14 Best Stranger Chat Apps Without Login (Android & iOS)

In today’s world, many people can often experience discomfort when they actually communicate with each other. For such cases, there are some special apps that can destroy this complex. This article will feature free stranger chat apps without login.

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Anonymous chat

Anonymous chat is the easiest way to find an interlocutor to your liking without filling out a profile. The program allows you to choose the desired user by filters. It is possible to choose gender, age and even country.

The app allows you to send various types of messages, such as voice input, text input, any pictures or GIF files, as well as documents. If the interlocutor seemed very interesting to you, then you can remind yourself to continue the dialogue when he wrote a message at any moment.

You can save the most memorable moments from the correspondence using the “synchronization” option. To preserve the vision of users, the developers have provided two options for designing dialogs: a dark theme and a bright theme.

If necessary, you can write any message – and the app will literally save it immediately so that you can edit it and send it when it is convenient for you. To summarize, this utility really deserves your attention and is one of the best of apps of this type.


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Chat For Strangers – Video Chat

Chat For Strangers – Video Chat is noteworthy in that, in addition to regular correspondence, it allows you to make video and audio calls. Thanks to this app, you can find an interlocutor at any time of the day or night. An optimized filter system allows you to take into account all your wishes.

The user-friendly interface and ease of use make this program one of the most desirable when searching for companions for an anonymous conversation. The utility does not require any personal data from you at all, you just need to enter your nickname and start searching for an interlocutor.

App is common in many countries, so there will be an interlocutor very quickly. As in other apps of this type, you can put the most interesting interlocutor on notifications. The developers hope that thanks to their creation, people from all over the world will be able to find new friends or even soulmates.


HOLLA – Live Random Video Chat

This is one of the most popular chat apps around the world. It has more than 30 million users from 190 countries, and that’s why here you can exchange the cultural experience, find new international friends, and just have fun in general. one of its best advantages is that you don’t need registration to use HOLLA.

Here you have free live video chat also voice chat, free text chat, even the automatic translation of the text, life call one by one, and so on. One aspect died makes this app stand out from the other ones in this list is its great interface design and usability.

All the calls are made in high quality, and there are no bucks or issues in the app. In addition, because the app has so many users, it is never boring here and you will always find someone to have a conversation with.

But be aware that this app includes some inbuilt purchases and sometimes the app can request a paid subscription for completely basic features.

In our humble opinion, we would recommend you trust HOLLA more than others since it’s been on the market for a while already which more or less proves its reliability.

On the other hand, the reviews empty back from other users prove that not is excellent with this app, and its developers will never miss a chance to make you pay for some extra features that you don’t want to pay for.

So taking into consideration that there are really a few good random video chat apps that did not require registration, this app is quite a decent choice. Moreover, HOLLA used to be available for iOS users as well, but for some reason, it was deleted from the App Store.



Thanks to Whisper, you can discuss the most burning ideas in complete privacy, because by anonymity this app is considered one of the best.

An extremely important option is the ability to find entire groups of interlocutors on interests, because thanks to this function, you can learn something new and interesting for yourself, as well as overcome the fear of communication live.

Many users emphasize this program among others, believing that communication in it is close to real. If you are a leader by nature, then this is even better!

You can create your own community and invite your newly made interlocutors to it, which will have an extremely positive effect on your perception of live communication.

The app is constantly updated, which gives users the opportunity to find more and more anonymous interlocutors by interest and become more public.

App developers express their sincere confidence that their creation will help you become more relaxed not only in real communication but also in all other vital aspects.


Chathub Stranger Chat No Login

Did you ever want to meet new, interesting people who might share your outlook on life? If at least once you had such a desire, then Chathub Stranger Chat No Login is the answer to your question.

This app allows you to find people of interest in observing strict anonymity. This program allows you to set all the filters you need to find a potential interlocutor, such as age, gender, nationality, and numerous others.

The utility provides as many as 3 opportunities for virtual communication: chat, call, and video call, thereby allowing you to take steps towards becoming a more sociable and open person.

Like other apps of this kind, the program allows you to post, share them with friends, and comment on other users’ posts.

Since the development company is constantly doing a tremendous amount of work, user coverage is increasing significantly, which means that you can express complete confidence that every second in this world at least one person becomes much better.



Chatous is the very utility that will help you diversify a boring evening after a difficult working day, if you feel very tired, but do not want to communicate with anyone live. Since the app is used almost all over the world, the selection of the interlocutor will not take a lot of time.

Thanks to the optimized mechanics of selecting an interlocutor using hashtags, the user is given the
opportunity to find the very person who, like no one else, will suit him in discussing any life topics or interests.

It deserves attention very interesting, and possibly the only one of its kind among programs of this type, the option to change the nickname at any time of the conversation, which provides the user with the highest probability that everything will be strictly confidential.

The app’s interface is as simple and easy to use as any social network. Like other utilities of this type, Chatous allows you to exchange different types of messages, be it a picture, text message, voice input, document, or something else.


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Anonymous Chat Rooms, Meet New People – Anti

Anonymous Chat Rooms, Meet New People – Anti can be your kind of outlet for splashing out all the emotions that you have accumulated over a long period of time.

The developers set themselves the main task of ensuring that app users show all their hidden emotions to other users so that all participants in the dialogue can help each other in solving any problems.

An important feature is that all correspondence is completely anonymous so that your interlocutor will not be able to tell your innermost secrets to anyone from your close circle.

