6 Best Games Like Wheel Of Fortune For Android & iOS

Wanna test your luck and knowledge at the same time? This article has you covered!

There are loads of games like Wheel Of Fortune for Android & iOS that let you dive into the atmosphere of a world-famous game TV show. These games will tickle your nerves along with a vocabulary boost — what else could you ask for? In case you’re into mind-sharpening games, give a try at classic word games as well.

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We’ve gathered together the 6 best games in that category you may like. Have a look!

Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune

Let’s start with a classic wheel of luck game that provides you with brain training quizzes.

The mechanics of this game is quite simple — you spin the wheel, get a puzzle, and solve it. As for the riddle concept — you’ll need to guess the letters from a hidden panel until they compose in a word. This whole game recreates the popular TV game show, even the hosts are the same.

Plus, the questions you’ll get are straight from the show’s producers, which is great. As you move through the levels, you’ll unlock new cities and countries with more words to guess. Plus, it’s a multiplayer game, so you get to compete with users from all over the globe. Herewith, you may rather compete with random users to invite your mates for a duel.

The puzzles cover plenty of categories — from food to art and history, so there’s something for everyone. As with any other similar game, this one gives you hints to help with hard questions. Herewith, there are bankruptcy and miss-a-turn ells that may spoil your game. The only way to get rid of those is to pay for VIP access.

wheel of fortune 1 wheel of fortune 2 



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The Wheel of Fortune

the wheel of fortune

Next, we have an entertaining word game that will train your mind and reflexes.

The concept is classic for the genre — it’s based on a world-famous TV show. There’s a wheel of luck that you need to spin to crack puzzles. Your goal is to guess the letters from the pannel till the right word is composed. All the word puzzles are developed by famous show producers, so you get a realistic wheel of luck exp.

Beyond that, the new words are being added all the time, so you’ll always have fresh gaming material. As always, there are good-old trap wedges like Bankrupt and Lose a Turn. There’s no way to get rid of those, but the game wouldn’t be that fun without them.

Along with that, some wedges may give you an extra free spin, and all that. In case you’ll get confused, you may use hints to move on through the game. You’ll get a couple of hints at the beginning, but all the extra ones will cost you in-game points.

the wheel of fortune 2


Wheel of Fortune Words

It’s a wheel of fortune game inspired by the hit TV show.

Frankly speaking, it’s a compilation of classic word games you need to solve to get points and climb up the leaderboard. The mechanics are simple — you rotate the wheel and create phrases by guessing them letter by letter. Herewith, the spin has trap wedges like bankruptcy and miss a turn that may slow you down.

Some wedges give you free spins and other peasant bonuses. You may also collect premium tiles if needed. A cool thing about this game is that it comes with a built-in dictionary with word explanations. You may add unknown words to your dictionary to increase your vocabulary.

You may also use hints to pass complicated rounds. It’s a multiplayer game, so you get to compete with your mates and another player from all over the world. In case you’re not in the mood for a contest, there’s an offline mode you can play anytime, anywhere. The game doesn’t have any in-app purchases, but there are ads you can’t turn off.

Wheel of Fortune Words 1 Wheel of Fortune Words 2



Wheel of Fame

Wheel of Fame

It’s a 3D trivia game that brings you into a game TV show.

Apart from its sister games that just let you play the wheel of luck game this one actually carries you through the show process. This game imitates the classic game TV shows where several players compete to win the major prize. You start by creating your avatar — you get to customize the entire appearance from his to the dress.

The game even comes with its own funny hosts that make the gaming process way more delightful. The mechanics are simple — you stand against two other payers and try to guess the word hidden in the panel. To cope with that, you need to spin the wheel and guess letters that may be on the panel.

As the wheel spins, you may get points, extra lives, and duplicate letters. The points let you unlock the vowels to unlock the phrase easier. Herewith, there are trap cells that will make you miss a turn or fall into bankruptcy. The game covers plenty of word categories such as monies, books, countries, artists, proverbs, and more.

Wheel of Fame 1 Wheel of Fame 2


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Spin of Fortune

Here’s a fortune game that lets you test your luck and knowledge.

Along with the previous one, this one also lets you feel the atmosphere of participating in a game TV show. The game comes with a couple of hosts that will carry you through the process and explain the rules. It’s a multiplayer game, so you get to contest with your mates and other users from around the world.

Each level makes you contend with two more players, and you need to be faster and more quick-witted than them. As you’ll move through the lvls your personal rating will grow, and you’ll get to unlock new cities and stronger opponents. The rules are quite classic — there’s a hidden panel with words that you need to guess letter by letter. To do that, you need to spin the wheel of fortune.

As always, luck plays a major role in this game, and you may rather win a lot or lose everything with just one spin. The wheel’s cells may bring you extra points, hints, and extra lives. The points can be spent on buying letters or hints — it’s up to you.


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Wheel of Fortune: Pop Bubbles

And lastly, we have a wheel of luck game in a slightly new setting.

As you may guess by the name of this app, you’ll need to pop bubbles in this one. In other words, it’s a combination of classic trivia and bubble shooter games. Each level contains a panel with hidden words, a wheel of luck, and plenty of bubbles you need to pop. Herewith, you need to cope with both solving the puzzles and pop in as many bubbles as you can.

The wheel is quite classic — there are cells with hints, the ones with extra lies, and the ones with boosters that help you solve the puzzles way faster. Of course, there are trap cells too — these make you miss your turn or fall into bankruptcy.

Beyond that, then it’s a multiplayer game, so you get to compete with your mates and other payers from over the world. The game comes with countless levels for you to unlock — each of those take place n new locations. The new puzzles are being added regularly, so you’ll always have fresh gaming material.

Wheel of Fortune pop 2



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