9 Best Easy Video Cutter Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Do you need to quickly cut a video? Don’t download heavy video editors. Try the apps from this list. They don’t take much space and do the quick cuts. These apps are suitable for Instagrammers, video editors, and people who want to share information urgently.

Use short videos for teaching, jokes, and memories. You don’t need a computer. Just 5 seconds and your phone can make the quick cut. Plus, most of these apps easily compress the videos so you will have more space. Additional editing tools help to improve the quality of the video and make it better.

In case you want to split the video without the computer, go through these best video splitting apps.

CapCut – Video Editor

This stylish app helps you to quickly cut any video. The interface is easy to use. Upload the video into the app. Choose the beginning and finish of the video. Wait until the app makes the process. The quality is high. You will get only videos with high resolution.

Add text to make the video better. Choose the font and color. Do you want your video to become the trend? Add stickers to make it conspicuous. There are tons of stickers for any mood and occasion. You can also overlay videos on top of each other.

Improve the colors of the video using effects. Sometimes our camera can’t convey all colors. Video effects are the best solution. Moreover, all the effects are sorted into groups. So, you don’t need to spend hours to find the best one. Try party, basic, drama, or retro effects.

Cutting video can be boring. Give your video a new life by adding cool music. Open the music library of the app and choose the sound which is best for video. You can also import audio from the memory of the phone.

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Video Cut – Video Editor

If you want an app that only cuts the video. Here it is. There is nothing redundant. The app weighs 9.9MB. It makes the process fast. Set custom text to the cutting video. Choose the size and color.

When we shoot the video some parts are unnecessary. Try this app and cut any part you don’t want. It doesn’t decrease the quality. Save the video and send it to your friends. There ie some ads in the app. But get a little tip. You can quickly close the jumping-out ads.

If you want to get additional tools buy the full version. The app can become the best friend of the video editor. Try effects. Double, triple, quadruple the video. Mirror effects make the video funny.

One disadvantage of the app is the inability to edit time to milliseconds. There are 2 ways to upload the video – using the gallery or iCloud. Don’t search for a heavy video editor. Download this one and cut ane video within a few seconds.

AndroVid – Video Editor, Video Maker, Photo Editor

All quick editing tools are in one app. Choose the length of the video fragment and cut it out. If you want to trim the video more accurately then use timecodes. Enter the beginning and finish time. The app is accurate so you can work with milliseconds.

Try editing features. Resize the video. Choose the standard sizes or use a free mode. The app has ready-made sizes for Instagram posts and stories. Add filters to make the video extraordinary. There are more than 30 filters. Plus, adjust dark or light vignettes.

If you want to make the trimmed video funny try stickers. All stickers are sorted into categories. You can use this app as a pocket video editor. Don’t forget about the text. The animation system makes the stickers and texts vivid.

Create something unique by drawing the picture on the video. Thousand of colors are waiting for you. Adjust the transparency of the picture. Speed down or up trimmed video. You must watch the ads to get the trimmed video. But the ads aren’t annoying.

Video Editor

It is one of the fastest video cutters in the store. Start the project to upload the video. The interface is intuitive and suits any user. Choose the frame of the trimmed video and wait a second until the app processes it.

It doesn’t matter where are you – at the University, in the shop or the car. You can use the app whenever you are. Cut the video and save it to the gallery. You can join all videos and create a film. Try editing tools such as crop, volume, sounds, filters, and so on.

The advantage of the app is the interface of a professional video editor. You can see several videos or soundtracks. It makes the editing simple. You can add the background music, but you can’t use your custom music. Don’t worry the app has a huge library of soundtracks.

The developers are still working on the app. There are a few bugs such as unexpected closing, not saving last action or video becomes glitchy. Every app update fixes bugs and adds something new.

YouCut – Video Editor & Video Maker

Give this app a shot. Cutting the video becomes no biggie for you. Just choose the video from the gallery and cut the fragment. Use this app for social media videos. The app has ready-made patterns for TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

The hasn’t got ads. It is a big advantage because nothing can bother you during editing. Cut video fragments and join them. Create a video report of your vacation or weekends. All videos are exported in HD quality.

Moreover, you can rotate, resize, enlarge, and crop the video. There are more than 15 editing tools. Try to change the speed of the video. Create perfect slow-motion videos and enjoy every detail.

Plus, the app hasn’t got watermarks. If you don’t like to shoot videos but love photos try photo slide videos. Join all your photo into the video track. Choose the music and effects. Are you tired of cutting the videos? Save them as a draft and continue later.

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Easy Video Cutter

The next app on our list is simplified. There is nothing excess. You can easily cut or trim the video as many times as you want. Then you can join video fragments and create a movie. If you need an only audio file from the video don’t look for an audio extractor.

This app can extract the audio file and save it separately to the phone memory. You can also get rid of the audio in the video and add your music. Change the video rotate it to any level of degrees. Try special effects – speed up the video 2 times, 4 times, and even 16 times.

Animate your photos by creating GIFs. Make lots of photos and the app join them into the GIF. Moreover, add frames and filters to your video.

If you want to get more memory on your phone, then compress your heavy video files. You can recover compressed files without quality loss. The app saves all processed files in one place so you will never lose them.

Video audio cutter

Are you looking for a professional app for cutting video? Here it is. It takes one 33MB but the app has lots of editing tools. Open the app and choose the video to begin the process. First ao all, decide where the fragment should begin. Secondly, choose the end of the fragments.

You can cut the fragments and save them to the gallery but it is not the end! Try other editing tools. The app gives you the choice of the saving. You can save the video with audio and only audio. MP3 cutter shows you all sound waves and vibrations. Enlarge the audio track to cut it more precisely.

Sometimes the sound goes faster than the video. You need to cut it again. The developers try to fix this problem. The app supports all video and audio formats. You don’t need a converter for it. Download Video Audio Cutter and cut out all interesting parts from your videos.

YouCam Cut

It is now possible to come up with movie plots from ordinary inserts and video parts. It’s not hard to make a gorgeous and unusual movie. Use a vast gallery of animations, details and effects that can be applied for the whole movie or for individual parts.

You can also make slices from several parts of the video, attaching them to each other using the available tools. The program will allow you to assemble unusual shows from different video slides as well as entire collages.

All the blanks and completed works can be not only downloaded to your device, but also shared with other people. All this will be available to users absolutely free of charge.

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This service allows you to create your own movie, inserting in it a part of the images, photos, tracks, and various graphics. In the app is allowed to add files of different formats and sizes, so it is absolutely universal, understandable and convenient.

You can make slices of moments from ready-made clips to get the most important of the whole clip. It will not be difficult to additionally impose inserts from popular tracks and other elements which will make your movies even more vivid, attractive and unusual.

The service’s professional tools, including seamless splicing, will give you a homogeneous stream of sliced video parts in one file.

You can also edit the finished work according to the parameters you want, so that it is suitable for publication on a specific page or site. You will be able to leave marks in the clips, create subtitles, add stickers, and much more.

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