11 Best Dating Apps & Websites for People With Disabilities

In the modern world, phones have become our faithful assistants.  Even people with disabilities can now take everything from life!  Want to meet someone and make friends?  It’s not a problem anymore!  In this article, we will show you the best dating apps & websites for people with disabilities.

And more dating apps that don’t charge a penny for the usage you can find in this article.

Udoly – Dating for disabled

Udoly – Dating for disabled – an app for people with disabilities that will help people find new acquaintances

The app allows people with disabilities to find new friends, and if you’re lucky, then a soul mate!

So, how the app works: first you need to install it on your smartphone and go into it.  After that, you get to the main menu (each of your choices is voiced by a speech synthesizer) and select your physical characteristics, indicate gender, age, what you do or are fond of.

Based on your small profile, artificial intelligence will offer you profiles of other participants.  If you like the user, swipe left, if not, swipe right.

The app has a nice bright design – thanks to it, it becomes even more pleasant and interesting to look for new acquaintances, and useful information is always at hand in the main menu.

In the app, you can make video calls, go on the air (which you can broadcast your personal life, walks or how you do your hobby) and communicate with the whole company or chat – share your photos, funny pictures and more.


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Disabled Dating

Disabled Dating is an app for single people with disabilities that will help you find love or simply surround yourself with new acquaintances

There will be no more that awkward moment and embarrassment when, having come on a first date, you have to reveal your secret.  In the app, you meet people who are just as special as you.

First you need to install the app, register and create your profile.  Everything is quite simple and takes only a few minutes.

In the app you will find communication for every taste – find yourself new cool friends, try your luck and find your soul mate, or you can just find a nice company for an evening or weekend – remember, you are no longer limited in anything.

The app has a clear and simple functionality, as well as a nice design.  You can find everything you need in the main menu or look in the “tips” section.  Communicate with users using chat – write messages, record voice messages, share your successes, brag about achievements, send photos and videos, amuse each other with funny pictures.



HandiSpace is a dating app for people with disabilities.  Thanks to this mobile app, you will make your life brighter and more fun – just make new friends!

It doesn’t matter what your physical features are, whether you have poor eyesight, perhaps you are deaf or have other physical disabilities.  It is no longer a hindrance for you.

In the app you can find new friends, maybe you will be able to find your love and future serious relationship.  Meet people on the app and arrange meetings in real life

Meet people from all over the world!  To do this, simply register and fill out a short questionnaire: indicate your gender, age (there is an age limit of +18 in the application), indicate your name and your region of residence. 

Upload your photo (the app has artificial intelligence that will check your photo so you won’t be able to fool other users) and get to know each other!

In the app, you can communicate using chat.  You can also see who visited your profile and analyze the activity of other users on your profile over the past week.

Update your profile – add new photos and notes, enjoy online communication and new acquaintances.


Disability Matching – Dating

Disability Matching – Dating – an app that will dispel your boredom, bring new colors into your life thanks to new communication.  Here you can find new acquaintances and it does not matter at all whether you have physical disabilities.

This is a completely free dating app for people with disabilities.  To get started, you only need to register and fill out a short questionnaire – this business takes no more than a minute.

In the app, you can send messages, share photos and videos, you can make your profile more interesting by adding more information about yourself.

Interesting and useful features in the app:

  • You can set search criteria.  In this case, the app will select for you people with whom you have common interests
  • You can connect geolocation and then the app will offer you profiles of people who are close to you.
  • Having paid, you can raise your profile to the top.  Then people will view your profile more often.
  • You can see who has rated your profile and visited you.

 The app has an age category and a limit of +18.


Deaf and Dating – ASL Chat

Deaf and Dating – ASL Chat is a free mobile app that helps deaf people make new friends.  Find deaf or hard of hearing friends on this app.

The app is designed for a hearing impaired or deaf audience.  You will be able to communicate with users in the way that is convenient for you – you can write text messages or you can use sign language while communicating in a video chat.

 App features:

  • Chat with other users using text messages, use funny stickers or share photos.
  • Call up your new friends via video chat and use sign language to communicate with them.
  • Add more useful and interesting information about you to your profile.  This will help people with similar interests find you faster.
  • You can block or restrict access to a user that is not suitable for you.
  • Promote your profile to the top – then your profile will be visited more often and you will attract more attention to yourself.

You can use all functions for free, but with a time limit.  Or you can register in the application (registration goes through your email, everything is absolutely free) and use the application for free as long as you like.


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Meet Disabled Singles

Meet Disabled Singles is an online dating site for people with disabilities.  All you need is to create a questionnaire.

