25 Best Facebook Messenger Games to Play Chatting in 2023

Have you ever felt like your Facebook text conversation got stuck at a dead-end? Yeah, we’ve all been there!

Luckily, there are plenty of Facebook Messenger games to play chatting in 2023. These games have easy-to-follow rules and will be fun to play for people of all ages and preferences. And if you wanna take it to the next level, learn about the games to play during video calls.

We’ve gathered the 25 best games in that genre you may try. Take a look!

Emoji Translation

Let’s start with a simple chatting game to kill time with.

This game doesn’t have strict rules, the only thing you need to play is a standard set of emojis. The rules are beyond simple—you send an emoji (or several ones), and your mate needs to decode them.

Other than that, the rules are fully customizable. You may set the list of themes for more simple decoding like movies, books, song quotes, stories of your past, and all that.

This game is a perfect time killer and lets you explore new emojis you haven’t used before. The digit of participants is unlimited, and the one who’ll guess the most emoji sets—wins.

Emoji Translation                       

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Text Like A Millennial

Well, this game is fun. It lets you laugh with friends along with learning millennial slang.

Let’s be real—we all make fun of an unusual texting manner. And the main feature of this manner is a bunch of abbreviations they use.

This one is here to help you learn the definition of these abbreviations and maybe get into using them. According to the rules, you’ll need to text your companions using as many slang words as you can.

Then, your companion should explain what these words mean. Truth to say, the answers might be quite hilarious to read. In case you’re not into the whole millennial thing—try to switch to the Gen Z abbreviations instead.

text like a millenial

Kiss, Mary, Kill

Does this game even need to be introduced? It’s a pure classic!

The rules are simple—you’ll give your mate a list of three people, and he’ll need to decide what to do with them. Herewith, there are only three options—kiss, marry or kill.

As for the people, they can be anyone you can think of—fictional characters, celebs, politicians, mutual friends, and more. The funniest rounds happen when you give a list of people impossible to choose from.

In case you wanna get your game to the next level, you can send pics instead of writing names. This game doesn’t have losers and winners, but it’s still fun to play. The number of participants is not important, which is great.

Kiss, Marry, Kill

How Well Do You Know Me?

Next, we have a quiz game that will let you find out how well your companion understands you.

It needs to be said, this game has wide popularity among couples, but you can easily play it with pals as well. The whole game is built on you asking your companion stuff about yourself.

For example, you may ask about your favorite food, favorite color, car model, even the color of your eyes. Differently speaking, the pick totally depend on you, and you’re the only one to determine how deep they are.

All the players ask questions in turns, so don’t make it fully about yourself. The main trick here is not to give much time for an answer. You may even set a timer for 5-10 seconds if needed.

how well do you know me

Story Time

This game is here to wake up your inner writer (even if you consider it’s not your thing).

According to the rules, one participant starts the story, and the others should continue it in turns. The classic version of the game gives each more play a limit of one sentence, but you can change that.

Along with that, the classic rule is to start the story with a “once upon a time” phrase, but it’s not necessary at all. As you might’ve assumed, the rules are fully customizable.

For instance, you may set the genre of your story, or keep it random (which is usually more fun). You can even add the ability to send reference photos if needed.

story time

List Builder

The next game will turn a casual task into a fun time with mates.

Sooth to say, the majority of people build lists on an everyday basis. It can be a shopping list, a to-do list, or whatever else. Could you even think list building could be a game? Well, it is.

It’s a competitive game where all the players should build a list of stuff united with a special genre. TO cope with that, all the players should take turns adding one more thing to the list.

Herewith, the genre is fully up to you—it can be a list of cities, cartoons, characters of a TV show, and so on. The one who’ll add the last word to the list—wins. As you can guess, the number of participants doesn’t play a big part here.

list game

Celebrity Showdown

As you may guess by the name, this game is about figuring out who would win in a two-celebs fight.

But the question is not as hypothetical as you may think—you and your plans should pick a celeb and a weapon. Once it’s done, your celebs exchange weapons you’ve picked.

Then, you should agree on terrain for the celebs to fight on. And only after you’ll agree on all the terms, you can start arguing about who will win.

Sooth to say, you can not limit yourself to just celebs. You may also do a showdown between two characters from different shows.

celerity showdown

Unpopular Opinions

The name of this game also speaks for itself.

We’ve all seen this “unpopular opinion” trend all-around social media (especially on TikTok). So why not use it to spice up a dialogue, right?

The best thing about this game is it’s not only here for entertaining—but it will also help you to know more about your companion. The controls are simple—you and your pals will just uncover your unpopular statements on various topics.

