11 Best Apps to Play YouTube in the Background (Android & iOS)

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On YouTube, one can find a lot of interesting and useful videos and audios. Many popular music artists upload their clips there, masters and coaches upload training videos, enthusiasts offer webinars and audiobooks.

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All of this can be not only watched but also just listened to, however, the standard YouTube mode does not include playback in the background. For continuous listening, you have to find a way how to keep the program running.

There are several ways how to do that and consume content on YouTube in the background. Today we’re going to look at the apps for Android and iOS that allow you to play YouTube in the background.

Chrome Browser

Actually, you can watch videos on YouTube in the background just by using the standard Youtube application, but in order to be able to do that, you need to buy a YouTube Red subscription or Premium. Most users don’t want to do that. If you don’t want to pay for the subscription, you can use the YouTube desktop version on the Chrome Browser.

This is probably the easiest way of how to play YouTube videos in the background. All you need to do is open Chrome, find YouTube in there – just make sure that you don’t open your YouTube app.

To do that, you should enter ‘https://m.youtube.com’ in the search engine. This way, with ‘m’, you’ll be able to remain in the Chrome application to do further shenanigans.

The further shenanigans are going to the three dots menu above and ticking ‘Desktop site‘. Now you can open the video the sound of which you want to listen in the background and play it. Having done that, leave the Chrome browser – either by tapping the home button or going to some other app you want to use.

Don’t be surprised if the audio stops. Now you need to scroll down the menu as it is shown on the second screen below and tap ‘play‘. That’s it! Now you can enjoy listening to YouTube videos while doing other stuff on your phone.

chrome youtube
google play logo

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Brave Browser

The method described above might not work on iOS smartphones. In theory, it should work, but we must also consider the fact that most iOS users don’t have Chrome so they need to download it.

Well, they can download any other browser that supports background mode! One of them is Brave Browser. It allows you to play videos on the world’s most popular video hosting in the background both on Android and iOS.

It’s enough to just turn the desired video on and then hide the browser Brave. After that, the sound will continue to play in the background.

Even the control panel will remain active, which means that you can use such buttons as ‘play’ or ‘pause’ to stop or resume the playback. In other words, this special application turns all the videos on YouTube into musical compositions that you can listen to in the background through the speakers of your phone or headphones.

Although Google generally doesn’t allow adding apps that permit you to watch videos on YouTube in the background to the Google Play store, the Brave web browser kind of break these rules. The app’s users believe though that it won’t be removed from the store for violating the rules.

To make this application work, you need to open “Settings“, go to “Site Settings” and then to “Camera and Microphone“. There will be a special tumbler called “Video in the background“, which should be switched to the active position.

The Brave browser is completely free. In addition to the aforementioned advantage, it has a built-in ad blocker that allows you to browse the Internet without intrusive advertisements. Through this application, you can view videos in the background not only on YouTube but also on all the other websites, which is extremely useful!

google play logo

Minimize for Youtube play in background

Minimize allows Android users to play YouTube videos not really in the background, but close, very close. Do you see that little window on the second screen?

This is how this app works. Basically, what you need to do is to open the app, turn on the video that you want to listen to, and hide the app. Don’t expect it to be completely hidden – it will be located in the left corner of your screen. This mode allows you to surf other apps and take a look at videos that you’re playing.

Surely, the app is quite convenient but there are some drawbacks that you need to take into account. First of all, if you lock your screen, you will turn the music off. Unlike browsers with background modes, Minimize doesn’t let you listen to the audio while holding the phone in the pocket.

It is made for those who like multitasking – texting while watching, going through an Instagram feed, editing photos, etc. The other drawback is that you need to watch a 5-second ad before using the app. Of course, YouTube is full of ads so it will hardly be a surprise. Still unpleasant though.

To sum up, Minimize is a great app for those who like using their phone’s potential to the fullest. Why watch a video and then reply to a message when you can do both? If you feel this is for you, go on and push that download button!

minimize youtube
google play logo


Stream is a full-featured application that allows users to watch videos from Youtube in the background.

Once you have launched the app, it will ask you to enable some permissions. Thereafter, you will have access to the media content.

The streaming process is quite simple. You can paste a required video on the search bar or select an appropriate one on the suggested collections. Press on the desired video and it will instantly appear in a floating window without any ads.

Click on the window to watch the video on a full screen. If you want to close it, just select the cross button on the top of the screen.

In the Stream, you will find top charts sections developed for various countries. Plus, the videos are divided into multiple genres.

There is an integrated section specially designed for your music. Here you can add playlists or check recently watched videos.

google play logo

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Free music for YouTube

With this application, you can view absolutely any clip or video from the YouTube channel in a pop-up window. The app gives you an ability to play videos in the background while you browse the mailbox, for example.

