11 Best Job Search Apps for Android & iOS

Finding a job has never been easy. Looking through never-ending vacancies on countless sites might be overwhelming so let’s talk about how to make this process faster and easier.

There are lots of job search apps for Android and iOS that will help you to land a job quickly. These apps cover openings from multiple job boards and the list of vacancies is constantly updating. Some of these apps are dedicated to specific spheres, some cover multiple ones so there’s something for everyone.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps in that category you should try. Have a look!

Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search

Let’s start with an app called Indeed. This is a job searching platform that will help you get hired on a job of your dreams.

The main privilege of this app is the number of job offers it covers. There are more than 15 million vacancy boards in over 60 countries. This is an app version of a self-titled website so once you’ve created an account you can reach it on any device.

Let’s go through the process of finding a job using this engine. When the registration is completed you get to load you resume as a doc. And when you will start looking through countless job offers there will be ones you can apply to with just this resume in a couple of touches.

Another handy thing is when you apply for a job you will see similar vacancies and you can apply to them as well. Plus, all the vacancy boards you’ve ever viewed or applied to will be stored in your history so you can go back to them at any time. You can also save the jobs you’re not ready to apply yet on a waiting list.

In case you don’t want to bother yourself with viewing all the vacancies the app will send you some options to your email.

Indeed Job Search 1 Indeed Job Search 2


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Hirewire – Job Search


Hirewire is a platform that shortens the process of finding employment.

The main concept of this app is to help you find a new place to work in a 24-hour period. Sounds a bit overpromising, isn’t it? Yeah, this claim undeniably exaggerated but the developers have done much to bring it closer to reality. Due to this, it’s extremely easy to apply for a job in this app.

Apart from most of its sister apps, this one doesn’t ask you to load a resume. What you will need to do here is to make a detailed profile with all the personal qualities the employers may need to know about you.

Thereby, when you will apply for a job the company will be able to view your profile and make draw conclusions according to it. Don’t forget to attach some HQ pics to personalize your profile. You can also attach some vids of you presenting yourself.

Beyond that, the app has a built-in chat so the employers can reach you right after viewing your profile. Plus, there are some tools for planing an interview and all that. For now, there are more than 5 thousand companies seeking employees with this platform and the new ones appear every day.

Hirewire 1 Hirewire 2




Glassdoor is a job searching engine that can help you find work that gains your requirements and personal qualities.

This app contains detailed vacancy boards and all the data you need to find a perfect job. Thereby, there are more than just job offers in this app — there are also thousands of company reviews from real people so you will know what to expect before application. All the reviews are anonymous so you can be sure all of them real.

On top of that, each vacancy includes the salary info so you won’t be left to guess. The vacancy also covers the company culture of the organization so there won’t just be employee demands. You will also e able to view office pics taken by real workers and see the list of benefits you might get.

Just after registration, you will need to point your city and current job so the app could offer you some vacancies for a start. The app saves all the vacancies you’ve viewed or applied to so you can always come back to it.

Besides, you can save the vacancies you’re not ready to apply yet to the waiting list. As for the resume, you can and it as a document or apply for a job via phone call.

Glassdoor 1 Glassdoor 2


Snagajob – Jobs Hiring Now


Snagajob is a job search engine that covers hourly employees.

Frankly speaking, if you’re seeking a part-time or hourly job this engine is the best source for you to find it. There are millions of companies using this platform to find candidates so there won’t be a lack of choice here.

Right after you’ve registered you will get access to the app’s vacancy base. Then, you will need to fill in your profile with personal qualities, previous job experience, and all that. Don’t forget to attach your SM accounts and add some pics — it will help you make a nice first impression.

When you will start looking through vacancies, you will be able to filer it according to your requirements. Thus, you can view offers from your area, look through seasonal jobs, or the type in general.

The handy thing is you can apply to most offers with one-touch which makes the searching process way faster and comfier. You can also view the vacancy list on the map to see which offers are closer to you. Plus, you can save some offers on a waiting list to apply to them later.

Snagajob 1 Snagajob 2




CareerBuilder is a job-finding engine that does everything in its power to help you get nice employment.

This app empowers you to look through the latest openings from multiple job boards in place. Therewith, you can apply for most of the vacancies with one touch so these services perfect for using it on the go. Once you’ve applied for work you can track the status of the application.

On top of that, you get to decide whether you want to attach your resume as a doc or to build it within the app. It needs to be said, the resume building tool in this app is quite nice and it helped you to get a decent resume even if you’ve never done this before.

You can also make you resume private or public by your will. Here’s the difference — if your resume is private your only way to get a job is to apply for it by yourself.

And if you’ll make your resume public it can be found by hiring managers and recruiters so you won’t even need to search for vacancies by yourself. Of course, the public resume doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get offers from managers but it is still a chance that you will.

CareerBuilder 1 CareerBuilder 2


Job Search by ZipRecruiter


ZipRecruiter is a job searching engine that makes it easy to land a job.

