9 Best Counterfeit Money Detector Apps (Android & iOS)

When exchanging currency at a bank, you can be relatively calm: fakes are very rare, almost never.

But when exchanging with hands, receiving payment for a car or other goods, it is quite possible to come across a fake.

This review contains the best counterfeit money detector apps. They will help you distinguish the real banknote from a fake.

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Cash Reader

Cash Reader

This application will help you identify and get rid of counterfeit money. Working with this program does not need special skills.

Run and get the appropriate screen to verify the authenticity of the banknote.

Now you bring the banknote to the screen and see the result of identification.

It supports banknotes such as the euro and dollars.

Cash Reader
Cash Reader

In the upper right corner, there is a low-profile cross to close the camera and go to the next stage.


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Counterfeit Money Detector

Counterfeit Money Detector

This application will help users to check money notes for authenticity.

The program will also tell the owner how to calculate fake banknotes independently without the help of equipment.

This application will be able to determine some security features of banknotes.

This money is from different denominations issued during the period from 2010 to the present.

Besides, it will provide information about the distinctive features of other banknotes.

The application verification does not guarantee the authenticity of banknotes. But, it can tell you where and what security features should be placed on a particular banknote.

The program will tell you how to identify real and fake money by the lumen, to the touch, when zooming in or from a different angle.

Counterfeit Money Detector
Counterfeit Money Detector

Also, users will be able to determine the year of the issue of the banknote using the camera.


AR money reader scanner GMoney

The new generation currency converter is ready to get to work. Point the camera at the banknotes to get the necessary information.

The program is able to recognize ten currencies, sound out the denomination, and work without the Internet. Just choose your language and enjoy the convenience.

The app is invaluable for people who are visually impaired or suffering from blindness. That way they can count their money quickly. Fast means instant, anytime, and anywhere. If the level of vision allows, it is possible to set a large font.

The app is intuitive to use. When you’re shopping, check your change without hesitation. Don’t worry, your personal information is confidential and not shared with third parties. Regardless, be careful, and don’t let fraudsters trick you.

IDEAL U.S. Currency Identifier

IDEAL U.S. Currency Identifier

This version works only with the dollar and euro notes of different denominations.

Technology support – augmented reality.

The application can recognize the banknote and check the correspondence of watermarks if you put the banknote in the camera.

The application checks the accuracy of the portrait on the banknote, as well as watermarks.

How to use the application:

  1. Place the phone camera on the banknote, the camera should fully capture the banknote.
  2. If you see the inscription OK on the screen it means the quality of the banknote meets the standards.
  3. If you want to check the watermarks in more detail. Looking through the banknote in the background, point the camera at the watermark that appears.
  4. Then, hold it without moving for 1 to 3 seconds until the OK sign appears.

If the note is not detected it does not mean that it is fake, your phone camera may not be able to process the small parts or the note may be worn out.


Check Counterfeit Banknote

This is an app for detecting counterfeit banknotes. It will save you from problems with shopping and the law.

Using the tool is not difficult. On the main screen, there are several sections. On one of them, you will find identification marks, by which you can easily recognize a fake.

The second section will tell you about counterfeiters in terms of the law. You will learn the seriousness of responsibility for the crime.

Finally, the third section will explain to you the procedure to follow if you find a counterfeit or suspicious banknote. Be on your guard!

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MCT Money Reader

MCT Money Reader

To detect a fake, use this money verification application. The program is conceived as a catalog of banknotes.

You can see where the means of protection are located, handy interactive means of the program will show you how to find them.

To show your banknote to the application, click the button in the upper left corner.

Then select “Recognize” and show the banknote to your smartphone camera. The result of the recognition is displayed on the screen.

MCT Money Reader
MCT Money Reader

It is accompanied by an interactive guide called “Authentication”, which helps you check the money for a 100% guarantee.


Nevon Currency Detector & Blind Assist

Nevon Currency Detector & Blind Assist

This application allows the blind and deaf user to easily and quickly understand what kind of banknote is in front of him.

The application uses intelligent algorithms to determine banknotes. The application is also suitable for detecting fake or prank banknotes.

The principle of operation: you need to run the application, point your smartphone camera at the banknote.

Then you need to touch the screen to start recognition, the result is displayed in visual, sound, and tactile forms. The application can be used by both blind and deaf people.

Nevon Currency Detector & Blind Assist
Nevon Currency Detector & Blind Assist

The application supports voice assistant and Braille displays.


INR Fake Note Check Guide

INR Fake Note Check Guide

One of the most frequently counterfeited currencies in the world remains the dollar.

Such a fake currency you can put the exchange at the resort anywhere in the world.

Download this application, which will help you verify the authenticity of your money.

The algorithm of the program is based on the analysis of the banknote number in relation to the series and year of issue.

Select the denomination and specify the number on the note. Since there is no year of issue on the dollar itself, the series will have to be determined by selection.

Data are broken through the official database, where the most counterfeit numbers should be marked. If the verification is successful, a window is displayed with extra instructions.

You will find out how to search for extra evidence of authenticity.

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FakeMoneyDetector Lite

FakeMoneyDetector Lite

This mobile application is designed to recognize new banknotes issued after 2015.

The application allows scanning the visual image of the banknote with a smartphone camera.

It analyses the image to determine the denomination of the presented banknote.

The application also demonstrates extra animation of the symbols of the cities shown on the banknotes.

In this case, it uses augmented reality technologies. It assesses the presence and location of some public signs of authenticity on the banknote.

Additionally, the app informs users about the public signs of authenticity of new banknotes. The attachment allows getting acquainted with a brief description of public security features.

It shows, in an animated interactive form, the manifestation of public security features of the banknote.

It is controlled in the light, under the magnifying glass, to the touch or when the angle of vision changes.

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