7 Best Bat Detector Apps for Android & iOS

All zoologists or just animal enthusiasts will probably be excited to explore our new list of apps dedicated to bat detection. Did you know there are dozens of species of them? Let’s go and explore it with the bat detector apps!

And if you want to identify not only bats but all animals, you should check out these apps!

Echo Meter Touch Bat Detector

In fact, there are not so many good bat detecting apps on the market, but this one is definitely an exception. As you can see from its description on App Store and Google Play, it can detect the species of bats by analyzing their sounds.

To detect the kind of a bat you will need:

  1. Press the recording button
  2. Keep the phone as close to the source of the sound as possible
  3. See the results (internet signal is required!)

The special feature of Echo Meter Touch Bat Detector is that its software is programmed for analyzing and sensing the ultrasounds, and then transmitting the data to your phone.

Another cool aspect of this app is the ability to see its spectrogram in real-time. Therefore, you can see immediately the dynamics of the sound – it will help you to understand what kind of a bat is in front of you.

In total, the app is able to identify around 100 species of bats around the world. Moreover, if you’re using Echo Meter at various locations then the app will compile records and statistics of them, about the kinds of bats, their behaviors, and so on.

Moreover, you can later transfer that data to Google Earth and view the progress.

By the way, the application will be also useful if you want just to check if there are any bats around your dwelling or not.

At first, this amount of features can seem overwhelming, but even if you are a newbie, it won’t be difficult for you to learn the work of Echo Meter Touch Bat Detector and then use all the possibilities that it brings! There are some bugs and errors that occur from time to time, but this option is really the best one.


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Bat Recorder

An alternative to the previous app, but note that this app is paid. It doesn’t provide that diversity of features, however, it records and makes the analysis of the bat sound more than well.

The algorithm of usage is greatly simple. You just open the app and start recording in the proximity to the spot where you think the bat is. The app won’t only record and analyze the sound, but also will show the spectrogram with color depiction.

It’s essential to mention that Bat Recorder can be used for detecting bird species as well.

One convenient feature is the explanation for the colors of the spectrogram placed right at the bottom of the screen while you’re recording.

Overall, that’s it about Bat Recorder. Considering the price, it is an option for professional zoologists, for regular users, there is no need to pay for what the previous app on this list can deliver for free.

Bat Recorder1

BatLib – Bat calls

In comparison with the previous apps on this list, the functionality of BatLib can seem incomplete, but it’s just an app of another type.

It doesn’t promise it will analyze or record something, however, it provides the library of the bat sounds, and you can listen to them all in online and offline modes and learn about their belongings to the species of bats.

One more cool feature of BatLib is that it contains pictures of each of the bat species. You can affect the search in the app.

Overall, BatLib is simple, but for those who are just curious about what kind of bat they see, this is an option to go for.


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UltraSound Detector

As we have mentioned before, there are not so many bat detecting apps, but there are ultrasound detectors, that can be used for detecting the bats too.

Overall, there is nothing extra about this detector. It looks kinda boring, but if you’re looking for a lightweight app for your Android device to identify bats around, this one is a nice choice. Just start recording and the app will detect all kinds of ultrasounds on the spectrogram.

Moreover, you can set up the recording process in the background and configure the setting to the system to notify you when it catches the sound of a specific type.

The app itself works flawlessly, but we didn’t like it that much since it doesn’t have anything special to make the process interesting.

UltraSound Detector1

Ultrasonic Analyzer

We included this app in our list because there are so few alternatives for iOS devices in this niche. Moreover, we were suspicious about the fact that the app is paid and the price is significant and the reviews aren’t that good.

Just like the previous ultrasound analyzer for Android, Ultrasonic Analyzer detects the ultrasound in real-time and creates the spectrogram. The overall looks of the spectrogram are quite lean.

What’s good about this app is its capability to work with headphones. You can record ultrasounds as well and then save them to your phone’s memory as WAV files.

However, for a price like that, Ultrasonic Analyzer crashes way too much and you’re constantly losing data!

UltraSound Detector2

Bat Sounds

More apps for the bat sounds! This is a standard Android app where you will learn the sounds that bats make. No recorders, no diagrams or anything, just listening to the bat sounds (sounds weird, doesn’t it?).

The advantage here is that it can work offline. The flaws… Well, Bat Sounds app is way too simple to even compare it with the leaders of this list.

The reason we paid attention to it is the positive user reviews. At least this app is free and it does what it promises – lets you listen to the bat sounds. Discover all of them, and find out which kind of a bat lives around your house!

Bat Sounds1

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Bat sounds – Bat Noises Screeches and Calls

Do you feel like you haven’t studied the bat sounds enough? Thenyou can check out this app as well. It’s quite unpopular on Google Play but at least it provides something you might be interested in.

Just open the app and you will see several sections with the various animal and bird sounds. Choose the “bats” section and listen to what the app has to offer. Are those the sounds you’ve been hearing around? Then these are bats!


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