15 Best Baby Face Generator Apps & Websites 2024

Have you ever thought about having baby? Or maybe you’re already expecting? Well, we’ve got some apps that may catch your interest.

We’ve rounded up the best baby face generator apps and websites you could try. These apps can actually predict how your future baby will look.

These apps use the faces of potential parents and make a baby prediction according to them. You can have fun playing with the faces of your friends and even celebs. The possibilities are truly endless. Let’s dive in!


The BabyGenerator app is a new and unique software that accurately scans the entire surface of the face.

Then, it determines the parameters of eye incisions and their color. It determines the color and density of hair and creates a portrait of the future child from the parents’ photo.

It can be used to find out if your existing children look like you. In the app, you can specify the appearance parameters that you think the child should have.

This program can determine the appearance of people from different ethnic groups and create the faces of future children. It has material on the topic of predominant hereditary appearance traits. To upload photos to the program, you will need to open Explorer in the main menu and add photos of the parents.

You can create and store family collages here, as well as save the results in your personal account. Moreover, you will be able to share the result of what the future child will be like with other participants of the app.

According to the app users’ ratings, this baby generator app is one of the best solutions to see what the baby will look like.


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Life Palmistry

Life Palmistry examines the lines on your palm and determines your personality based on the analysis. You can also get advice on relationships, family, and job choices.

After launching the app, you need to enter your name and date of birth. Then you need to give the app access to your camera and point the lens at your palm.

The utility will scan the pattern on your hand and automatically analyze the information received. Artificial intelligence is used for this purpose. The report contains data about character traits as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Besides, the app gives advice on choosing a job, friends, and partner. In the “Predictions” section, there is a function to determine the appearance of the future child. It is necessary to upload photos of the parents.

After analyzing the facial features, the result will be displayed on the screen. You can take interesting tests to determine your talents and abilities. There is an opportunity to find out how your face will change with age. The result can be saved and published on social networks.



Here’s a handy app that lets you see how your baby might look. It uses a pic of you and your partner, scans them, and makes a prediction according to it. All you need is to load the shots and let the app do its magic.

So are there any requirements for those pics? Well, naturally, yes. Make sure the shots and HQ and taken in good lighting conditions. Plus, it’s better to load selfies where you’re looking straight at the cam. All kinds of glasses and hats may affect the result too, so keep that in mind.

The entire process takes no longer than a few secs, so the prediction will be ready in a blink of an eye. Of course, the app doesn’t guarantee an absolute similarity when it comes to results, but it’s still fun to play with.

You can also pick the gender of the future kid and even see how he/she will look at different ages. Cool, right? Feel free to save those pics and share them on socials or surprise your partner with them.


Baby Maker

The app allows you to know the appearance of your future child. It is a funny way to create an online babyface. The app works offline and online. The interface is easy and intuitive. To create your future baby’s appearance, you should follow 3 steps.

Take a photo or choose it from the gallery. Then upload the photo of your partner. Push the heart button and wait for the result. You can also adjust features.

Choose the age and gender of the baby. To make the best generation result you need to choose the best photo. Don’t use glasses or hats. You will be very surprised by the result. You will like the future baby.

It is a very popular app. It has been used by more than 1 million people. Everyone wants to know the appearance of their future baby. You can choose your future baby’s skin tone. Do it yourself or let the app do it for you. You can share the results with your friends.



The BabyGen app is designed to determine the appearance of a future child.

The utility uses artificial intelligence capable of showing likely baby faces based on photos of the parents. It is able to analyze and highlight distinctive features of a man and a woman to show what their future child will look like.

There is the ability to know what a child will look like at different ages, from one year old, to 18 years old. With the help of the app, you can determine what kind of children could turn out with stars and celebrities.

To do this, all you have to do is upload photos of a woman and a man and then run the scan. The utility will analyze facial features and provide the result in a few seconds.

This utility allows you to save an image of the resulting child. Create a collage and arrange the photos in different ways to later publish on social networks.

For a more accurate result, the photo of the parent should be of high quality and with good lighting. The faces must look straight at the camera without tilting or twisting. Photos without beards are recommended.


AI Baby Generator: Face Maker

Upload your photos to learn the appearance of your future baby. This app is powered by artificial intelligence. It analyzes the facial features of future parents, offering you options for what the common child will look like.

Provide a photo of future parents, choose the gender of the baby, and get an answer to your question. The photos must be of good quality and without foreign objects. It is desirable to upload photos in a vertical position.

You will no longer have to guess who your baby will look like. This app will allow you to raise the mood of the whole family while waiting for the baby.

Use this program for fun with friends. Upload photos of your acquaintances or famous people. Get a visualization of what a shared baby would look like from your idol. For even more fun features, take a paid subscription.


AI Baby Generator & Predictor

Al Baby Generator & Predictor combines the facial features of parents to get the face of their future baby. Watch how your photos merge into the image of the baby.

To start, you will need to upload 2 photos: yours and your partner’s. To get a realistic effect, you need to take selfies without glasses and other accessories. Choose the gender of the baby and press “Start”.

In just a few seconds you will be able to see a picture of your baby and check the result of the app. Find your features in the baby’s face. Find out which of your relatives he or she will resemble the most. This is a great idea for family bonding during pregnancy.

Share the finished picture with friends and relatives. Save it to your phone’s memory so you can compare it with a photo of the real baby in the future.


babyAC – AI predicts your baby

babyAC allows you to get an HD photo of your future baby. The app analyzes parents’ images, creating a photo of their shared baby from scratch.

