9 Best duplicate photo finder apps for Android & iOS

Applications for finding duplicate photos will be useful in many cases of life. It allows you to check the uniqueness of the photo and clear the memory of your phone.

Use this list of the best duplicate photo finder apps. All these applications are easy to use and work very fast.

Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photo FinderThe Duplicate Photo Finder application searches for photos from your phone’s camera or gallery.

You can use it to find information about a picture on the internet. For example, to check who really owns the photo from the social network.

The most interesting feature – searching for products online by image – works well. You can upload a picture from your phone’s gallery to the app or take a new picture.

If there are several items in the camera lens, you can point the application to the main one. It will recognize products by keywords and show you links to similar images.

The program searches for files with the same or similar names, or with identical content. The app Duplicate Photo Finder can compare images to find not only the same but also similar images.

Also, this application is perfect for cleaning unnecessary photos from your phone gallery. It searches and deletes duplicate files, including the same image with different tags.

Duplicate Photo Finder Duplicate Photo Finder

Flexible search settings are available. With the built-in viewer, you can browse through the files and choose what to delete.


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Duplicate Photo Finder: Get rid of similar images

Duplicate Photo Finder: Get rid of similar imagesDuplicate Photo Finder: Get rid of similar images is an app that searches for similar images through a browser from your mobile device.

After installing the program, a new item will appear in the image context menu. Selecting this command will automatically upload the image to the service. The browser window will open with the search results.

You can also search for photos manually directly in this application. Click on the plus sign in the lower right corner of the screen to add the original image.

You can add photos directly from the camera by clicking on the camera icon. To upload an image from your phone’s gallery, use the square icon below.

Here you can edit the photo: crop, rotate, reflect. Click on the magnifying glass to start. To find similar images for the selected picture, click the “Other sizes and similar” button.

To see more similar images, click the “More similar” on the search results page in the “Similar images”. Examine the results you have received in the app Duplicate Photo Finder: Get rid of similar images.

Duplicate Photo Finder: Get rid of similar images Duplicate Photo Finder: Get rid of similar images

This app currently provides the best results in this area.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Remo Duplicate Photos RemoverRemo Duplicate Photos Remover is an application that uses your photo to identify the object on it.

Once you have been identified, you will be thrown into the search engine to view the results. This way, you can learn about any unknown item by simply taking a picture of it.

When you start the application, you will need to specify a target search location. You can search for similar images in the gallery of your phone or on the Internet.

You need to set filtering options and select the copies to be deleted. It is based on an automatic algorithm. You can set your search options.

So that the app will search for exact matches or similar photos taken during shooting. Each option is provided with hints, so there should be no problems.

The application Remo Duplicate Photos Remover finds duplicates even in collections with hundreds of thousands of photos.

Comparison settings have become even more intuitive and easy. It allows you to set the parameters so as to get the desired result. For example, you can only find duplicates or similar photos taken in a series.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

The interface for presenting search results displays them in a convenient way. It allows you to compare and mark duplicate photos in just one click.


Duplicate Photos Fixer – Similar Pictures Remover

Duplicate Photos Fixer - Similar Pictures RemoverThe Duplicate Photos Fixer – Similar Pictures Remover application can search for images by the pattern you specify.

This can be an entire image or a part of it. The sample can be placed on the Internet or stored on your mobile device.

As a result of the search, you find exact copies of the image and images different from the original. For example, it can be different photos of the same architectural monument.

Go to the search page itself. There will also be a column where you can write your requirements. You can simply click on the camera.

Then a new menu will open for you. In it, you can insert the link to the picture or choose the original image from the gallery of your phone.

Next, you will be presented with a wide selection of pictures. They are either identical to the sent one or similar. And they can be different sizes. Sources will also differ.

Besides, you can even search by voice. Just voice your requirements. A voice recognition system will bring all your words in a line.

Duplicate Photos Fixer - Similar Pictures Remover Duplicate Photos Fixer - Similar Pictures Remover

This free app works without restrictions and allows you to find similar images.

Duplicates Cleaner

Duplicates CleanerDuplicates Cleaner is a free app to search for pictures and photos easily and simply.

If you have found a picture you want, but you are not satisfied with its size or quality, click on the “Find a picture”. The app will provide you with all the image options.

It also offers extra search criteria by size, similar images, and sites where your image can be found.

