11 Free Call Forwarding Apps for Business (Android & iOS)

Business people often don’t have time to answer all calls. What should you do? There is one solution! Use Call forwarding apps. You will be able to forward all calls from your number to another. This will help you stay on top of all important and unimportant calls.

This is also useful for those who are going on vacation. You won’t be bothered by annoying calls. Call forwarding will simplify your life and give you more free time. You will be able to call back the really important numbers.

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Call Forwarding Lite

This simple app will allow you to forward your calls to a special business number. Establish your status at a specific point in time. If you are unable to answer calls, set to busy mode. The app will forward all calls to another number.

If you can’t answer calls at all, set the unreachable mode. Nobody can call you. The app is absolutely free, but you can purchase a premium version, which will increase your possibilities.

Call Forwarding Lite Call Forwarding Lite

The app has a simple design. It requires permission for your incoming calls. The app is only 15.5MB in size. It runs in the background but doesn’t waste a lot of battery power.


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Call Forwarding

Business people always have little time. There are times when your phone is low on battery, but you have to take an important call. Forward calls to another number. This app will help you do this.

You can activate and deactivate call forwarding at any time. Add multiple forwarding numbers. You can set up call forwarding. Sets the time when the app will forward calls. You can test redirects if you aren’t sure you did everything right.

The app has ads. It can be distracting to you. You can buy the premium version to disable ads.

Call Forwarding Call Forwarding

The app is easy to use. It has an intuitive interface. The app has been downloaded over 100 thousand times. It will help you save your time and become your personal call assistant.


Divert Calls

This app will help you with call forwarding. You can manage calls from multiple numbers on one device. The app has several tabs with calls. It’s all unanswered, busy, and unavailable.

Set the status of your device. You won’t receive annoying calls if you set the status to busy. The app works great. It will allow you to forget about annoying calls. You will know all your calls.

Divert Calls Divert Calls

The app has a stylish light theme. You won’t get confused by the intuitive interface. The app requires permission to manage your calls. It takes only 7.1MB. Download it and join thousands of people who also forward calls.


Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is very useful for busy people. You will be sure not to miss important calls. Buy numbers for special calls at work and forward calls there from your smartphone. You can set up call forwarding with just one click.

Turn off call forwarding at any time. The app will automatically detect the country after entering the forwarding number.

It’s free and has no ads. You can customize the status of your number. The app also has convenient call sorting. You will be able to see all the missed calls from all numbers.

Call Forwarding Call Forwarding

The app does its job perfectly. It’s simple and convenient. You won’t get confused by the interface. The application runs in the background but does not waste much battery. it blows permission to the sounds. Download it and join 100 thousand busy people who know how to manage their time.


Call Forwarding

Call forwarding will be your salvation with this app. You will be able to forward calls from all your numbers to the special one. Usually, business people have many numbers.

You will be able to opt-out of the services of a telephone secretary because the app will do all the work for free. It’s easy to manage calls through this app. It will also provide you with detailed information about your smartphone. You will be able to find out information about your SIM card, operator, network type, and more.

Call Forwarding Call Forwarding

The app has a simple interface with a minimum of buttons. You just need to enter your number and the app will do all the work for you.

You can set up call forwarding in the settings. Select the time of call forwarding and your status. The app has been used by over 50 thousand business people.


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Voipfone Mobile

This innovative app helps you easily forward any of your calls. GeoDivert feature will automatically redirect calls to your number. This app will be useful for small businesses when your company has several official numbers.

You can call from different numbers, and receive calls to one number. You can set the location of call forwarding. If you go beyond this location, the forwarding will stop. You can also set parental controls on your child’s number. This is a new feature that was added in the last update.

Voipfone Mobile Voipfone Mobile

The app has the design of the standard iPhone settings. You will understand the interface easily. The app takes up a little over 10MB. It requires permission to your incoming and outgoing calls. Download it and you will have an excellent personal calling assistant.


Call Divert – Forward or Divert Calls with Ease.

What could be better than complete control of your time? Download Call Divert and you can fully manage your time. You won’t be bored with work calls during your off-hours. The app has 6 modes such as enable, disable, status, erase, USSD, and waiting.

Thanks to these modes, you will be able to regulate your calls. Enable calls is very simple. Enter your number and choose one of the calling options.

Disable calls are possible at any time. Remember to select the enable reason. Erase calls you no longer need. Call waiting will send an alert about an important call. USSD codes are a huge database of useful numbers. Use them as directed.

Call Divert - Forward or Divert Calls with Ease. Call Divert - Forward or Divert Calls with Ease.

This app will surprise you with its multifunctionality. What’s more, it’s free! You will be able to forward any calls even from several numbers at the same time. The app has been downloaded over 100 thousand times. Try it and the app will definitely remain your faithful assistant.


Call Forwarding

This app is easy to use. Select a number from your list of contacts to forward. You can add an app widget to your home screen for quick access. Set a call forwarding timer.

The app will automatically disable it when the time runs out. You can customize the app in the settings. Select your status during call forwarding. You can add multiple forwarding numbers at once.

Call Forwarding Call Forwarding

You can click on the stop forwarding button on the widget to stop the app. If you have any problems with usage, you can contact support. You will receive a prompt reply. The app has been used over 100,000 times. It only takes up 2.4MB.


Automatic Call Forwarding

Automatic Call Forwarding is an application with an automatic call forwarding feature.

Call Forwarding has both manual and automatic modes that allow you to decide when and how to forward your calls. The first time you start the program, you are greeted with a registration menu that asks you to enter your SIM card information.


The app will forward all your calls from your main number to any number you add. The main advantage is the small size of the program and the incredibly simple interface. This is a free program with ads, but you can disable them by purchasing a subscription.


Smart Call Forwarding

Smart Call Forwarding is an app, oriented on calls forwarding.

The developers claim that Smart Call Forwarding users can define their preferences of availability (to receive or not the incoming calls), automatically forward incoming calls. You will also be able to define the minimum battery level: from which you want to activate the call forwarding (so that there is no need to stress anymore when the telephone turns off).


When you enter the application, you will need to register. The application’s interface is accompanied by an interesting picture on the background and black-green colors.

A large number of settings are available in Smart Call Forwarding, which will allow you to customize all the functions for yourself.


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Line2 – Second Phone Number

Line 2 is an app that includes in itself the whole business phone system. The app is suitable for people who want to be able to give their customers a professional call experience. No matter where the person will be, it will be possible to keep the personal and business calls separate.

The developers are convinced that as long as you will have not more than 5 virtual phone numbers, they all can be active. You will also have the opportunity to port your existing phone number to Line 2.


A distinguishing feature of this application is the ability to forward calls in the simplest form (without any special downloads or devices).

Line 2 has unlimited calls and messages across the United States and Canada. If you want to connect with the person who has Line 2 too, it will be possible to do it for free.



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