11 Best Decoy Apps for Android & iOS

Our devices store a lot of information, some of which are personal. You may not want anyone else to have access to it. For example, this information could be personal correspondence, books, notes, photos, or videos. But what if some of your friends or family have access to your device and can see it? You can install one of the 11 Best Intruder Selfie Apps for Android & iOS (Security Apps) to know who is trying to get into your device without you knowing it.

In that case, you can hide some information with the help of special services. Decoy apps will help you to hide from prying eyes what you want to keep secret. We decided to help you keep a secret private life and have chosen 11 Best Decoy Apps for Android & iOS.

Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos


Over 50 million people around the world already use the Keepsafe app to protect their personal data. You can now become one of them by trusting the service of all your photos and videos from the gallery. With it, you will be able to save individual memories and photo collections in such a way that no one but you can view them.

For security, Keepsafe allows you to set a password, PIN, or even fingerprint protection on photo folders. Your copies and photos of documents, payment cards, and more will be under protection.

Also worth noting that Keepsafe allows you to synchronize all files between your devices, providing a lock on each of the devices. You can also recover deleted photos on each device and set unique passwords for each album of photos and videos.

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GalleryVault -Hide Photo Video by Think Yeah

GalleryVaultDo you have secret photos or videos on your smartphone? You do not want them stored basically lying on top in the classic gallery of your device? In that case, we present you with the GalleryVault app. It will allow you to save all your important photos and videos in a secret vault so that no one else can find them.

GalleryVault masks the app icon so that none of your friends or family members will even know that you are hiding something. Inside, the app itself has a simple and straightforward design that any user will love.

Since GalleryVault is designed for iOS devices, you can unlock folders using Touch ID. Of course, you can also use more classic password methods – such as a pattern lock or a PIN. For more privacy, you can not just hide the app icon, but also change it to a more standard one – for example, some game or even a calendar.

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Hide Photos, Video and App Lock – Hide it Pro

HideitProDo you think you know how to hide everything professionally? Then you should definitely try the Hide it Pro app. You will be able to hide photos, videos, messages, calls, and apps using only one service.

If you want to have access to content with someone else – for example, your partner – you can give them joint access.

It’s worth noting that Hide it Pro is immediately masked in the list of your regular apps. You’ll access it through the “Audio Manager” icon – agree, no one would think that adjusting the volume is anything out of the ordinary.

Hide it Pro will be your secret and inaccessible repository for memories, old correspondence, or even compromise – no one will simply find these files on your smartphone. For more camouflage, you can even put special images on your folder icons to keep yourself even safer.

HideitPro1 HideitPro2

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KYMS – Keep your media safe

KYMSKYMS is an app for hiding your photos and other media. It is perfectly masked among other applications, imitating a calculator with simple functionality. Moreover, you can hide not only standard files from the gallery but also text and multimedia files.

KYMS encrypts them with AES encryption, preventing the files from getting into the wrong hands. At the same time, when you view these files on your own, they will be decrypted in real-time.

Files can also be imported from your local storage, laptop, or computer. You can also use KYMS to download files from the app’s built-in browser, searching and downloading with a single app. You can also set up special gestures and actions that allow you to quickly close or open the application.


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Private Photo Vault – Hide Private Photos & Videos

PrivatePhotoVaultPrivate Photo Vault is another mobile vault that is designed to store private photos and videos. Don’t want strangers to see your photos? In that case, it’s time to use Private Photo Vault for encryption.

The app will store your files securely and under a password so that only you and not anyone else can have access.

To do this, you can create your own account in the app and upload the necessary photos to a specially created album. To hide it, all you have to do is to press a single button – so the photos will be removed from the general gallery of your smartphone and placed in the Private Photo Vault.

The application itself is accessed with a password. If someone tries to log into the app without you knowing it, the service prompts you to set a false password. Entering such a password will show the intruder completely different photos that you don’t intend to hide.

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Vault – Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

VaultIn order to hide your personal photos, call logs, and contact lists, you can use the Vault app. It is used to protect your sensitive data and ensure security so that no unauthorized person can see your data. You can lock applications and set passwords on the browsers and bookmarks you use.