The program is designed for jokes and pranks. There is no guarantee that your child will look exactly like this.

The job of creating a baby photo consists of 3 steps. Choose high-quality photos of future parents and upload them to the app. Next, mark who the baby will look like. In the paid version, you can choose the age of the baby. Click “See your baby” and get ready for intrigue.

You can be sure of the confidentiality of personal data, as all files used are automatically deleted after a day. It is advisable to upload high-resolution photos, without foreign objects on your face and head.


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This nifty tool lets you see what your baby would look like. It’s an AI-powered app that uses a smart algorithm to generate a baby’s face based on the pics of the parents.

Now, if you’ve already tried similar AI-based apps and had those cringy results that look like they were taken straight from a horror film, don’t fret. This app is the real deal. The babies look super realistic, and in most cases mimic the appearance of parents pretty well.

It scans the faces of parents and comes up with cute little baby shots. Your only goal here is to provide nice pics with good lighting. It’s better to pick selfies where you’re looking straight at the cam cause a head turn may affect the result.

There are no limits to the number of pics you can make, so feel free to experiment with the shots of celebs and all that. You won’t get to adjust the result in any way. The only thing to do here is to save it or post it on IG. The app doesn’t add any watermarks, and the ads are fully bearable.



This website is one of the best online baby generators. It uses face recognition and predicts your future baby. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Look what your baby will be with different people.

The website offers many famous people such as singers, actors, and football players. It’s funny. Just upload your photo and your partner’s photo. The website makes all the work for you.

The website will create a child very quickly. The finished results can be sent to your friends. They will be surprised. You can add accessories for your child. For example, a pirate hat or glasses. The website is very popular. You can see a lot of photos of generated babies.

All you need is to follow the 3 steps. Select a photo. Upload it. And wait for the result. Your baby will be fascinating. Turn on the fantasy and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can use modern background replacement technology. Create a unique photo.

BabyMaker & Pregnancy Tracker

The app has many useful features. The most important is the generation of photos of babies. It combines a photo of two people. Get cute pictures of babies. This is a funny way to spend time. You can also track your pregnancy. Every week, record your analyzes and sensations. Make a baby with friends or celebrities.

The app shows you a lot of interesting articles every day. You will know everything about pregnancy. More than 30 million babies have been made in this app. It is a popular app. Have a crush on someone? Create an online baby with this person. It is important to know the future appearance of the baby.

This application simulates babies. It uses modern technology to do it. Don’t worry about the results. They will be the best. You can surprise your parents or partner. At any party, this app will lift everyone’s mood.


Your future baby face

If you want to do your personal test and see the future, try the app Your future babyface.

It is better to divide the testing process into several steps. First, prepare high-quality images of the faces of the biological mother and father.

Take photos in full-face close-up. Their size is not the most important thing. The app will accept any quality and will work with them. Now you can load the images into the program one by one.

The interface is really user-friendly. Click on the icon with the mom and the plus sign to add a female photo. Then click on the second one and add daddy’s photo.

You can get the result in the program immediately in a few seconds. Then, share what you get on your social networks. You can also send the file via email or messenger. Have fun with exactly what your child will look like in your partner’s photo.


Baby Generator

This app is a treat for all the expecting mommies or those planning a pregnancy. Although it doesn’t give any educational info, it’s a great source of laughs and positive emotions, which is also useful (especially if you have a baby on the way).

Apart from some other apps, this one covers not one, but there are tools for you to play with. First off, there’s a baby generator. This one works simply: you load pics of the parents and wait till the app makes a baby out of those. It gets done in a matter of secs, so you won’t have to wait long.

The app is AI-based, so all the results look incredibly lifelike. You can also use it to analyze the generated child to find out if he looks like mom or dad. This tool gives you results in percentage, and you can easily share them on socials.

And if you wanna take a step further, you can use the app to pick a name for your future kid. It covers tons of options for all genders, and you can save some of your faves for easy navigation.


Baby Maker App

There’s an app to generate baby pics, and it has a couple of other tools you might be interested in. The concept of this one is pretty simple: you pick selfies of the parents and the app copes with the rest.

It’s an AI-powered app that scans your selfies and mad uses them to generate the face of your future kid. Just make sure you’ve picked the shots in HQ and with good light conditions, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. You’ll be able to pick the gender and age of the child as well.

Then, you can save the result to share it on IG. You can also use it to see if the kid looks more like the mother or father. You get the ability to pay for a pro pack, but the free one is fully usable.

Plus, the app contains a list of baby names you can use as a reference. There are all the top picks from multiple counties, and you won’t struggle with the lack of variety. There’s even a list of sounds that can help your baby fall asleep.


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Baby Generator

Lastly, there’s an app that can show you the face of your future baby. Using this one is easy, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy for it. Just pick the shots of mom and dad, and wait for the results. The whole process takes a few secs, and you get an HQ image of a cute little baby.

You won’t be able to switch gender, but there is an option to pick a skin tone. There are a few rules on selecting the right pics, though. The people should look straight at the cam, and the lighting conditions better be good. Bad quality or any kinds of things like glasses or beards may also affect the results.

Then, you can use the generated pic to check out if the baby looks more than mom or dad. It takes a few secs, too, and you’ll end up knowing whose genes are the strongest. The app doesn’t guarantee to be completely accurate, but it won’t cost you a single dime, so you’re not risking anything.

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