7 Best Safety Apps For Woman To Use In 2024

The worldwide statistic of abusive incidents happening with women is disappointingly high, so it’s wise to get all the possible protection.

That’s why we’ve picked up the 7 best safety apps for a woman to use in 2024 (Android & iOS) that will cover your back if needed. These personal safety apps let you notify trusted people or law enforcement if you’ll ever feel unsafe. Plus, you’ll get to share your coordinates in real-time to feel more protected 24/7. Have a look!



Let’s start with a personal guard app that works as a family locator.

The main goal of this app is to keep you and your close ones aware of each other’s coordinates . The app uses built-in GPS trackers to stream the coordinates of people from your family list. Herewith, GPS sharing can only happen after two-sided approval, so you won’t get to track someone in secret. You’ll get to view the location in real-time and with minimum delays.

More to that, you’ll get to view the location history of all your fam members. The free version lets you view the history of two days, while the golden sub-pack covers 30 days. You’ll also get to check in to alert the fam of your current coordinates. Once again, the free pack limits you to two check-ins, so it may be wise to pay for a premium.

Plus, there are also tools dedicated to safe driving, web safety, and more. The app provides you with ultimate road assistance along with crash detections, traffic, and more. You’ll get alerted of any disasters nearby if needed. There’s also a medical card for you to fill in and a button that automatically calls for medical assistance.

Life360 1 Life360 2 

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Next, there’s an app that will help you feel protected all the time.

It lets you set a list of so-called “protectors” that will be your personal security network. To be more precise, you’ll get to pick one primary contact and a group of extra ones (you can invite as many as you want). And although this app is here to prevent crimes, it can also serve as an evidence maker. All in all, it’s an outstanding tool that everyone should try.

The app supports touch and voice activation that will enable the SOS alarm and send alerts to all your guardians. Your guardians will get your position tag and get to access a live stream of your cam and microphone. In other words, they will see and hear everything that happens.

Plus, your phone will automatically record audio and video, so you’ll have it all documented. You can set up the tools to be included in the alarm as well. The app also lets you ask guardians to follow your home by watching over your GPS. Besides, there’s a fake calling tool in case you need an excuse to get out of an uncomfortable conversation or smth.

bSafe 1 bSafe 2 



If you’ve ever been in a situation when you’ve considered calling authorities but didn’t get brave enough – you need this app.

This app is here to stop you from any hesitations and worries connected with calling the police or 911 for help. It will have your back at any point when you feel unsafe or threatened. All you have to do is to press and hold the switch on the app’s main screen when you feel scared.

Then, you can let go of the switch and enter a pin once you’ll get into a safe place (like your house or a car). And if you’ll release the button without entering a pin, the app will immediately notify local police of your position and emergency. Next, you’ll get a call back from the police to make sure you’re in danger.

Herewith, you can choose to text over calls if needed. And even if you’re unable to text, the help will still be sent to your position. Besides, the police will be able to track your location, so they will find you even if you’re moving. The app has a version for the smartwatch in case you’re unable to reach the phone.

Noonlight 1 Noonlight 2 

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WanderSafeThis is an app that helps you to travel safely and with comfort.

It’s your personal safety assistant that will send you safety tips and alerts if you’re entering an unsafe zone. The app will track your position in real-time to make sure you won’t go into zones with a bad reputation (which is especially important while traveling).

Whatever you get into a new place, the app will update you on all the incident reports nearby and provide you with tips from verified locals. There’s also a list of incidents from local police, so you’ll be sure which places to avoid. You can also log in as a verified profile to share your tips with others.

Along with that, you get to build a three-person list of emergency contacts in case smth bad will happen. The SOS alert will send them to push notifications with your location. You get to add a passcode to prevent unneeded alert deactivation as well.

WanderSafe 1 WanderSafe 2


GuardiansHere’s another app to pick personal guardians.

This app is made to help you feel less unsafe in this world. Whatever situation you get into, you’ll get to know the people you trust will be alerted. You get to make a custom list of guardians that will see your position in real-time (you’ll get to see theirs if they’ll approve).

You can add as many guardians as needed, so feel free to include all your friends and fam. Beyond that, the app will also display your current battery, cellular, activity, and more. You can also adjust if your coordinates are visible all the time or at specific periods.

In case you’ll ever feel unsafe, just tap on the SOS trigger to send them all notification alerts. This app runs in a split view, so you can watch over your close ones while doing smth else. You can also use it as a navigator with a detailed satellite view.

Guardians 1 Guardians 2 

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety

That’s a safety app from Microsoft that will help you watch over your fam in real-time.

As for the concept, it’s pretty similar to any other safety app out there. You need to make a list of people (relatives, friends, etc.) who will share their GPS data and view yours. With this app, you’ll always be informed of where your fam is.

Plus, you’ll get to mark places visited by fam members the most (like school, work, house) to get notified when they’ll get there. The app also lets you view how your fam is acting on the road and report your all driving habits. For instance, you’ll get to see if they used their phones while driving, or when they brake hard.

Along with that, this app helps you build some healthy habits and covers some parental control tools. Thus, you’ll get to view detailed reports of your kid’s screen time, add content filters, and more. You can even set activity notifications in case you wanna move to a healthy lifestyle.

Microsoft Family Safety 1 Microsoft Family Safety 2 

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One Scream

One Scream

And lastly, we have a safety app with a pretty unique concept.

This is a voice-activated safety assistant that helps girls and women to feel more protected. It’s made to help in threatening situations when a common reaction would be to scream. In other words, your scream will trigger the app, and it will send your position to the list of people you trust.

All you need to do here is to keep your phone close enough for it to detect your scream. And if you’ve just got a question – yes, it will work from the bottom of your bag. Once the scream is observed, the app will activate an alarm on your phone that you can deactivate if needed.

It needs to be mentioned that the app is developed to react to panic screams, so it won’t work with playful ones and other loud noises. It won’t listen to any of your dialogues as well as a regular conversation goes up to a few Hz while the app is targeted on 100. As for the emergency list, you get to add up to three helpers only.

One Scream 1 One Scream 2

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