This site is unique in its function – it consists of many other dating sites.  Thus, when you add your profile to the site, it will be visible to a wide range of users.

How is the registration?  Everything is very simple.  As soon as you enter the site, a registration window will open for you.  For further action, you need to enter the following data:

  • Your gender and the gender of the people you want to find (you can select “doesn’t matter”)
  • Your real age (the site has an age limit of +18)
  • Enter your zip code so the site knows your location.  So you can get to know those who live nearby.
  • E-mail address.  Profiles of users who like you will be sent to the site you specified
  • After you have entered the required data, you need to come up with a name and a unique password.

After successful registration, the site will redirect you to fill out a questionnaire.  There you can specify more detailed information about yourself – hobbies, interests, musical preferences, how you prefer to spend your free time, what you expect from your interlocutor, and so on. 

The exchange of profiles and messages takes place through your e-mail.


Disability Match UK

Disability Match UK is one of the largest dating sites for people with disabilities.  The site is also accessible to people without any physical limitations.

On the site you can meet new people or get the necessary support from other users.  All you need is just to register.

Let’s take a closer look at the functionality of the site:

  • View and rate profiles of other users.  Scroll through their photos, leave your ratings and comments
  • Communicate with site users through your e-mail or in the built-in chat of the site
  • Finally, now you can make a real date!  There is no reason to be ashamed of yourself, remember – you are unique and wonderful.
  • All data and photos are carefully checked, using the site is completely safe for you
  • You can create live broadcasts and visit the broadcasts of other users.  Broadcast to the whole world about your hobbies and activities.  Meet others without being distracted from your household chores!
  • Get emotional support from other people
  • The site has useful information for people with disabilities that you can use on your first date, on vacation or just in everyday life.

To register on the site you will need to provide the following information about yourself:

  • gender
  • who are you looking gender
  • day, month and year of your birth
  • state of your health (select from the suggested items)
  • e-mail address

In a separate menu (below the registration menu) you can sign up and visit the disability blog, where you can get emotional support and psychological help from specialists and learn a lot of new things.



Outsiders is a site where people with disabilities can get to know each other, find useful information, and get the help they need.

The peculiarity of the site is that all employees have certain physical disabilities.  Thus, you will not only get to know other users with similar problems, but also the people who will help you understand you perfectly, because they are in the same condition as you

The site has a profile on Facebook – there you can find a lot of interesting and useful things for yourself, enthusiastic discussions often take place there, everyone has fun.

The site has several sections (“Home”, “Club”, “News”, “Films and Photos”, “feedback”).  There you can read useful news, interesting facts and meet other members of the site.

You can also send a letter to a support group or call a hotline – good psychologists can help you there.


Able to love you

Able to love you is a site through which you can meet and make new friends.  The site is designed for an audience with disabilities.

The site operates in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland.  The site includes many other sites, which is convenient, it turns out that by adding your profile to just one site, you have registered on several sites at the same time.

In addition to making new friends on the site, you can check out the Able to love you blog.  There you can find quite a lot of useful information and tips for people with disabilities, as well as just entertainment content.  All you have to do is to register, and registration on the site is quite simple.

You only need to specify your gender, date of birth (day, month and year), as well as your email address (positive results and messages from other users will be sent there). Or you can register on the site through your Facebook account.


Enable Dating

Enable Dating is a British site designed for dating only between physically disabled people.  Don’t waste your time – make new friends!

The site is quite simple and easy to use.  In order to start searching for new friends or your soulmate, you need to go through a simple registration:

  • Indicate your gender, as well as the gender of the users you want to meet
  • Enter your date of birth (day, month and year)
  • Indicate your physical feature Then enter your email address and you’re done!  The site uses an e-mail system – all news, messages, as well as profiles of users who like you will come to your e-mail.

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Disabled Passions

Disabled Passions is a dating site and social network for people with disabilities, through which people with physical disabilities can meet people like them.

Registration on the site is completely free.  In addition to dating, the site also provides you with a wide range of forums where you can find useful information or just chat with people who have the same condition.

On the site, you can find the sections “Groups for the Disabled”, “Video”, “Dating Sites” and “Chat”.  You can communicate with other people who have a similar diagnosis, communicate with people who share your interests.

You can watch useful or entertaining videos that will cheer you up.  You can communicate in a collective audio chat with other users.

The site will recommend you the best dating groups.  You can choose exactly what you are looking for – a long-term relationship, find new friends, maybe you are looking for a new company or just a person with whom you want to spend the next weekend.

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