11 Free URL To MP3 Converter Apps & Websites 2024

Along with the increase in music content, various streaming platforms are appearing, some of which are only available in the web version. Some of them do not allow you to download an mp3 file to listen to it on another device.

Yet, the solution to this problem is on the surface and you will find it in this review of the best free URL to mp3 converter apps & websites in 2024. They will also help you unload audio from any video you find on the internet.

You can also save videos from any source with these free URL to MP4 converter apps & websites.

SoundLoader MP3 Downloader

SoundLoader MP3 Downloader is a great app for downloading music. In a few clicks, you can download and save your favorite tracks in MP3 format.

To do this, you need to perform a few simple actions. Copy the URL to the source and paste it into the space.

Then click the download button and the process will start instantly.

The design of the app is minimalistic and makes all users happy. 


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Tube Ytmp3 Music Mp3 Download

This app is designed to convert video to audio. Easy to use, the conversion is done in a couple of clicks.

The user also has the ability to convert to MP4 videos. The download quality is high. It supports playback of almost all formats.

The app allows you to use it as a full-fledged video player, with the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen and sound volume.

Now you always have the ability to listen to your favorite downloaded songs. You can also listen to music online if you have a stable internet connection. 


Tube Mp3 and music downloader

This app is designed to convert video to audio in MP3 format. The service has a quality interface.

The conversion is done quickly enough, without much effort and problems. It also has the ability to convert to MP4 format. Any download is free of charge.

Once the conversion process is complete, the user can easily download the file. To do this, you only need to click on the download button.

Note, the program helps you find the music you want, using different sources to ensure the largest quality and please the user’s needs.

As for the conversion to video – the app has the capabilities of a video player. The user will be able to view the video and adjust the sound and the brightness of the screen.


Video URL downloader

This is a free app that is a video downloader from a URL. The download can be from a specific site, or a link to a video of your friends, sent to your work materials.

The app supports downloading most formats, including the most common mp3 and mp4. For the convenience of users, it has a built-in player, which provides quality viewing.

Thanks to the program, you can always enjoy watching your favorite videos and listening to music. To please users and save space in the device, the app allows you to select different resolutions.

If necessary, you can select high definition mode. Importantly, users can control the downloading process themselves.

You will be able to pause or resume it if necessary. If the downloaded videos and music become irrelevant, you can easily delete them.



The AceThinker service allows you to download video or audio from a link and convert it to MP3. Uploading is fast enough and without any difficulties.

You can not worry about the sound quality, it is quite high. Everything happens easily – with the “download” button you immediately save the information on your device.

For the convenience of users and to increase their loyalty, the service is compatible with most browsers.

Note that besides conversion to MP3, users can also convert to MP4 video. Now you can enjoy your favorite music or videos at any time. 


The AmoyShare service allows you to convert URLs to MP3. It’s free, which makes a difference for most users. Besides, you are not required to install it or any registration, which allows you to remain anonymous.

The way the app works is simple – you find the video you want and copy the link with one click. Then you click the “download” button. That’s all, the conversion is complete. Videos converted to MP3 quickly and without any problems.

You can download MP3 music in different quality depending on your preferences. It also provides the ability to convert from many URLs in batch mode at the same time.

The choice of sites for downloading video and music is large and satisfies even the most demanding users. You can also convert music videos to MP4. 

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Anything2MP3 is a service designed to convert video and audio to MP3 format. The number of downloads is unlimited and all of them are available completely free of charge.

You don’t have to register to use the app, which is also a big advantage and allows you to keep your personal information private. Downloads are made by URL, via Vimeo and YouTube. You need to copy the link and enter it into a special bar.

After that, the conversion is done promptly and you get to save the result. No complications and unnecessary movements.

Now you can enjoy your music with or without your friends, anytime and anywhere you want. Try it and appreciate all advantages.


This service allows users to convert videos from YouTube and TikTok into MP3 or MP4 formats. It’s free and doesn’t require registration. Conversion takes just a few seconds, and the number of downloads is unlimited.

This service is easy to use and does not require any skills and abilities, so the user can be anyone. All the user has to do is to enter a link and click “convert” and then press “download”.

If you use a music downloader, you can do without a link – just enter the song title or artist info. Conversion is done automatically, without any extra user involvement.

The service also allows you to download TikTok videos in MP4 without watermarks.


OnlineVideoConverter is a great service for converting URLs to MP3 or MP4 format. It converts videos from YouTube. What’s important, this service doesn’t require registration. It means you don’t have to worry about processing and keeping your data safe.

There is a limit for downloading in MP3 format – no more than ten minutes at a time. At the same time, the total number of downloads for the user is not limited, so in general, the set limit is a feature of the app.

Convert is really easy – you enter the link address, choose the format and click the convert button. Then you need the download button to complete the process and save the result.

With the speed of the app, you will create a playlist with your favorite music as quickly as possible. You will be pleasantly surprised and delighted by the sound quality. 


This service allows users to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 audio format. Using this service does not require registration. It means that it allows you to save your personal data from processing and distribution to an unknown circle of people.

Another advantage is that the number of your uploads is not limited, it depends only on your wish. To convert, you need to paste the previously copied URL link into the app and click the download button.

Before downloading, you have to decide the quality of the mp3 you want to get. This data is entered before the download, and the app gives you the option to choose the quality.

When the saved music becomes part of your unique playlist, you can enjoy it whenever you want. 

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This is a free service for converting video to MP3. The conversion is performed on all popular social networks and YouTube platforms.

All you need to do is find the video you want to convert, then copy the link and paste it into a special line. Then click the convert button. You will be pleased with the sound quality.

Make your playlist with this service and you will always have your favorite music. No need to worry about network availability now, your music for a good mood is always with you now.

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