7 Best Scatter Slots Apps for Adults (Android & iOS)

Slot games have always been very popular among fans of the feeling of excitement. It is for this reason that some developers have created apps with similar games so that users can enjoy the game on their mobile devices. In this article, we have collected seven of the best scatter slots apps.

And more interesting apps in this niche you will discover in the article which is called “best Casino games“.

Scatter Slots- Slot Machines

This is the most popular slot game app. More than twenty million users from all over the world play and try their luck on this site. Here you will be presented with a huge number of slot machines, all kinds of tournaments, bonuses, and incentives.

As soon as you download Scatter Shots and register your account here, you will immediately receive a welcome bonus so that you can start playing.

In this app, you will bet and win game coins, which will be a certain currency. The developers of Scatter Shots have added more than two hundred slot machines in which you can try your luck.

Moreover, tournaments are held in this app several times a month – these are additional gaming events in which you can win much more and try to prove to users from all over the world that you are a professional worthy of winning.

There is also a bonus system that will be credited to you additionally for each win, or for winning tournaments.


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Slots Era- Slot Machines 777

This app contains a huge number of slot machines, playing which you can try your luck together with other users from all over the world. You will have access to games of different formats, such as roulette, knockout, various kinds of scrolling, as well as much more.

This app is known for its cool graphics, which create the feeling that you are in a casino, and also, such graphics increase the excitement and competitive mood. In slot machines, you can win electronic coins, for which you can then make purchases in the game and discover new competitions.

Do not forget that this app has a system of bonuses and statuses – for example, the longer you play, the higher your status will be.

Also, the number of your bonuses will increase with each win. If you win a game event, your status will rise several positions up, and the number of previously received bonuses will increase several times.


ARK Slots- Wild Vegas Casino

This is an app with a lot of free slot machines that you can play without restrictions. The developers advise you to try everything to find the best ones for yourself. You will also be able to watch other users and their games at various tournaments that are held here once a week.

There is also one very interesting feature in this app- your game space will be located at a certain location, that is, in some Las Vegas casino. You will be able to feel your presence there thanks to the music, the comments of the casino administrators, as well as the imitation of the casino space.

Playing in this app for a certain amount of time, you will be able to claim a higher status for your account, as well as a huge number of different bonuses that will be credited to your gaming account, which you can also use while playing in slot machines.


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Wonder Cash Casino

This is an app where everyone can try their luck by playing hundreds of different slot machines. Here, when registering an account, even before your first game, you will be credited with about three million chips as a welcome bonus – you can use these chips to start the game.

This app is very popular because of the incredible variety of slot machines: here you can find both classic ones like Deluxe Triple Double Diamond, and slot machines that are popular in different countries of the world.

Also, the developers of this app have created their own, unique machines that you can experience only here.

With each win, you will be credited a certain amount of bonuses to your gaming account, as well as the status of your account will grow. Having a high status, you will be able to try out many more slot machines, as well as participate in monthly tournaments with other users from all over the world.


Spider Solitaire Deluxe 2

This is a new version of the world-famous Spider slot machine system. In the updated version, the developers have added many more new slot machines, upgraded the bonus system, and increased their number, as well as improved the graphics of the app.

Moreover, now in this app, you can play not only alone but also with your friends. You can play together both in the same game room and in different slot machines by simply connecting via the Bluetooth network on your mobile devices.

Also, now slot machines are available offline, and you can try your luck anywhere and at any convenient time.

Among other things, Spider developers have added unique slot machines to the app- you can play them only in this app.

Also, there is a system of risky slot machines – you can really take a risk and hit a huge jackpot, because the higher the risk, the more coins you can win. Here all the graphics are thought out to the smallest detail – there is even a cash register for issuing winnings to the winner.


Texas Holdem- Scatter Poker

This is a unique app, which is based on the most popular card poker game. The developers have added fantasy world graphics, and now users will be able to customize their profiles and play classic poker with characters from the fantasy world.

There is both a classic card poker and a mission mode in which you will not only beat your rivals from the fantasy world but also complete certain card missions.

Your rivals can be program characters, users from all over the world, or your friends – you just need to create a game chat, and send an invitation to your friends to it by syncing your mobile devices.

This app is also unique because here you can customize your gaming profile in accordance with the fantasy world – you can become a certain character that you choose yourself, and also, with the help of winnings and increasing status, pump it up.


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Slots Journey Cruise & Casino

This app is incredibly interesting because, in addition to slot machines, there is also a plot here. You have to go on a trip on your own cruise ship while playing slot machines and improving your cruise ship.

On your way, you will meet other users from all over the world, as well as program characters that will be needed for the development of the plot. It is in this app that you will be able to experience the cultures of slot machines from different countries of the world because here you will sail to a new country every time and play slot machines there.

Do not forget that in this app, the winnings above will be accompanied by bonuses, which you will also be able to use for new gambling in the future.

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