It’s better to specify the topic at first—it will be easier to come up with smth. Then, you should remark on each other views—do it for as long as you want.

Unpopular Opinions

Theory Builder

This game is comparable with the previous one on one hand and unique on the other.

We all like conspiracy theories (at least most of us do). We may not even believe in all the conspiracies we read about, but it’s still entertaining to explore them, right?

This game is about sharing your conspiracy theories. But don’t worry, it’s not about making some crazy world domination stuff. The thing is, you and your mate definitely have TV shows or book series you’ve all watched.

And the chances are high you all have your own theories about it, so why not share it? After each theory is shared, the other guy should rate how unexpected it was, and what are the chances for it to be true.

Theory Builder

Name Game

This game has been around for ages, and it seems to be played by everyone—from school students to office workers.

As for the concept, it’s a simple game that is suitable for an unlimited number of players. The first step here is to pick a topic—it’s totally optional, so choose whatever you want.

Let’s pretend that you’ve picked an animal, ok? So, the first contest picks the animal breed, and the next player should name the animals that begin with the last letter of the previous word.

At this point, the game can last forever, till all the participants will get bored with it. In order to minimize the duration of the game, make sure to set time limits for an answer.

Name Game

20 Questions

It’s a game based on an old TV game show, but it can easily be adapted for a chatting game.

The controls are beyond simple—one participant picks any word. It can literally be any word at all—an object, a place, a name, a song, or whatever else comes to mind.

The goal of another participant is to uncover the word in 20 shots or less. More to that, the response to these matters can only be yes or no. However, you can also use adverbs like sometimes, often, and all that.

If you’ve never played this game before, it may seem quite a challenge. Thus, to simplify it a bit, you may pick a category of objects for words to fall in. The other way is to just say the category you’ve picked, while your pals could pick another one.

20 questions

Would You Rather

Here’s another funny chatting game that is for time-killing.

Sooth to say, the name of this game speaks for itself. According to the controls, you and your buddies should pick one of two options.

The question actually sounds like “would you rather do this or that”. The given alternatives are the only possible, so no third-party answers here. Herewith, one player gives the answer options to another, so it’s better to play in pairs.

Plus, the more absurd and difficult the matter is—the funnier to play. For instance, you may ask if your mate would rather lose one body part or another, or make him pick between two unpleasant people to kiss.

Would You Rather

Gun To Your Head

The concept of this game is analogous to the previous one, although there are no answer options here.

A similar part is that the matters are usually controversial and the ones you would like to not answer. So, one of the contests asks smth, and the other should answer like he has a gun pointed at his head.

And no, the answers like “I would beat the attacker, I’m not going to answer that” don’t count. Plus, all the players should agree to be truthful with their answers, otherwise, there’s no point to the game.

If you don’t answer the question, you’ll get shot, lose a count, and will need to wait till the next round. The game will remain until one person remains, so it’s better to play in a big company.

Gun To Your Head

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Never Have I Ever

There’s no chance you haven’t played this game—it’s one of the most popular party games in the world.

In most cases, the process of playing this game includes alcohol, but it perfectly adapts for a charting game as well. If you’re not familiar with the rules, someone says that he’s never done something.

For instance, “Never have I ever kissed a girl”. Then, if you’ve kissed a girl, you complete the seated punishment. In real life, it’s usually a shot, but you can come up with anything.

The main rule of this game is no lying—it just would be completely pointless without truthful answers. Plus, you can make people take pics when they complete the punishment to make sure they didn’t cheat.

never have i ever

Truth or Dare

Well, this game is known and played by millions of people. More to that, it’s a most-chosen drinking game of all. So why not adopt it to play chatting?

The chances are high you already know the rules, but let’s just go through them very quickly. So, an opponent gives you a choice—truth or dare. If you go with the truth—you should honestly answer any question.

And if you’ll decide to pick dare—you undertake to complete any action he’ll ask you to. Of course, you can set dare exceptions if you want, but what’s the fun in that?

The main question here is how to make sure that dare has been completed? It’s quite simple—just ask a player to record himself doing that.

truth or dare


Here goes another famous game everyone has played at least once in a lifetime.

We all live surrounded by abbreviations, without even noticing that. Abbreviations are everywhere—we use them while chatting, see them on billboards and ads, and more.

According to this game’s controls, one player writes an abbreviation for a sentence, and the other one should decode it. For instance, instead of texting “I wanna go to Starbucks” text “IWGTS”.

Although the whole concept is quite simple, it may be a bid deal to crack the abbreviation without any context. Plus, you can come up with extra-smart abbreviations that also reflect your feelings about your mate.


