13 Best Baby Face Generator Apps & Websites 2023

Do you want to have fun? Everyone likes to fool around. Smartphones give us the opportunity to have fun. There are many apps that can cheer you up. Have you ever thought about your future baby?

There is a list of apps and websites that can help you to generate the babyface. You will have a lot of fun. You can combine the faces of your friends. You can combine your face with a celebrity face to see how the baby will look. Here are the best baby face generator apps & websites.

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The BabyGenerator app is a new and unique software that accurately scans the entire surface of the face.

Then, it determines the parameters of eye incisions and their color. It determines the color and density of hair and creates a portrait of the future child from the parents’ photo.

It can be used to find out if your existing children look like you. In the app, you can specify the appearance parameters that you think the child should have.

This program can determine the appearance of people from different ethnic groups and create the faces of future children. It has material on the topic of predominant hereditary appearance traits. To upload photos to the program, you will need to open Explorer in the main menu and add photos of the parents.


You can create and store family collages here, as well as save the results in your personal account. Moreover, you will be able to share the result of what the future child will be like with other participants of the app.

According to the app users’ ratings, this baby benerator app is one of the best solutions to see what the baby will look like.

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Life Palmistry

Life Palmistry examines the lines on your palm and determines your personality based on the analysis. You can also get advice on relationships, family, and job choices.

After launching the app, you need to enter your name and date of birth. Then you need to give the app access to your camera and point the lens at your palm.

The utility will scan the pattern on your hand and automatically analyze the information received. Artificial intelligence is used for this purpose. The report contains data about character traits as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Besides, the app gives advice on choosing a job, friends, and partner. In the “Predictions” section, there is a function to determine the appearance of the future child. It is necessary to upload photos of the parents.

After analyzing the facial features, the result will be displayed on the screen. You can take interesting tests to determine your talents and abilities. There is an opportunity to find out how your face will change with age. The result can be saved and published on social networks.


Old Me

The Old Me app contains a number of entertainment features. You can visually age your face, change the gender of the person in the photo, and find out their ethnic background.

With its help, you are to scan a person’s face and then see how he will look in old age. It is possible to match the data of a man and a woman, after which the utility will show what their child will look like.

There is a feature that allows changing the gender of the person in the photo. To do this, they need to take a picture or use an image downloaded from the gallery.

Additionally, you can perform an ethnic analysis to learn more about their possible ancestors. The results can be shared on social networks and messengers.

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Baby Maker: predicts baby face

The app allows you to know the appearance of your future child. It is a funny way to create an online babyface. The app works offline and online. The interface is easy and intuitive. To create your future baby’s appearance you should follow 3 steps.

Take a photo or choose it from the gallery. Then upload the photo of your partner. Push the heart button and wait for the result. You can also adjust features.

Choose the age and gender of the baby. To make the best generation result you need to choose the best photo. Don’t use glasses or hats. You will be very surprised by the result. You will like the future baby.

Baby Maker: predicts baby face Baby Maker: predicts baby face

It is a very popular app. It has been used by more than 1 million people. Everyone wants to know the appearance of their future baby. You can choose your future baby’s skin tone. Do it yourself or let the app do it for you. You can share the results with your friends.


The BabyGen app is designed to determine the appearance of a future child.

The utility uses artificial intelligence capable of showing likely baby faces based on photos of the parents. It is able to analyze and highlight distinctive features of a man and a woman to show what their future child will look like.

There is the ability to know what a child will look like at different ages, from one year old, to 18 years old. With the help of the app, you can determine what kind of children could turn out with stars and celebrities.

To do this, all you have to do is upload photos of a woman and a man and then run the scan. The utility will analyze facial features and provide the result in a few seconds.

This utility allows you to save an image of the resulting child. Create a collage and arrange the photos in different ways to later publish on social networks.

For a more accurate result, the photo of the parent should be of high quality and with good lighting. The faces must look straight at the camera without tilting or twisting. Photos without beards are recommended.

Magic Face

The Magic Face app provides the user with unusual photo editing tools. With the program, it is possible to use the effects of aging, baby prediction, and others. A couple in love can use the app to predict the appearance of their child together, based on their portraits.

The program scans the faces of the future mother and father and displays the baby’s face. Modern technology of scanning facial features by photo, combined with various effects is able to show the moments of aging of the face.

The “rejuvenating mirror” option will surprise you by transforming a portrait into a pretty young face. It virtually sends the person back to childhood and adolescence.

Other bold experiments with the image on the portrait are available in the program. For example, sex change, analysis of ethnicity, and other manipulations with the photo. Using the effects provided in the program does not require the user to master complex graphic editing and photomontage tools.

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Baby Funny Face Camera

Do you want to have funny photos? Have you ever wondered to be a baby again? It is possible with this cute camera? You can even trick your friends with this app. There are a lot of funny backgrounds and items. You can create a perfect baby or a bad one. You will always have funny pictures.

