5 Free Wine Scanner Apps for Android & iOS

Do you love drinking wine? Then you need to know a lot about it! It is hard to memorize everything about the brands, so you need a good scanner to identify the bottle you have and read some additional info about it.

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In this article, you will find nice options for iOS and Android. All of them are free.

Delectable – Scan & Rate Wine

delectable-logo-1If you want to identify wine instantly, this is what you need to try. Detectable has a big number of features enabling you to learn tons of useful data. 

What is more, the interface is quite friendly and simple to understand. The navigation is also clear. 

Let’s concentrate on the best options you will explore in Delectable: 

  1. Wine scanner. This is the most useful option provided by Delectable. It is super easy to get started – open the app and upload the image of your wine, or you can take a photo right from the app. Delectable will recognize it instantly and display the result on your screen. 
  2. Follow famous sommeliers and winemakers. They are experts in wine, and you can learn a lot from them. The app works just like a social network, where people can share their thoughts and ask questions. 
  3. Create your wine journal. If you often taste wine, you might like to track this activity. For instance, you can tag the restaurants and locations you liked. 

The app is free with its basic options. In this case, there will be a significant number of ads. To remove them, you have to go premium. 

The app is quite small; it requires about 70 MB of your phone memory. 

Both iOS and Android users can download Delectable and start scanning wine bottles. 

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cellartracker-logo-1If you often need to identify wine by its label, CellarTracker might be a good option. It provides you with an accurate service that will give you enough data about wine. 

CellarTracker is available for free with no ads. To start, you just need to download the app and sign up. 

Here are the best options you will find in the application: 

  • Enjoy Label Recognition. Imagine you have a bottle of wine and know nothing about it. Just open the app and scan the label you see. You will get the result in a few seconds. Sounds great! 
  • Create your digital collection of wine. This is a function that helps you manage your cellar right in your phone and always carry your collection with you. 
  • Scan barcodes. The app can also scan barcodes on wine. 
  • Track your wine drinking activity. If you need to know when and how much you drunk, this is a nice tool. 
  • Read wine reviews and write your own ones. This is a great source of information about wine. All the people who write reviews are real, so you can fully rely on them and trust them. 

CellarTracker will track some data connected to you, such as your contacts, search history, and content. This data will be linked to you. 

To install the app, you’ll need less than 10 MB of memory. This is so small for such a big number of features.

CellarTracker is available on the App Store, as well as Google Play. 

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Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

vivino-logo-1Do you know a lot about wine? You will if you download Vivino, a famous tool to choose and scan wine bottles. It contains thousands of useful tips and cool reviews! 

The interface and navigation are also smart and simple, enabling you to search for the content fast. 

Here are the best features you will see in Vivino: 

  1. Identify your wine. You can do it by taking a picture of a label (if you are in a supermarket, for instance) or scanning the wine list at the restaurant. The process will be over almost instantly, providing you with an accurate result. 
  2. Food suggestions. We rarely just drink wine, we often eat food with it. Vivino can help you find the best food to eat with your wine. 
  3. Rate and review wine. It is an important feature. When you rate wine, you help other users to choose what will appeal to them. And vice versa, the reviews left by others will be useful to you as well. 
  4. Purchase your favorite wine right from the app. Vivino can redirect you to the best shops and sites where you can buy wine. You can also see where it will be cheaper to purchase your favorite drink. 
  5. Compare wine. If you have to choose between two or even more options, make sure you scan all the labels and the app will compare them. It will take into account the type of wine and its price. 
  6. Create your taste profile. This is the best way to get the most relevant recommendations. The more info you give about yourself, the better recommendations you will be given. 

The app will need your usage data, location, purchases, and identifiers, and they will be linked to you. The size is pretty big – you will need over 170 MB to install the application. 

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There is a pretty serious disadvantage, though. If you want to identify vintage wines, it might be hard, and the result won’t be accurate. 

Vivino is available on the App Store, as well as Google Play for free. 

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wine-searcher-logo-1Are you looking for a cool wine to try? Then you need to download Wine-Searcher on your phone. 

One of the best options you will find in Wine-Searcher is a label scanner. When you have a bottle of wine, just take it in your hands and take a photo of the label. The identification will take a few seconds. 

By the way, the app also works with other types of alcohol, such as whisky and beer. 

However, identification isn’t the only option you might like in Wine-Searcher. Let’s take a look at others: 

  1. Locate the best stores and supermarkets around you. To enjoy this option, make sure you give the app access to your location. 
  2. Read new articles every day. They are added all the time, providing you with the best info about your favorite sorts of wine. 
  3. Enjoy relevant recommendations. The more wines you rate, the better suggestions you will get. 
  4. Rate the wine you taste. If you have something to say, write a detailed review so that other users can read it and make the best choice. 
  5. Compare wine. You can scan multiple labels and let the app compare them. You will get info about the taste, price, bottle, and other details. 

The app is available for free with most of its functions. If you scan labels from time to time, having a free version will be enough. 

Both iOS and Android users can download Wine-Search and start identifying wine at the click of a button. 

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Decanter Know Your Wine

decanter-logo-1This application is a bit different from the others listed here. It doesn’t scan labels or barcodes you will see on bottles. 

If you want to become an expert in wine and identify it yourself, this is the best app you can try. Let’s see what you can do in Decanter: 

  1. Watch short lessons about wine. All the info is divided into quick lessons. Watch them one by one and learn new things every day. 
  2. Test yourself after you have watched all the lessons. These are cool quizzes where you can check how many additional facts you managed to learn and memorize. 
  3. Compete against others. This is a good way of getting more motivation to learn. 

Users love the app for its huge database of facts. For instance, you can learn a lot about the regions where your favorite sorts of wine are made. 

After you have learned all the lessons provided by Decanter, you can become an expert in wine. You can identify bottles of wine using the knowledge you have now. 

There is a pretty serious disadvantage you need to know about. You can often face glitches that might erase your past progress. In this case, you have to go through your tests and lessons once again, which is frustrating. 

At the moment, Decanter is available on the App Store for free. 

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