7 Free Ethnicity Analyzer Apps for Android & iOS

It is quite difficult to find ideal representatives of a certain nationality among modern people. In the course of evolution and various historical events, nationalities were mixed up, and the descendants of these people became mestizos.

Now it became popular to do various genetic tests, to build trees of pedigree, and to find out who you really are. Note that a real genetic test is expensive, and you don’t always really need it – perhaps you’re just curious.

To meet your interest, you can just do a photo analysis! Of course, some people are bright members of their nationality – they have facial features, skin tone, or a section of the eyes. You can use some of 11 Best Apps to Change Eye Color (Android & iOS) to see how you would look with different eye color.

But if you want to know which nationalities and races are mixed in your DNA, as well as how similar you are to other people, you can use one of our selected applications. We found for you 7 Free Ethnicity Analyzer Apps for Android & iOS, which will help to understand your origins.

Gradient: AI Photo Editor

Gradient AI Photo EditorGradient is the application, which has found sudden and huge popularity among users. All thanks to the interesting functionality. In fact, the application was originally a simple photo editor with many functions, but over time developers added new and interesting ideas to it.

Gradient will allow you to bring any picture to perfection – even if the original photo seems terrible to you. All thanks to the fact that it uses artificial intelligence technology for professional editing.

Of course, in the Gradient you can find out who you are by nationality. This function shows you the ethnicity of your ancestors. In addition to nationality, Gradient can paint your portrait in medieval style – as you would have looked a few centuries ago.

An additional bonus will be the similarity with a celebrity – however, many users note that gender is not taken into account in finding out such similarities. So a pretty young girl may suddenly find out that she looks like a famous soccer player, and the guy finds out that his features are similar to those of a Hollywood actress.

Gradient AI Photo Editor1 Gradient AI Photo Editor2

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My Replica 2: Ethnic Origin, Celebrity Look-Alike

My Replica 2 Ethnic Origin, Celebrity Look-AlikeWe are sure that at least once in your life you have heard that you look like someone. It could be a relative, a celebrity, or even a random person. Other people may really think that you are similar to popular stars – it’s time to find out with whom.

My Replica 2 app will help you to satisfy your curiosity and find out who you are similar to, as well as what ethnic group you belong to. Maybe that’s what your similarities are!

Besides your similarities with famous people, you can also use My Replica 2 to analyze your ethnicity. Artificial Intelligence will compare your face and discover similarities with strong nationalities and races to give you the most accurate result.

The computer technologies used in the application identify your face in the image and make a deep analysis of the main points on your face – this is how the characteristic features of ethnic groups are identified.

As soon as you get the result My Replica 2 will offer you to share information with friends – we think it will be interesting.

My Replica 2 Ethnic Origin, Celebrity Look-Alike1 My Replica 2 Ethnic Origin, Celebrity Look-Alike2


DNAlyzer – DNA Ancestry Gradient AI Test

DNAlyzer - DNA Ancestry Gradient AI TestDevelopers call their application DNAlyzer one of the best among DNA analyzers. You don’t have to search for a clinic and take tests to get results – everything can be done in a simplified version on your smartphone.

The application uses analysis with gradient-based artificial intelligence to help predict your ethnicity and race. Your photo will be subjected to deep analysis, during which it will be compared with pictures, photos of other people, beauty filters, and many other tools.

As a result of the analysis, you will learn about your ethnicity. Everything will be based on your appearance features, such as chin shape, eye width, hair color, and skin color.

It’s worth noting that if you’ve made too many changes to your appearance, such as performing plastic surgery or dyeing your hair in a completely different color, DNAlyzer doesn’t guarantee you the exact result.

If your appearance has remained the same, then artificial intelligence will help you explore your roots and learn about the genealogical heritage of your family.

DNAlyzer - DNA Ancestry Gradient AI Test1 DNAlyzer - DNA Ancestry Gradient AI Test2


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Nationality Detector by Photo Test

Nationality Detector by Photo TestMany applications offer you wide functionality. For example, they combine a photo editor, appearance analysis, race definition, and much more. But we want to tell you about a certain service – Nationality Detector by Photo Test.