The app Duplicates Cleaner is easy to use thanks to the built-in smart algorithm.

When searching for images, you can use the following functions:

  • Search for similar images by the image selected on your device
  • Use the request from the history
  • Filter (size, color, type, time)
  • Safe search

You will have three options to upload your image to search:

  1. Specify a link.
  2. Download an image from your mobile device’s gallery.
  3. Drag the image directly to the search area.

You can use the picture to:

  • View picture (zoom in)
  • Looking for a similar picture
  • Save the picture
  • Share a picture
  • Use the picture as wallpaper and contact photos

Duplicates Cleaner Duplicates Cleaner

Also, this application is very convenient to scan various kinds of text, links and much more.


Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate Image FinderDuplicate Image Finder is a very handy application that allows you to find any item on the Internet. To do this, just take a picture of the object and wait a few seconds.

In the app, it is easy to find a similar picture, save the request to the history, filter the results.

After a short search on the Internet, the app displays the result as a list of sites. Here you can find similar photos.

This application will become a convenient assistant even in art galleries.

If you are impressed by a canvas in a gallery or just want to get to know its author, this service will come to your aid. Just insert a link to the image, and the site will immediately find the most similar work of art.

The app Duplicate Image Finder selects the right size of the picture or helps to find out who uses your photos without permission.

Duplicate Image Finder Duplicate Image Finder

The functionality allows you to search for similar pictures not only among the available photos. It allows you to take a photo from the application and find all the information about the taken object.

Duplicate file remover – delete duplicate files

Duplicate file remover - delete duplicate filesYou can use the Duplicate file remover – delete duplicate files app to search for similar images using Google’s algorithm. The tool is compatible with all modern mobile browsers.

The image can be uploaded from the gallery, cloud storage or clipboard. You can search for many images simultaneously and transfer them to other applications.

Unlike other similar applications, here you can only select a specific area to find in the photo. As a result, you will see similar images of only the selected part, not the whole photo.

Open the menu by clicking on the image of three bars at the top left of the screen. Use the camera icon to take a picture of the subject. You can also select a photo from your phone’s gallery by clicking on the box next to it.

Turn it over and display the photo if necessary. Start searching by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner.

Browse through the search results and save the image you are looking for with your finger.

The menu with actions calls up three points on the right.

Duplicate file remover - delete duplicate files Duplicate file remover - delete duplicate files

This free application will allow you to quickly and easily find a similar image on the Internet.


Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate Image FinderFast and convenient Duplicate Image Finder app will help you find similar pictures on the Internet. Besides, it is a very convenient browser.

It is an excellent application that works as artificial intelligence. It can detect with your camera what is in your lens. That is, in real-time, you can learn about almost everything, wherever you are.

Quickly get results from various search engines and various popular web services.

Key features of the application Duplicate Image Finder:

  • Quick launch
  • Text input prompts
  • Voice Search
  • Color themes for decoration
  • Advertising blocker
  • Background pictures
  • The fast download of pages from the Internet
  • Easy change of search engine by the pile
  • Managing the size of the text in your browser
  • Incognito mode
  • Night mode with warm filter
  • Add-on Catalogue
  • Ready-made set of bookmarks on popular sites
  • Search by page
  • Video pile volume and brightness management
  • Home screen widget
  • The visual history of pages visited
  • Quick switching of piles between tabs
  • Quickly save links to bookmarks
  • Page formatting mode for easy reading in one column
  • Built-in QR code scanner
  • Interactive widget page

Duplicate Image Finder Duplicate Image Finder

This free application will help you to quickly and easily find a similar image on the Internet.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo CleanerDuplicate Photo Cleaner is an intermediary between your photos and Google Images.

But it provides much more information than a normal intermediary. There are several ways to choose an image.

It includes uploading a file from the gallery on your phone and specifying a URL. You can change an image with the built-in image editor before you upload it.

For example, you can reduce the resolution. Reduce the size of the downloaded file and the amount of data transmitted over the network.

You can even crop it to load only a certain part of the photo. Once the upload is complete, the search results page opens. You can open the pages you find in any browser and add them to the Reading List for later viewing.

You can also copy the URL to the clipboard, send them by email, and so on. This app also has extensions for your phone. With this, you can call the program from another app that supports the export of images.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Duplicate Photo Cleaner

The application Duplicate Photo Cleaner can be downloaded for free. There is no built-in advertising here.


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