With Vault, you get a fully confidential browser that allows you to make encrypted cloud backups and data backups. The app gives you the functionality to set passwords for photos and videos, apps, and even data transfers.

In case you forget your password, you can use your email to restore access. Vault also lets you remove the app icon completely from your home screen and show it only after you enter the correct password – this way no one will suspect that you are using the app to hide your data.

Vault1 Vault2


GalleryLockIf you want to manage your photos and videos you can download the Gallery Lock application to your smartphone. It will allow you to hide the files that you have in your smartphone for security purposes.

This application is one of the most popular decoy apps trusted by users around the world. You can use Gallery Lock on several devices without worrying about your data being discovered.

The app supports different modes for viewing and hiding images. You can simply hide images or set a password on some folders. Gallery Lock also allows you to make an entire slideshow of the pictures you already have.

It’s worth noting and a good interface of the application, which resembles a classic gallery without unnecessary elements. Sort all your photos and videos into folders and set passwords on them – no one will even know what’s inside.

GalleryLock1 GalleryLock2


GalleryLockPhotosVideosWant to install an easy app on your smartphone to hide your personal photos away from prying eyes? We suggest you consider the Gallery Lock app.

It doesn’t take up a lot of smartphone storage space, encrypts and sets passwords on photos and videos, keeping your gallery safe. You will be able to put various files that you would like to hide in secure storage.

The main function of Gallery Lock is to lock your gallery. You can protect both some of the albums in the gallery and all of the content that you have stored on your smartphone in general.

If someone tries to access the content, Gallery Lock will take selfies of the intruder – so you’ll know exactly who tried to look at your photos. To make efficient use of your smartphone memory, the app has a special feature – deleting duplicate photos. This way you will not store hundreds of identical photos.

GalleryLockPhotosVideos1 GalleryLockPhotosVideos2


Hide Photos in Photo Locker by Handy Apps

PhotoLockerA real vault inside your smartphone is real. Inside this virtual vault, you will be able to put all your personal photos and screenshots, so you do not have to fear for your privacy. The Photo Locker app gives you a high level of security for your smartphone data, even in the event that the device falls into the hands of another person.

In addition to the usual password for photo folders, your photos will also be encrypted using AES encryption technology.

Photo Locker is easy enough to use – even when you open the gallery you can easily move your photos into hidden folders. You can also keep track of your photos by checking how many times you see them.

Photo Locker also provides an additional function to restore your PIN code if you forget it. Note that the application itself doesn’t show up among other installed games and applications on your smartphone – as if it simply doesn’t exist!

PhotoLocker1 PhotoLocker2


HidePicturesYour private gallery will be protected with the Gallery Vault app. It allows users to hide photos and videos by putting them in a separate gallery on their devices.

Of course, your photos will still be in the general gallery, but they won’t show up for previews or when you open the app normally. You simply hide them, and you can safely back them up to the cloud if necessary.

Gallery Vault allows you to share hidden pictures from multiple of your devices. In order to prevent an unauthorized person from viewing your photos, you can implement a fake error to open or view the photo.

In the same way, Gallery Vault will record any unsuccessful attempt to enter or unlock hidden folders every time – you will know who touched your smartphone and at what time.

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DoubleAppFew applications provide users with the possibility to hide not only some files, but also messages. For example, you may want to completely hide your Facebook account or hide your WhatsApp messages.

In this case, the DoubleApp app will help you, which allows you to block access to your messages for unauthorized people. Of course, you can also hide photos, videos, and other services on your smartphone.

The hide messages feature works even if you have multiple accounts on the same device. If you want even more secrecy, you can put an icon of the calculator on the cover of DoubleApp – so no one will know that you have this service installed on your smartphone.

For a perfect disguise, we also recommend hiding notifications from those apps that you encrypt and creating a unique password for photos and videos.

DoubleApp1 DoubleApp2


Perhaps you still don’t fully understand why you need Decoy Apps when you can just set a password on your smartphone. The point is that your partner or friend might know that password and accidentally see personal photos or notes.

With Decoy Apps, you’ll keep yourself safe and you’ll be able to hide your personal data where no one will know about it. We hope that our article was really useful for you and you will no longer have to worry that someone can see your files.

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