11 Best Fast Charging Apps for Android

Does it take your phone too long to get fully charged? You can easily change that!

There are lots of fast charging apps for Android that can boost the charging of your devices. These apps will work regardless of what type of charger you have because they only optimize the processes within your mobile. Besides, these apps clean the RAM of your mobile and give you the info about the condition of your battery.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Battery Notifier

Battery Notifier is a program that will remind you of battery wear and tear. The app will help you keep your battery from harmful influences and keep it in great condition for as long as possible.

You will receive notifications that you can customize. The app will send you alarm notifications, low battery messages, and more. It advises you to check your battery repeatedly when charging and not to overcharge it.

This service is famous for reviews with high rates, as its use does not cause any difficult questions for users. There is an interesting feature that will notify you at what time you need to charge your mobile device. The messages can also not come if you do not want this, you can easily disable them in the settings.

The program is multifunctional. It helps to keep your battery in excellent working order, extends its working hours, and prevents it from burning out.

Users really adore the app because of the fact that you don’t have to go to the salon every time and change the battery. All you have to do is to download this software and prolong the life of the battery.


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Fast charging – Charge Battery Fast


The second app is called Fast charging and it is an app that will reduce the regular charging time of your mobile.

This app fastens app the time it takes your mobile to charge regardless of what charger you have. This is how the app works — it closes all the apps that run in the background of your mobile and slows it down. The app also disconnects your mobile from any source of the Internet including Wi-Fi and turns off your Bluetooth.

Wherein, all the apps are getting closed properly and you won’t lose any data. The app is not overloaded with functions so you’ll quickly figure out how to work with it. There are various optimization techniques that only take one tap to use. Hereby you can clear your RAM or low down the brightness of your screen.

There are also individual buttons that turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Therewith, you can also view the status of your battery and its temperature. It’s even possible to get notifications to all attached devices when your battery is fully charged.

charging 1 charging 2


Super Charging – Battery Saver

Mobile app Battery Saver helps cell phone owners to reduce power consumption, thereby increasing the autonomous operation of electronic devices. Save battery power by turning off all non-essential functions that you do not need at the moment.

Optimal power consumption increases battery life and reduces the risk of malfunctions. The feature-rich app not only reduces power consumption but also cools the phone when it reaches a critical temperature.

You can set the necessary brightness, connect to a Wi-Fi network and delete the cache in a few seconds. With a single app, you will significantly increase the productivity of your electronic device.

Get up-to-date data on the status of all important cell phone systems. You have access to information about charging, battery temperature, and the presence of apps that have not been used for a long time.

Battery Saver helps everyone who wants to make their electronic device more productive. With timely alerts, you won’t miss a low battery or an extremely high battery temperature.

The app takes only 16 MB and does not negatively affect the operation of your device. Download Battery Saver and enjoy free optimization of your cell phone functions.


Battery Turbo | Charge Optimizer


Battery Turbo is another charge optimizing app that speeds up the charging of your mobile’s battery.

The central aim of this app is to shorten the time you wait for your device to be charged. All the app’s functions can be used with just one tap so you can do it on the go. Herewith, the app can optimize the brightness of your mobile or low it down if you’re running out of the battery power. You can also set notifications to alert you when your mobile is fully charged.

On top of that, the app can automatically turn off your Bluetooth and disconnect you from your Wi-Fi. Another way to fasten up the charging time is to close all the apps that run in the background o you’re mobile. Those apps are getting closed properly so it won’t cause any troubles and you won’t lose your data.

The app has three charging modes that fit different situations. The basic slow mode will only lower the brightness and turn off the Bluetooth while the extreme one will use all the possible sources to reduce charging time.

Turbo 1 Turbo 2



You can use the AccuBattery app to measure battery capacity and determine how worn out your battery is. Notifications are available when you need to plug in a charger.

To get the data, you must unplug your smartphone or tablet from the charger and perform a calibration. The process may take several minutes, depending on the capacity and model of the battery.

The app’s developers say that to extend battery life, the battery should be charged to no more than 80 percent of its largest level. Users can enable notifications when this value is reached. This allows them to disconnect the charger in time.

The app constructs clear graphs showing how much the battery is wearing out over time. By comparing the data with the information declared by the manufacturer, it is possible to find out how much capacity is lost during the use of the mobile device.


Fast Charging Pro (Speed up)

SpeedFast Charging Pro is an app that turns your mobile into a fast-charging one. This app doesn’t affect your physical charger in any way. It works with the processes withing your mobile that affect the time it needs to be charged. Thus, the app identifies the apps that word in the background of your device and closes them.

