6 Free Apps to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

We’ve all wanted to view somebody’s IG Story without them knowing at least once in our life. Wanna know how to solve this problem once and for all?? Then keep reading this article!

There are lots of free apps to watch Instagram Stories anonymously that will make sure you leave no trace while scrolling through your feed. Plus, most of these apps have other fun features such as profile picture viewing or the ability to download any story, image, or a vid.

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Here’s the list of 6 best free apps in that category you should try. Have a look!

Anonymous Stories Viewer for Instagram

Anonymous Stories Viewer

Let’s start with an app called Anonymous Stories Viewer for Instagram. As you can guess by the title, this app empowers you to view other people’s IG stories without getting caught.

The funniest thing about this service is that it’s not even necessary for you to have an actual IG app to use it. Of course, it’s very unlikely for you to not have the app installed but still.

So, what you need to do is to open the app and type the username of the person whose stories you want to look at — no extra settings or modes needed. Therewith, the app doesn’t ask you to log in to your own account so you can be surer your username won’t be mentioned anywhere.

Another cool thing is that the app grants you to view the stories that have been hidden from you. Beyond that, you can use this app to download people’s posts or stories and repost them.

Plus, you can open all the pics and vids you see in your feed on a full screen to see all the details. The app even empowers you to make screenshots of the pics that have been sent in your Direct without anyone knowing.

Anonymous Stories Viewer 1 Anonymous Stories Viewer 2


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Storized – Story Viewer for IG

StorizedStorized is another story viewer that grants you to look at people’s IG stories without them knowing.

First of all, it needs to be mentioned that the app only empowers you to view stories of open profiles, not the private ones. Yeah, sounds a bit disappointing, but developers claim to add this instrument in the nearest future.

Therewith, the app empowers you to have a closer look at people’s profile pics in an HQ quality. You can practically open the pic on full screen and this tool does work with private accounts as well.

But the main aim of this app is to guarantee your anonymity while scrolling Instagram. Due to this, you can not worry about accidentally liking someone’s post while looking through their profile and be sure you stay unseen while viewing stories.

Plus, you can zoom any post from the IG and open it on the full screen. You can also save stories or screenshot them while staying anonymous. Thereto, you won’t need to login to your own account so you can be sure your username won’t pop up anywhere, and none of your data gets leaked.

Storized 1 Storized 2


BlindStory – Watch, Download Stories for Instagram


BlindStory is an app that enables you to scroll through IG stories without being noticed.

Along with the previous one, this app doesn’t give you the opportunity to view the stories of private accounts but this is the only limit you have here. Besides, the app grants you to download stories to your device and screenshot them anonymously. You can even set the notifications to report you when the user posts a picture or a story.

The interface of this app practically looks like an actual IG (or very close to that). It needs to be said, you will need to log in with this one but don’t worry about the safety of your data — it’s totally secured. Plus, it doesn’t cause any crashes and bugs when you use this app and an actual IG one which is great.

Once you’ll log in you will be able to view all the stories of the people you follow or the ones that follow you. In case you want to view the stories of people you do not follow — just use a search engine. Plus, the app empowers you to zoom all the profile pics — even the private account’s ones.

BlindStory 1 BlindStory 2


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Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram

Anonymous Story ViewerAs its name suggests. Anonymous Story Viewer is an app that gives you anon aces to IG stories. The main goal of this app is to let you scroll through Instagram without anyone knowing. Frankly speaking, it gets the job done — you can view an unlimited amount of stories and your username won’t pop up anywhere.

Therewith, you will need to log in to have quick access to stories of people you’re following. It needs to be said, the app takes care of all the data — yours and the content you’re viewing so you can be sure it won’t get stolen. Plus, the original IG app doesn’t crash or glitch while you’re using your anonymizer so no worries about that too.

Thereto, the app empowers you to zoom any pic posted on your feed as well as the profile images of all the accounts (yeah, even the private ones). There’s even a special button that enables you to save stories, vids, and pics with one click. Herewith, the app has no ads or subscription packs which adds charm to it.

Anonymous Story Viewer 1 Anonymous Story Viewer 2


Gramster — Anonymous Instagram + Story Saver

Gramster 1

Gramster is an app that enables you to view people’s IG stories without leaving a trace.

As you’ve probably guessed, this app does the same thing as all the other ones from this list. To cut in short, it empowers you to view and download any content from IG anonymously. The cool thing about the app is that you can put a password on it so nobody else will be able to open it.

Frankly speaking, this app is pretty average — it empowers you to look through all the stories and highlights except for the ones in private accounts. Although this fact is pretty disappointing, the app has a tool that can make up for it — it empowers you to view the stories that have been hidden from you.

On top of that, the app enables you to download stories and post pics in one click. You can also get a closer look at people’s profile images and download them as well. You can even set notifications that will tell you when a particular person posts something or adds a new story.

Gramster 2 Gramster 3


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Story Stalker – Anonymous Story Viewer

story stalker

And lastly, Story Stalker is an app that empowers you to stay hidden while viewing people’s IG stories.

Apart from the other apps, this one actually gives you choice — you can rather use it without signing in or with it. The difference is quite obvious — if you won’t log in you will need to use the searching engine every time you want to see somebody’s story. In case you’ll decide to log in the app will open on your feed page just like an actual Instagram.

Therewith, no matter what you choose you will be unable to view the stories of private accounts. The only exception here is the private accounts you follow. Plus, the app has special buttons that grans you to download any content in secs — from stories to posts and vids.

You can even set reminders to tell you when particular people post something. Besides, you can open any profile pic on a full screen and save it if needed. The app doesn’t cause any system crashes in the original IG app so no worries about that.

story stalker 1 story stalker 2


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