Charlies Names App Review

If you can not find an appropriate name for your baby, we have found a magnificent solution for you – CharliesNames app. Now let’s get a glimpse!

First of all, CharliesNames is extremely lightweight, so there is no need to waste too much time on the installation.

In this app, you should select a preferred gender – male, female, or even unisex. Then, the app provides you with more than 12 000 names to choose from. Moreover, you can read the origin and meaning of any name.

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The process of choosing a name is pretty simple. All you need to do –just swipe the name right or left.

As a rule, choosing a name for a baby is a joint decision. Therefore, the app enables you to match your favorite names with your partner’s and compare the results.

By the way, the app allows you to customize the filters. For example, you can select the first and the last letter of the name. You can also enter your surname and find the name that matches the most. Plus, you can add a minimum and maximum length of the name!


Another useful option there – you can easily find out which names are popular in various countries. This function will make your choice much faster!

Moving on, CharliesNames creates a list of favorites. Just click on the heart button to add a name to the list.

We were impressed by a well-developed app’s design. The app features an intuitive interface that offers simple navigation. Thus, even novice users will not have to face any problems while using it!

Besides, CharliesName has a very good rating on the market and we have not found any negative feedback. In this app, you will not find any ads – this is a quite rare feature for this kind of apps!

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To sum up, CharliesName is a perfect tool for all parents. This app is full of excellent features, so we can surely say that you will like it!


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