This application is designed exclusively to determine your nationality, and for the analysis will not even require an Internet connection. If you are looking for an answer to the question “Who are my ancestors?”, then here you will find the desired answer.

The application has a simple interface, so it will not be suitable for fans of beautiful services. You will need to upload a photo of the person you would like to analyze.

It is worth noting that the face should be clearly visible – almost the same as in document photos. Next, Nationality Detector by Photo Test will launch the analysis procedure to get you the result.

The appearance of the report that will be presented to you reminds you of the very mask from Instagram – it shows how much you look like a representative of this or that country.

Nationality Detector by Photo Test1 Nationality Detector by Photo Test2


FunnyFace – Aging & Ethnicity

FunnyFace - Aging & EthnicityFunnyFace is an application for the analysis and editing of images, which uses a system of artificial intelligence.

Here you can not just change your face while editing – you get the opportunity to become a hero from comics or cartoons, change your age and become older or younger, as well as learn what people you belong to by their origin. FunnyFace gives you many opportunities for entertainment.

The application will help you get a little distracted and change your appearance in any direction. In FunnyFace you can even see what your future child will look like.

Also the developers say that their age filter is like a time machine – because here you can move to the future and see how you will look at 80 years old.

Your ethnicity will no longer be a mystery or a secret to you – just upload a photo of your face to FunnyFace, and the service will start to analyze and compare you with other people. Just a couple of seconds, and you will get a lot of new information.

FunnyFace - Aging & Ethnicity1 FunnyFace - Aging & Ethnicity2


Ms Yvonne – DNA Ancestry & Cartoon Portrait

Ms Yvonne - DNA Ancestry & Cartoon PortraitBy its appearance and design, Ms Yvonne application immediately attracts girls. Everything is made in a very cute and pink style, but it is quite functional and will give you the opportunity to learn something new about yourself.

Of course, Ms. Yvonne will analyze your pedigree while having information only about your appearance. You will have to scan your face or upload a ready-made photo to the application. Artificial Intelligence technologies will help you track the nationalities to which your ancestors belonged.

Depending on what nationality and race you are, your child may have different looks. Ms Yvonne also has a feature that can predict whether your child will look cute, beautiful, or unique.

There may be other hints about your life in your body. The application can also analyze the lines in the palm of your hand and say what awaits you in the future.

Of course, all predictions of the service can be subject to great doubt and can be called unscientific – however, it is interesting to try to learn about future events and compare them with what is happening in reality.

Ms Yvonne - DNA Ancestry & Cartoon Portrait1 Ms Yvonne - DNA Ancestry & Cartoon Portrait2


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FaceApp – AI Face Editor

FaceApp - AI Face EditorFaceApp conquered the Internet some time ago. With its help, you can not only create good and colorful selfies but also learn how exactly you could change over time. Your photos can become masterpieces, and the advanced technologies of photo processing will help you in this.

However, FaceApp isn’t famous for that. In the application, any user gets a unique opportunity to change their sex in the photo, change their age, and even appearance.

In its catalog, the application has many filters to complement or refine your appearance – hair color, perfect skin, mustache & beard, and much more. With just a few clicks on the screen, you will change the person in the photo beyond recognition.

FaceApp also has paid features that will turn the service into a real Photoshop for smartphones. But the most interesting feature for entertainment remains free. Artificial Intelligence can find you a new and unique style, as well as make you a man of the opposite sex or race.

FaceApp - AI Face Editor1 FaceApp - AI Face Editor2

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The results of such analysis can shock you – perhaps you have a lot in common with the people of Italy or Asia but did not even know about it. Among the users of social networks, you may have noticed that they often began to study their national identity – with the help of masks in Instagram or special services.

You can just install the application and start studying. Note that in different photos the services may produce different results – it depends on the lighting, makeup, perspective, and other details. In any case, you can have fun. We hope that our article was useful for you – wish you good luck in your search for your pedigree!

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