Silly Wordplay

Be honest—did you and your childhood mate try to think on your own screen language? Well, most of us did.

This game is here to bring back the good old memories of creating nonexistent words. That’s practically what the rules are—the participants should create new silly words to explain casual things.

Other than that, the game has no rules! The silly words can be anything—from phrases written backward to some fun puns.

Herewith, you don’t have to explain to your pals what these words mean—just though them up in the middle of normal dialogue.

silly wordplay


It’s a word game that is great to play while chatting.

Its concept may seem a bit boring, but it’s actually a perfect time-killer. The controls are that—one participant picks the word and the other should identify all the other words that could be made out of the same letters.

Remember when Tom Riddle rearranged the letters of his name to get “Voldemort” in the Chamber of Secrets movie? Well, he basically played unscramble with himself (poor thing).

The difference is—you should come up with as many options as you can. Plus, you can set a time borders of 30 secs or a minute, to make sure the game won’t last forever.


I Spy

This is a classic game that has been loved by multiple generations. Here’s how to play it while chatting:

First of all, one participant should pick a topic. They are no limits here—you can pick nature, people, cities, food, or whatever else. Let’s pretend the picked object is a banana.

Thus, the player should say “I spy with my little eye something yellow” or pick any other description. Then, the other participants should photograph something that matches this description.

Next, the player who is given the description should pick the photo that is the closest one to the original object. The one with the pic closest to reality—wins.

i spy


If you and your pals are the kinds of people who are into spelling—this game is for you.

This game is quite popular and perfectly adapts to chatting, so there are no reasons to skip it. The number of players doesn’t play a big part here, but it shows its best in small companies.

As for the rules, the main goal here is to add letters to an increasing fragment of a word, without finishing it. Herewith, you may add extra conditions like the length of the word or the topics it falls to.

Just make sure to keep the right word in mind throughout an entire game. All participants take turns to add a letter, and the ones who finish the word—get a “G”. The one who will get all the letters of a ghost word—wins.



Next up, there’s a simple game that will test how good your rhyming skills are.

It’s a fun game that has only one purpose—for you to have fun while training your brain. The controlsare pretty simple—you start the game by telling a word.
Then, your companion should mention the word that verses with it, and so on.

As you may guess, the game can last forever, and it’s pretty easy to cheat as you don’t actually see your pals. To cope with that, make sure to set time limits, so the participants wouldn’t have time to google.

The game will go on till some player will be unable to rhyme the word. Herewith, it can be played by both small and big companies, it’s not principle.


Fast Reaction

This is an association game that is perfect for close friends or couples.

As the competition starts, you send your pals a word, and he needs to respond with the first word (or a phrase) that has flown to his head. Ideally, it should be connected to the original word at some point.

In other words, it’s all about associations. Of course, there are some other rules that you need to consider while playing.

First of all, set a 10 secs time limit—you shouldn’t think much, that’s the point of associations. There’s also no point to take turns after every word, it’s much better to do it every 5 shots or smth.

Fast Reaction

Guess The Song

The concept of this game is quite obvious—one participant picks a line from the song, and the other should guess the singer.

As it always is with chatting games, you can’t keep track of your pals, so make sure to set time frames for an answer. If he knows the song, the answer won’t take long, other than that—why waste time, right?

Make sure to only give one line of a song, but try to make it recognizable. It doesn’t make any sense to give a line with “ohs” and “yeahs” only.

Beyond that, you can set controls for extra questions. For instance, you may ask the name of the song, or the album it belongs to. You can take it even further by asking for the release year.

Guess The Song

Guess the Movie

That is practically the exact copy of a previous game but dedicated to another topic.

At this point, choose the one that aches to you more -song guess for music lovers, this one for movie fans. It needs to be said, there are several ways to play this game—all of them are equally fun.

First of all, you could pick a line from a movie and ask an opponent to guess where it’s from. This one may be quite complicated, so you can pick a screenshot of a movie scene instead.

You may even describe a plot with emojis if you want to. But some rules are essential—don’t forget about time borders, and give hints if needed.

Guess the Movie

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And lastly, we have a WWYD that you can train your imagination with.

It’s a fun game where players take turns asking hypothetical questions. The type of questions fully depends on you, and the more creative you’ll be—the cooler the game.

According to the rules, you need to come up with some entertaining scenarios in your head. Set your imagination free, and create the craziest scene you can.

Once it’s done, just ask your companion what he would do in such a situation. For instance, you may ask, “what would you do if you’ve woken up in the middle of zombie spiders apocalypse?”.


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