7 Best Apps to Avoid Weigh Stations (Android & iOS)

Weight stations are an integral part of transportation infrastructure in many countries. They are used to check compliance with weight limits and to identify overloaded vehicles. Yet, for drivers, weigh stations can be a source of inconvenience and delays.

Is you job connected to freight traffic or riding a truck? If so, then these best apps to save on gas will greatly increase your income.

If you want to avoid such problems, there are several ways to do it. One of them is to use a special app. In this article, we have reviewed the best apps to avoid weigh stations. They give every driver access to up-to-date and accurate data on the location of such stations and how to avoid them.

Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Fuel

A reliable helper for drivers. Trucker Path helps you navigate in unknown terrain, learn the rules of the road in another country, and get up-to-date information on road conditions in the vicinity.

Drivers of large vehicles like CDL will find many useful options here. You can create a quick route without having to stop in traffic jams. Find out which roads are inaccessible for vehicles of your weight and size. Find out about possible obstacles in advance to be able to rearrange your route.

With this app, you will quickly find out about the nearest weight stations, fuel prices, and motels along the road. You can leave your truck in a special parking lot to ensure protection and safety. Find out how many spaces are available in the parking lot.

Get an accurate schedule for the designated weigh station. Track weather conditions along your entire route. Trucker Path uses customized GPS maps. Driving a large vehicle is different from personal transportation.

Now you can quickly plan a successful route, taking into account possible restrictions. The app works free of charge, constantly providing the driver with important information. All data is updated in real-time, helping to keep the situation under control during long trips.


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Drivewyze: Tools for Truckers

Let this app help you on the road. Drivewyze is designed for use by van and truck drivers. Make your route as predictable and safe as possible. Plan your route, and specify your desired rest and refueling points.

Be aware of traffic jams and major accidents along the way. Be aware of warnings and prohibitions along your route. Learn about the presence of low bridges and repair work. Bypass weigh stations and fill up your car at bargain prices.

This service is extremely popular with drivers throughout North America. Save time and arrive at your destination on time and without incident. The free version is available for 30 days. That’s enough time to enjoy all the benefits of Drivewyze.

All data is supplied by public safety authorities and traffic police. With this app, you can bypass around 800 stations across the country. It’s legal and requires no extra investment.

We know that it is quite difficult to charge your phone during long trips. That’s why this mobile assistant has minimal impact on electricity consumption. All personal data is encrypted and confidential. With Drivewyze any road trip will be a joy.


Jack Reports: Truck GPS & Maps

If you have a long road trip behind the wheel of a truck, prepare in advance. Jack Reports will be your smart navigator and help you save money on fuel and parking lots. To start, you need to plot the least complicated route that will take you the longest.

Determine what obstacles you may encounter along the way. Take care of parking for your vehicle, and find options for resting and eating. On the map, you can see speed and weight limits for trucks, and the presence of low bridges and parking lots.

The GPS navigator updates the data constantly, so you will be able to see any obstacle you encounter and not be late to your destination. All sources of information are official and reliable. The app is completely free.

Go to Jack Reports to find out the schedule and deposit of weigh stations. Find out if they will be open when you drive closer. The app shows congestion levels and other up-to-date information. Get tips from other drivers in a specialized community.

Get feedback on the selected parking lot and weigh station. You will be helped to navigate in a difficult situation and find a rest area nearby. You can also leave a report to guide other participants.


Hammer: Truck GPS & Maps

Modern GPS navigator in your phone for free. Hammer lets you keep every element of your trip under control. Traveling behind the wheel of a truck for several days has its challenges and peculiarities.

This app is designed to reduce the stress level during the trip and get the necessary informational help on many issues. Build a route with logistical knowledge in mind. Get accurate information about the presence of narrow roads, low bridges, and difficult railroad crossings.

Find the gas station with the lowest fuel prices. Find out reviews from other customers about the chosen vacation area. Make reservations in advance for a parking lot or motel. Familiarize yourself with the hours of operation of nearby weigh stations.

You can even find out if there’s a line and how long it takes to inspect 1 vehicle. This app was created together with experienced truckers and thus contains only relevant and necessary information.

Now you can move smoothly to the final destination, receiving notifications in time and reducing the speed of the flow due to an accident or traffic jam. The finished map can be saved and opened offline. Get a list of other routes that you can use if necessary.


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SmartTruckRoute is an interactive GPS-enabled map collection. Enter truck height, weight, and model to get the perfect route. Avoid height and weight restrictions. Skip steep roads in the mountains, and avoid dangerous turns and intersections.

All maps are updated every hour so you can feel safe behind the wheel. A large staff of professionals is involved in the creation and development of interactive maps. Thus, to access all features you need to subscribe for a fee.

The free period is designed for 2 days of use. During the trip, you will be able to make behind the map and receive voice guidance. You can also create voice requests and give commands. The map can work in the background when you are talking on the phone or using another program.

You can always contact the support team at the number provided or via email. The app does not use the entered information and does not share it with third parties. The program can be used in 3 countries: the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

More than half a million heavy truck drivers rely on SmartTruckRoute specialists every day.


Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools is a GPS navigator with many extra functions that will make your trip behind the wheel of oversized vehicles more comfortable. Be ready for any unforeseen situations. Convenient maps with voice assistants will help you build an up-to-date route and avoid bans on the highway.

Provide general information about your truck so that the app will analyze available roads in search of restrictions and notify you about them before the journey starts. Compare fuel prices at nearby gas stations. Find high-rated rest areas and parking lots among other drivers.

You can book premium loads from verified brokers online. To do so, open the load tab and the Book-It-Now feature. This option works around the clock and requires an internet connection. This option will save you travel time and make your trip more efficient.

Check prices and book the item you are interested in. The list of available loads is updated constantly and shows real prices. Besides, you can track loads in real-time. You will always know what stage your order is at.

There are tools to help you find the nearest car wash and get qualified medical help. Familiarize yourself with the list of weigh stations. Find out about queue availability and vehicle inspection schedules. The app takes care to keep each user’s personal information safe.


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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze is one of the largest communities of car enthusiasts. It is a social platform where each member can leave a note about what is happening on the road near them. The main purpose of the app is mutual aid on the road and in difficult emergencies.

Drivers share such important information as weight stations, heavy traffic jams, road works, major accidents, and police checkpoints. All of this affects the speed of traffic and can cause you to be late. Here you can quickly rearrange your route to avoid obstacles.

Find out your arrival time based on road conditions and the modified road. You will find information about road conditions, deep potholes, and broken asphalt in the app.

Users warn about the presence of temporary and permanent cameras with speed fixation. Don’t forget to tell other users where you found great fuel discounts.

Waze has over 100 million users, so road coverage is maximized. Real-time data on the cost of toll roads is displayed. As well as possible ways to avoid them. Check your route through the app before you start driving.

The app synchronizes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so that all data is duplicated on the car screen. This is one of best apps for every driver’s safety and peace of mind.

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