9 Best Miller Welding Calculator Apps For Android & iOS

Mobile apps are now so advanced that there is a suitable service for every procession. Welders are no exception.

Since this profession is associated with constant calculations, you can’t do without these best Miller welding calculator apps for Android & iOS. Their main advantage is that they eliminate the need to buy extra equipment. 

If you prefer to make different stuff with your hands, then you may also need these best carpentry apps.

Miller Weld Setting Calculator

The Miller Weld Setting Calculator allows you to determine all the parameters you need by answering a few questions.

To get accurate results, you need to enter all the necessary outcomes. This way, you get virtual help in setting up your machine.

There is also a help section with all the necessary information about the types of electrodes, wires, the welding process, and much more.

The app is available to all users absolutely free of charge.


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Pocket Welder Helper

The Pocket Welder Helper app optimizes the work of welders and pipe fitters. It is easy and convenient to use.

Welders can use the app to get the reference information they need on the job. There is information about weld parameters that are required for Mig and Tig welding methods, as well as stick welding and the Flux-core method.

Information about metal thickness and weld parameters is available. These and many other data will make your job easier. Pipefitters will find their working information in the app. This data is about the size of pipes, elbows, and others.

Users no longer need to waste time searching and referring to different reference books. All the information is now in one place.

For the user’s convenience, most of the functions listed are available offline. This allows for continuity of the work process. If you are not an expert but do your own home repair work, you will also be able to appreciate the convenience and feature set of the app.


Hobart Brothers Welding Calculator

Hobart Brothers Welding Calculator is an app for professional welders. Convenient, with a lot of references and other helpful information. It can be downloaded for free.

Users have access to information on welding carbon and stainless steel. With the help of calculators, you can get the heat output and the required amount of filler for the work on a particular weld.

The calculations are quick enough. Their order will not cause difficulties for specialists. Also, the program will help determine the best filler for the production of your work and suggest specific products.

The filler is selected for carbon steel joints. You will be given sensible recommendations for aluminum and stainless steel.

What is important, you can make calculations and get other information necessary for the production of works. This allows you to be independent of the outside environment and get the job done on time.


Fabrication Calculator

The Fabrication Calculator app allows you to develop production layouts of different kinds of molds. The service provides several types of calculators.

The results of calculations are reliable, and have been tested in practice. You will be able to work with the production layout calculator, flange, or pipe coil holes.

You can also perform billet diameter calculations or calculate nozzle orientation markers. Your phone will now be enough to perform the full range of complex calculations.

The app will be of interest to employees of production enterprises. Managers of the production process will be able to use the app to check the team’s work. Production workers and installers will also be able to get the data they need for their work.

Take advantage of the opportunity to optimize your workflow by increasing the speed and accuracy of your calculations as well as the speed of information processing. Download the app and see for yourself how it works.


voestalpine Welding Calculator

If you are professionally engaged in the production of welding works, this app will become an indispensable and reliable assistant. The welding calculator will help to make all the necessary calculations for the organization of work.

Preparing the project for the next order can take less time if you use the app for this purpose. The calculator allows the user to find out the amount of filler metal needed to produce a particular weld.

Cooling time calculation is also available. You can compare the values obtained with the machining range that is recommended for the production of the work. If the values are outside the range, the work must be optimized.

You can also use the app to calculate the preheating temperature. These calculations help to avoid cold cracks and other problematic situations at work.

The calculation process is necessary for quality and reliable welding. Works without this preparatory stage entail the probability of errors and affect their quality. Download the app and take your welding process to a new level of quality.


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Welding Weight and Cost Calc

Welding Weight and Cost Calc is an app for professional welders. It will also be useful for other professionals whose functions are related to the production of welding work. For example, engineers or designers.

It allows you to organize and simplify as much as possible the process of calculating data required for welding works. The app has several calculators.

The process of calculations is as simple as possible. You choose the calculator that you need at the moment. Then enter your values, and fill in all the necessary fields.

You will receive an error notification if the field is not filled in. After that, you press the button to calculate and get the page with the results. On this page, you can additionally calculate the cost of specific welding works.

The program allows you to calculate the weight (mass) and cost of different kinds of welding and welds. Download the app and evaluate its functionality.

Calculate square or butt welding, and other types of welding work as quickly and accurately as possible. The preparatory and estimation process will become much easier.


Heat input calculator for welding & Preheat Calc.

Heat input calculator for welding & Preheat Calc. is an app for professional welders. It is easy to use, even for beginners. The interface is user-friendly.

Welders will be able to make calculations using several built-in instruments. They will help you quickly make the necessary calculations for the organization of welding work.

With the thermal power calculator, you can easily calculate the energy required for different types of welds. For example, tungsten or plasma.

The process is simple. You must enter the values in the appropriate fields, in the specified units. Then you press the button on the calculation and get the values necessary for the production of works.

With another calculator, you can find out the preheating temperature, which is necessary for the quality production of work. With this calculation, too, everything is simple and intuitive.

If the values of some parameters are missing, they are made with the help of built-in calculators. Specialists will appreciate the work of the program. Now a quality tool for the necessary calculations is always at your fingertips.


Smart Welding Solution (Free)

Smart Welding Solution (Free) is an app for supporting welding jobs. Multifunctional, with a clear user interface. Allows you to make many kinds of calculations.

You can calculate the necessary volume or cross-sectional area, and many other parameters necessary for the production of works.

The program allows you to calculate almost all types of welds. You can convert the results of the calculations into PDF format and send them by mail or messenger to the interested persons.

This is convenient and provides the necessary efficiency of the work process. The service allows you to make calculations of various types of configurations and designs.

If for some reason it is not possible to calculate the configuration as a whole, it is necessary to divide it into several connections and calculate each of them. This approach to calculations will allow for quality welding work.

Pay attention to the differences in the results of your calculations. This depends on the calculation method used. There are several in the welding industry. Download the app and get a reliable tool for your daily work tasks. It will help you to perform your welding work in a more professional way.


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Welding Toolbox 2

Welding Toolbox 2 is an app for professional welders and those who supervise welding and project work. It is convenient and multifunctional.

Professional engineers – welders participated in its creation. Thus, the app has all the necessary tools, allowing the preparatory phase of the welding work to perform quickly and qualitatively.

The program is free, without intrusive advertising and all kinds of commercial offers. Special instruments will help you perform the calculations necessary for the production of works.

A function of the history of the results of your calculations can save them and return them in the course of the calculations. Results are also easy to export to XLSX format.

The app has a help desk. If you have any problems or rational suggestions, you can always contact them by sending an email.

If you are a professional welder and the process of preparing for work causes you difficulties, do the work with the help of the program. You’ll only regret that you didn’t know about it before. 

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