them. You can also repost some news directly from the app. There’s even a full-screen mode in case you don’t want to be distracted from reading.


Perez Hilton


It is a mobile version of the self-titled website that highlights the latest news about the celebs.

Perez Hilton himself is a well-known celebrity news reporter and now you can read all his articles in one handy place. This man can be a controversial figure but still, he is the one that can give the most intimate and exclusive news about the celebs. The app might look a bit too pink and old-school but it actually has its charm and the content totally worth it.

By the same token, the app covers the news of movie stars, singers, the elite, sportsmen, and sometimes even the royal family rumors. All the articles and news are categorized and it’s easy to navigate between the topics. Plus, you can search for particular topics using tags, the words related to the article, and even the dates. The app also has a gull-on section with the best Insta and paparazzi shots.

There’s also a vid section with music clips, interviews, and some TV reports. You can re-send the topics directly from the app and even repost them. You can also follow some hashtags and celeb names so as not to miss a single piece of news about them. Plus, the app has fun celebrity quizzes such as Guess the Celeb or Who Said That.




Here is a celebrity news app that gives you all the tea and gossip about African-American celebs.

This app is actually a mobile version of the self-titled website and it’s full of exclusive celebrity stories and rumors. The news feed of the app is full of articles, topics, and tweets about celebs of all kinds — singers, movie stars or just reach people. Plus, there’s a whole gallery section with both paparazzi pics and exclusive materials. The same thing goes for vids — the app highlights various stuff from music clips to TV news records.

The search engine in the app is quite nicely made and it’s easy to shift from one topic to another. Also, you can search for articles using tags, topic-related words, the names of the celebs, and even the dates. You can also follow some keywords to never miss the news related to them.

However, this service is being called gossip for the strong language. Plus, sometimes all those articles do is tear the celebs apart and shame them. Besides, some articles are only written to spread nasty rumors that have nothing to do with reality. It needs to be said that there are lots of positive friendly topics but the comment sections often explode with hatred and bullying on the celebs and other commenters.


Celebrity News

Celebrity News

This app can be your source for all types of celebrity news and gossip. In the first place, this app collects showbiz news, rumors, and gossip from various blogs, online magazines, and platforms and brings them all together in one place. Every article marks its course and gives you a link to it. The app is fully customizable so you can set it up the way that you only see the news about the people you’re a fan of.

You can block the sources you don’t want to see the news from. This feature works for cases when you don’t trust a particular magazine or a website. You can also block the celeb names you’re not curious about. Thereby, you can turn on push notifications for some keywords and names of celebs you want to read everything about.

Besides, if any topic was covered by several sources you will see them all under the article. The app also has a huge gallery of pics from paparazzi, events, and personal blogs of celebrities. The same thing goes for the vids — you can watch movie trailers, interviews, and even TV news records. It’s easy to navigate throughout the app and you can use tags for that.


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Entertainment Home 

This app is a gem for everyone interested in the news about the glistening world of celebs. It’s here to give you the freshest updates about all the actors, signers, and famous people you’re interested in.

It functions like a launcher powered by the top entertainment blogs and websites. No need to browse through countless resources to catch a glimpse of info about your fave celeb, this app will do it for you. It brings you the latest news, hottest gossip, and more.

You can even adjust the topics you’re interested in aka fashion, relationship updates, trending vids, and more. And don’t forget to mark the celebs you’re interested in the most to ensure your feed is as personalized as it can be.

And don’t forget to set up notifications to stay keep up to date with everything. The app will update you on big events, breaking news, and blind items. And if you’re not a fan of some of the sources or don’t find it trustworthy, you can easily block it too. The app is also free, no hidden fees included.


TIME Magazine


That’s a mobile version of a well-known self-titled magazine that covers all the breaking news from the celeb world.

The app includes all the famous articles in TIME magazine such as “100” Best and all that. Thus, you can find info about famous actors, singers, businessmen, and even royal family members. This magazine is also known for its photo gallery as it includes all the juiciest paparazzi shots, the pics from events, and even some exclusive controversial photos.

By the same token, the app also covers the political world and includes some sports, business, and tech advances articles. However, if you’re only interested in the celebrity world you can filter your feed by marking the topics you want to see. The same thing goes for notifications so you can mark the keywords you like and block the once you don’t want to hear anything about.

Plus, you can bookmark the articles you want to read later on to not lose them. You will also have access to the full-on magazines but you’ll need a sub-pack for that. In case you decide to pay, you will be able to save the magazines and read them offline.


People Magazine

People 1

This app is also a mobile version of a popular magazine about celebrities.

This magazine is known for being a reliable source of info about the lives of movie stars, singers, socialites, and the members of royal families. Thus, you can be sure all the headlines you read come from proven sources and have no aim to spread pointless rumors about the celebs.

Frankly speaking, this magazine is not about gossip at all and usually covers factual events. Therefore, this app runs on subscription packs and there are monthly and yearly options for that. However, it doesn’t cost that much and the truthful headlines are totally worth it. All the news is split into categories and you can search by the tags and topic-related keywords.

You can also set up push notifications on the names of the celebs you’re interested in. The app also has a gallery of the event shots, paparazzi pics, and all that. The same thing goes for the vids so you can watch movie trailers and interview with the celebs.


Celebrity Gossip Breaking News


It’s an app that collects news and gossip about celebs.

The app covers the lives of movie stars, singers, popular bloggers, and all the Hollywood elite. The news feed seems endless and there are new articles coming about every couple of hours. Therewith, all the articles are organized into categories like trending news, new romances, breakups, gossip, fashion, and all that.

Thereby, you can filter your feed by marking the topics you’re concerned with and the celebs you want to read about. In the same way, you can block the themes and celebs you don’t want to hear anything about. The app also has a gallery of HQ shots and video interviews of your fave celebs.

You can turn on the notifications for the particular names and topics you don’t want to miss. The app contains ads that you can block by paying for the subscription pack. The pack also gives you entrance to some extra news.




Here is an app that empowers you to keep track of what’s going on in the showbiz world.

The main aim of this app is to keep you up with the latest breaking news of the celebrity’s lives. The app collects the news from various proven sources and collates them all in one place. Each article will be marked with the link for the original source.

You can customize the feed by blocking the sources you don’t want to see the news from and marking the ones you like the most. In case any article was covered by several sources you will see the list of them all below the article you read the first.

The app highlights more than just a celebrity’s life but if it’s the only thing you have an interest in you can block all the other ones. You can search for the articles and news by the keywords and the names of the celebs. You can also turn on the notifications by following the names of particular celebs.


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Heat Magazine

If you’re interested in the lives of celebs, chances are you’ve heard about Heat Magazine. It’s your go-to place for hot celeb gossip, blind items, and news of all kinds. It also has a full section of style tips and beauty secrets.

This app is just s mobile version of your fave magazine. That’s right, it covers an entire magazine cover, to cover. Thus, you can enjoy endless newsfeeds tailored to your needs and interests. Fresh content gets added regularly, so you won’t be left hanging.

Plus, there’s a handy tool that all star-obsessed people will appreciate. There’s a search bar that lets you easily find all the info about your fave celeb. That’ll save you hours of web browsing!

And let’s not forget about the exclusive content you can get here. The app covers original interviews, insider takes, and more. You can even bookmark your fave articles for further reading and easily download pics and media items. And all that without spending a dime!

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