The interface of the app is simple. It is a good photo editor. You can be a baby even if you are an adult. Create unforgettable photos of babies. Use the faces of your friends. Add accessories such as glasses, hats, mustache, beard, nipple, and toys. You will get tons of likes on social media posting these photos.

Baby Funny Face Camera Baby Funny Face Camera

There are many baby stickers. The app is extremely popular. You can add text on the baby photo. With this app, your life will be funnier and brighter. Don’t forget to show your baby to your friends.


This website is one of the best online baby generators. It uses face recognition and predicts your future baby. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Look what your baby will be with different people.

The website offers many famous people such as singers, actors, and football players. It’s funny. Just upload your photo and your partner’s photo. The website makes all the work for you.

The website will create a child very quickly. The finished results can be sent to your friends. They will be surprised. You can add accessories for your child. For example, a pirate hat or glasses. The website is very popular. You can see a lot of photos of generated babies.


All you need is to follow the 3 steps. Select a photo. Upload it. And wait for the result. Your baby will be fascinating. Turn on the fantasy and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can use modern background replacement technology. Create a unique photo.

Go to MakeMeBabies.com 

BabyMaker & Pregnancy Tracker

The app has many useful features. The most important is the generation of photos of babies. It combines a photo of two people. Get cute pictures of babies. This is a funny way to spend time. You can also track your pregnancy. Every week, record your analyzes and sensations. Make a baby with friends or celebrities.

The app shows you a lot of interesting articles every day. You will know everything about pregnancy. More than 30 million babies have been made in this app. It is a popular app. Have a crush on someone? Create an online baby with this person. It is important to know the future appearance of the baby.

BabyMaker & Pregnancy Tracker BabyMaker & Pregnancy Tracker

This application simulates babies. It uses modern technology to do it. Don’t worry about the results. They will be the best. You can surprise your parents or partner. At any party, this app will lift everyone’s mood.

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Your future baby face

If you want to do your personal test and see the future, try the app Your future babyface.

It is better to divide the testing process into several steps. First, prepare high-quality images of the faces of the biological mother and father.

Take photos in full-face close-up. Their size is not the most important thing. The app will accept any quality and will work with them. Now you can load the images into the program one by one.

The interface is really user-friendly. Click on the icon with the mom and the plus sign to add a female photo. Then click on the second one and add daddy’s photo.

You can get the result in the program immediately in a few seconds. Then, share what you get on your social networks. You can also send the file via email or messenger. Have fun with exactly what your child will look like from your partner’s photo.

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FaceFilm – Baby Maker & Aging

This wonderful app will allow you to create your generated future baby. Just combine photos of two people. The app will edit the photo. You will get your cute baby. It’s funny.

This app can create not only children. You can see how you will be in old age. You can combine the faces of two people and create a new person. The quality of the photos is wonderful.

There are a lot of different features in the app. You can turn your friends into animals. Do you want your best friend to be a monkey or cat? The app can do it. Choose a photo of a friend. Then choose an animal. Get ready for a funny photo. The app is easy to use. The interface is intuitive. You won’t be confused.

FaceFilm - Baby Maker & Aging FaceFilm - Baby Maker & Aging

You can save any photos. Transform the photo into a PDF and share it with your friends. They will be surprised. Your friends will ask you to change their appearance. You can even create a music video. All you need is this app and your imagination. Don’t be afraid of experimentation.

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The FunLab app allows you to get to know yourself better by answering a few questions.

The utility has tests that can be used to determine your emotions and feelings. You can also use it to know the appearance of your future child and to process photos.

There are tests in the app, the results of which will improve your thinking and relationships with other people. It is enough to choose a topic of interest and answer a series of questions.

Based on them, tips are compiled that will tell you how to get close to people, get to know your girlfriend, meet a guy, fall in love, and more. The tab with each test tells you for what purposes it is intended.

If necessary, you can see its popularity and take it again. The FunLab app allows you to quickly determine your emotional state. In a separate tab, there is psychological testing with the use of pictures. Based on the images presented, you can find out what emotions prevail at the moment.

To determine your feelings, you just need to select an image and read the result. On the reverse side of the picture, the emotions and tips are indicated. If desired, the result can be directly uploaded to social networks.

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My Future Baby Face Prank

Do you like making fun of friends? Can’t you live a day without jokes? Then try this app. It was developed specially for it. Create a baby and send a photo to your friends. They will be amazed. Some won’t understand that this is a joke. Photos are very realistic.

The app works well. Select a photo from the gallery or make a new one. The app will edit it. Then send it to your friends. You can record their reaction to the video. At a cool party, you will be the soul of the company with this app.

My Future Baby Face Prank

The app takes up very little space on your phone. It creates laughter and fun. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

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