While you are running the Stream Free music for Youtube application, your phone will not switch to the sleeping mode. You will have a music player that works right from your lock screen.

To control the player, use swipes from the center of the screen to the desired buttons.

Free music for YouTube is an excellent service for listening to your favorite songs and watching clips. It allows you to enjoy millions of songs from YouTube without any problems.

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Firefox is a handy browser that allows users to watch Youtube videos in the popup window while using other apps.

But how does it work?

The first thing you need to – paste the Youtube link in the search bar. Then, click on the three dots button and enable a View for PC option. Launch a preferred video and switch to a full-screen mode.

When the video starts playing, tap on the Home button. The video will appear on the screen in a modified size and you can start watching it in the background.

In case the picture-in-picture mode does not operate, make sure that you have enabled this option in the settings. Plus, the developer offers detailed guides on the official website.


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Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is a safe and fast tool that enables users to toggle between multiple web pages and watch videos from Youtube in the background.

As soon as you launch the application, paste the Youtube website in the search bar. Open an appropriate video and tap on the playback.

If the app asks you to open the video via the official app, click on the Cancel button.

Log out of the app and you can resume the background playback on the IOS Control Center.

As for the unique features, Dolphin Browser comes with one-tap share, tabbed browsing, cloud sync, sonar search, speed dial, etc.


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Now you know how you can consume content on YouTube while doing other things on your mobile gadget.

Floating Minimizer Tube

With this app, you can play YouTube while you are using other apps on your phone.

It is very easy to download the app and start enjoying the fact that now you have the opportunity to listen to music or watch films or pranks (that are so popular on YouTube, of course) when you, for example, text with friends in messenger.

Just turn on a video, and then when you exit the service, you will realize that the audio continues to sound. It will follow you in every app.

What is more, you can also use the video Minimizer function. What does it look like? It is just a floating window that you can replace on the display as you wish.

However, it is important to mention that you cannot select videos from YouTube, only from Floating Minimizer Tube.

It has its version of YouTube. There are much fewer features in it, only the most necessary, such as a search bar, playlists, and more.


  • It is possible to play videos in a window that can be placed directly upper of other apps.
  • The service has a function to turn off ads.


  • Sometimes there are errors with the video quality settings.
  • There are too many ads until you purchase a special subscription.
Floating Minimizer Tube1

Float Tube – Float Video Player

This service will allow you not to stop using YouTube even if you want to exit the app.

Although this function does not work directly with YouTube, this app supports all the videos you would find there. Log in and turn on your favorite playlist.

In addition, the service will offer you videos or music that would be interesting to you. After analyzing the viewing history, the system will be able to recommend you something that you like.

The control settings of the floating window will help users to manage it as they find it convenient.

Place the video window in any corner of the display and keeping to play games, surf the net, or working with documents without looking up from watching or listening to playlists.


  • User-friendly app design similar to the original YouTube.
  • There is a night mode.
  • Convenient control settings of the floating window.


  • There are a lot of ads that significantly worsen the quality of the video.
  • Sometimes it is possible that the app freezes.
Float Tube- Float Video Player1

Music & Videos – Music Player

It is possible to use YouTube in a completely new way with this service. New and useful features are now available to you!

After you have installed the app on your smartphone, soon choose a music video that you would like to see.

The developers also provide a floating window function here, which allows you not to be distracted from other things that you are doing on your phone. A small window with a video will be nearby while you chat with friends on social networks or that sort of thing.

The app has a minimalistic and intuitive design. Although it differs from the standard YouTube appearance, it is quite modern.

You can effortlessly create your music playlists and listen to any music that is on YouTube using this service. But not only music clips are available, but also any video.


  • There are many useful features for those who like listening to music.
  • User-friendly app design.
  • It is available to use a floating window to watch various YouTube videos.


  • The service does not provide saving the history and the recommendation system.
Music & Videos - Music Player1

Minimizer for YouTube Classic

Since floating small windows is the most convenient way to play the YouTube background, this app will be a great choice.

Of course, this service allows you to choose a video that you would like to watch, and then turn it into a window that will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone.

This window will accompany you everywhere: in the email app, in the browser, in social networks… You can move it to the corner you want.

Moreover, the developers have added such an option as resizing a floating window. Make it bigger if you don’t see the video well, or smaller if it bothers you. In addition, the floating window can become almost invisible.

This is the so-called “Ghost Mode”, which allows you to make the video more transparent, but still visible enough for you.


  • You can change a window in a size.
  • It is also possible to try the “Ghost Mod” to make the window more lucid.


  • Users often face long download times.
  • There are errors and freezes in the app.
  • There are tons of ads. Playlist replay does not always work correctly.
Minimizer for YouTube Classic1
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