The most important option is that all chats are strictly controlled by moderators, who immediately send interlocutors who are not distinguished by a special mind to the ban.

If you wish, you can choose absolutely any nickname, like an avatar that has nothing to do with your real appearance. The program has a very strict privacy policy, so the chance that your chats will fall into the hands of a third person is minimal.



YouAndMe.chat will help you find an interesting interlocutor in just seconds. At the same time, you do not have to waste time on completely useless registration and filling out a profile: just click on the app icon and start communicating with a person.

Many users say that the contingent of the program is very intelligent and absolutely everyone can find in it the one who will be closest in spirit. If the user wishes, he can save the most memorable moments from the correspondence, as well as various videos and photos.

It is important to note that the sent photos are deleted after 10 seconds, which allows you to remain completely anonymous. If you think that the interlocutor did not fit you for any reason, then you can change him at any time of the conversation by pressing literally one button.


Anon Lite – anonymous chat

We have all ever heard a saying that sounds like this: an anonymous network is not just a service – it is a real path of spiritual search in an attempt to find the person who can help you cope with some moral complexes and psychological problems.

Since this is a virtual space, you can become absolutely anyone in it, and no one can learn about your real qualities in the absence of your desire.

Thanks to the options of this program, we can conclude that you will not waste time. It should be noted an important fact, which is that when sending anonymous messages, a certain intriguing atmosphere of mystery appears, in which you will receive additional interest from communication.

This app allows you to find a truly worthy interlocutor who will not judge your actions or appearance, but at the same time will be attentive to your views and ideas.


Random Video Chat

This app is super similar to the previous one. Basically, it’s coping with a different name. This is a random video chat where you just open the app and start calling random people.

However, taking a look at the number of people that are using this Random Video Chat, we can’t tell for sure who are these people and if you are really able to find someone to chat with. One of the advantages of it it’s the fact the user interface design is super simple and it’s so easy to navigate here.


Random Chat (Stranger Chat)

Share your secrets with a stranger in Random Chat. Allow yourself to unburden and talk honestly. This app is designed for private conversations where you can’t choose your own conversation partner.

Spend time chatting with someone you don’t know. Users do not specify personal information, so no one will know the essence of the conversation.

In this app, all functions are free. You do not need to register and specify personal data. The app does not collect data about users’ locations and does not save information about correspondence on other servers.

Have fun with the fact that you can fulfill any fantasies you have. The attached files, including photos and videos, are not available for copying and screenshots. They are automatically deleted from the chat room after some time. The age limit is 18+.


Stranger Chat by RandomTalk

Stranger Chat is designed for anyone who wants to bring up the most intimate topics. Your interlocutor is a stranger whom you will never meet in person. There are no restrictions on time and number of chats.

Communicate at any time, raise your mood and self-esteem. All your actions will be anonymous. All this is free of charge. Here you will find more than 100 thousand people willing to chat on any topic and at any time of day.

No one has access to your personal data, so you can easily pretend to be anyone you want. Feel free to say and do whatever you want. If you want, you can leave the chat room at any time and start a new conversation.

If you want to share your photo or video, just attach it to a text message. After the time expires, the files will be erased automatically. Stranger Chat has an implied sexual context, so it is recommended for users over 18 years old.


Twiq – Anonymous Chat

It’s a chat app where­ you can talk to folks globally and stay anonymous.

Twiq’s big thing is chatting without sharing who you are­. You can talk to new folks or join group chats. It’s cool for making friends and talking about all sorts of stuff, all while ke­eping your details private. Fe­el free to talk about anything, ask things, or just e­njoy a friendly chat. 

Now, let’s dive­ into the graphics. Twiq boasts a clean, contemporary style­. Its interface is intuitive, simplifying navigation for use­rs. The app features an appe­aling color palette, combining bright and soothing tones, contributing to a ple­asant user experie­nce.

Using the app is simple­. Just grab it from the App Store and sign up. After that, you’re­ all set to chat. You pick whether to chat with locals or folks afar – your call. Also, chats are­ private, which means you’re fre­e to talk without stress.

At Twiq, the aim is cle­ar: it’s a place for real, open chats, fre­e from bias or harsh critique. It’s all about a secure­ space for sharing your thoughts without fear. The­re, I’ve mingled for hours with dive­rse folks from everywhe­re.

If you like talking to othe­rs without sharing your name, Twiq is a good choice. do! 

Twiq - Anonymous Chat1
Twiq - Anonymous Chat2

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Anonymous Chat Room Dating App 

To start with, this app is a place to me­ssage anonymously with others globally. You can pick differe­nt chat rooms that match what you like.

If you want to chat for fun, meet ne­w friends, or maybe find a date, this app can he­lp you with that! Let’s dive­ into the visuals. This app boasts a smooth, intuitive layout. Navigating is a bree­ze.

Customize your page with ne­at avatars and pick a nickname. Chat spaces buzz with lively users ke­en on topics you like.

Simply make an account and dive in. Fe­el free to e­nter a chat room or set up a new one­. Inside a chat room, message away fre­ely. And don’t forget, anonymity means you can chat without fe­ar of criticism.

This app aims to bring togethe­r folks of various heritages in a secure­, nameless space. You’ll ge­t to know new friends, grow your social network, and e­njoy great chats. And who knows? You could even me­et a date!

It is a good option for ente­rtainment, making new friends, and possibly finding a romantic partne­r. It combines being anonymous with mee­ting others. S

Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating
Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating
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