What this app does is it aggregates millions of vacancy ads in one place that you can use on the go. Plus, the app makes sure that it’s easy to apply for a job and people of all ages can cope with it.

Once you’ll registration you will need to fill in your profile and describe all your strong points and professional qualities. You can also attach your resume, your phone number, and links to your SM. Don’t forget about the pics — faceless accounts may not be considered trustworthy by the employers.

Then, you can start looking through endless vacancies and apply to the ones you like. Therewith, you can indicate the minimum salary to not waste time. The application takes you one-touch for submitting the resume and you can trace the status of it ever since.

You can also set the notification to report you about all the newest vacancies. You will also be reported when your request will be viewed by the company. Besides, you can add some vacancies to the waiting list and apply them later.

ZipRecruiter 1 ZipRecruiter 2


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Monster Job Search

Monster JobMonster is another engine that will make job hunting more interactive and fun.

The concept of this app is quite outstanding — it is basically like Tinder but with vacancies. Yeah, you’ve got it right — your homepage will look exactly like it would on a dating app and you will need to swipe to apply for vacancies.

But before that, you will need to make a profile to impress your potential employers. Make sure to attach your resume and add some pics (faceless accounts are not cool, you know). As for the resume, you can rather attach it as a doc or as a link to any cloud storage.

Then, you will need to give the app access to your location and start your job hunting. As you can already guess, you will need to swipe right to express that you’re interested in a vacancy and left if you’re not. If you need more in about the vacancy you just need to touch the card. You can also filter the feed by salary, location, and more.

Monster Job 1 Monster Job 2


Good&Co Culture Fit Job Search


Good&Co is the work searching engine for those of you who pay attention to the corporate culture of the company, its missions, and all that.

This service gets to answer all the questions you might have about your potential employers — if the company will match your personality and share your interests. Due to this, the app starts to form a short quiz that will help it to understand your perfect job requirements.

Once it is done the app will give you the list of vacancies in your area you might be interested in. Actually, there are lots of quizzes in this app and the more you take — the more accurate vacancies you will get. Plus, these quizzes can help you discover more about your own personality.

However, you can’t really apply for the job within the app. Yeah, you can view the vacancy card but if you will decide to apply you will be redirected to another job board. But all your applications will be saved in your personal history so you can always come back to them later.

Good&Co 1 Good&Co 2


Dice Careers

Dice Tech Jobs

Dice Careers is an engine that will help you to land a tech job.

The app is fully dedicated to tech jobs and there are lots of big companies specializing in this sphere that are seeking workers here. Plus, this is an app version of the same-titled website so once you’ve registered you can reach it on any device.

Along with its sister apps, this one also empowers you to easily apply for openings and track its status later on. Thus, you will know when the employer will view your resume. The app covers millions of openings in several tech spheres — from greentech to biotech and more.

Therewith, you can filter the openings to by the sphere, the salary, the location, and all that. You can even view the list of vacancies on the map to pick the ones you will be comfy with. As for the resume, you can attach it to your profile as a doc or a link. Don’t forget to fill in your profile with personal info, SM links, phone number, and pics.

Dice Tech Jobs 1 Dice Tech Jobs 2


ExpressJobs Job Search & Apply


As its name supposes, ExpressJobs is a work landing platform that fastens the process of finding employment.

Frankly speaking, this app is more than just a work finder — it will be helping you covered long after you’ll get hired. But let’s talk about employment first. As always, you will need to make a profile, bundle it with personal info, professional and personal qualities, resume, pics, and all that.

Then, the app uses your location data to show you the closes vacancies to your place. There are millions of openings in this app so you may need to use filers. You can filter the vacancies by the sphere of working, the salary, the location, the schedule, and all that.

Applying for a job is easy — it takes one touch until your resume is submitted. Then, you can trace the status of your application and see if it’s been viewed by the employers. When you’ll get hired you can use the app to organize your working schedule, income, and so on. Of course, you can freely delete it after getting hired but the tools it offers are quite valuable.

ExpressJobs 1 ExpressJobs 2


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And lastly, JobSwipe is an app that tries its best to make the job-hunting less overwhelming.

Just like Moster, this app’s interface and the concept is inspired by well-known dating apps. This means your homepage will look like a never-ending vacancy feed and you’ll get to swipe to apply or decline the vacancies. As expected, you need to swipe right to show you’re interested in the opening and swipe left if you are not.

Beyond that, you need to pay attention to your personal profile as it’s the first thing your potential boss will see. Make sure to describe your previous job practice, your prof and personal attributes, attach the resume, and add pics. You can even add links to your SM.

The app will use our locations to offer the openings closest to your area. Besides, the app pulls the openings from various job boards so there won’t be a lack of choice.

If you’ll want to view the data about the opening you just need to touch its card. All the vacancies you like will be saved to your history so you won’t lose them.

JobSwipe 1 JobSwipe 2


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