Wherein, all the apps are getting shut properly so don’t worry about losing any data. On top of that, the app lowers down the brightness of your screen to save your battery’s powers. There’s even the mode that sets the brightness according to the lighting situation around you. The app can also disconnect you from your Wi-Fi while charging and turn off your Internet.

In addition, you can view the detailed info about the condition of your device’s energy. The app calculates the exact time you have left until your power will run out completely. You can also see the heat of your battery, its developer’s data, and its “health” level. Once your mobile is loaded and ready to work, the app will send you a notification.

Speed1 Speed2


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Super charging

Having trouble charging your cell phone or tablet? Your new battery is literally draining before your eyes. Solve this problem with the Super charging app.

The state-of-the-art app will optimize power consumption and help you find the problem with your battery.

Charge your phone in record time. The Super charging app reduces screen brightness while charging, which speeds up the process itself. It turns off power-intensive features like sync, GPS, and Wi-Fi.

Besides, the app gives you an indication of the device’s temperature and the presence of temperature peaks. When the battery is fully charged, you’ll get a notification so you don’t overheat the battery. This process positively affects battery life and trouble-free operation.

With the app, you will always know how much the battery is charged; what the battery temperature is at the moment, the capacity, and the condition of the battery. The Super charging app compares favorably to similar offers with its simplicity of use and high efficiency.

A convenient and clear app with a wide range of functions gives you a free opportunity to work on your cell phone even more productively. If there is a problem, you can solve it in time, thereby preventing the breakdown of equipment. Do not doubt – install Super charging on your cell phone and share it with your friends.


Fast Battery Charger

Want to protect the battery of your phone from overheating? Tired of keeping your phone constantly on charge? The Fast Battery Charger mobile app will make this kind of problem a thing of the past.

With one click, turn on power saving mode and get information about battery status and battery temperature. Delete cache and old apps to reduce the load on your battery. Track the operation of programs that are running in the background.

You’ll have all the data on battery status, power, and charge at your fingertips. The app performs like a professional program and gives you a clear view of your actual battery status.

Use the app’s many features as you see fit. And fast charging options give you tangible time-savings that boost your battery performance. The controls for screen brightness, vibration, and Wi-Fi connectivity help optimize your phone’s performance.

Fast Battery Charger is available for free on Google Play. You don’t need any special skills to work with it. Download the app to your electronic device and start working productively. Find problem areas and fix them instantly without the help of professionals.


Super Charger & Battery Saver

Super Charger & Battery Saver helps you quickly and easily optimize the power consumption of your electronic device. Save power, and remove cache and unnecessary files that cause your device to overheat.

Get up-to-date battery status updates for today. Find out how much power your battery is rated for, what state it’s in, and what the average battery temperature is. Besides, you can analyze your charger, or more precisely, its functions and features.

With this app, your cell phone will stop freezing, slowing down, and dropping the charge literally before your eyes. Apps running in the background, negatively affect both the state of the battery and the performance of the phone as a whole.

Super Charger & Battery Saver removes unnecessary apps and closes background programs, thereby lowering your phone’s temperature and reducing power consumption.

Install the app and be aware of all the processes going on with your battery. No more nasty surprises like a dead battery or an overheated phone. Get all the information you need in seconds and optimize the performance of your electronic device.


Battery Charger: Master Clean

Battery Charger: Master Clean will make monitoring the battery performance of your electronic device simple and efficient.

With this app, you can eliminate serious problems such as constant battery overheating and fast discharging, slow operation, and functional impairment.

The program from Begamob Global identifies apps that run in the background and consume a lot of power. With its help, you will achieve a long no-charge period and productive battery life.

Users can also use extra features of the app. Turn on battery saving when you need it. Periodically analyze battery health and temperature to prevent overheating. The fast charging feature helps save the time it takes to fully charge the battery. And power optimization improves the performance of all features and apps.

Clearing cache and deleting unwanted apps allows your device to function without overloading it. You won’t need to spend hours flicking through manuals or costly repairs. Just install Battery Charger: Master Clean and use it every day.


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Battery Charging Animation

A bright, colorful mobile app from Firehawk will not leave indifferent even the most fastidious users.

The program allows you to create an unusual animation that reflects the battery charge of your electronic device. It gives a visual representation of the percentage of battery charge. The result is a whole animated show.

A large selection of HD themes will captivate users of all age groups for a long time. Plug in the charger and watch the battery level increase. Choose the animation that’s right for you. Receive a notification when the battery is fully charged so you can remove the charger and extend battery life.

You also have all the information about the battery type, status to date, capacity, and temperature available to you. You will also learn about the type and function of the charger you are using. Correcting any problems found in time will significantly increase battery life.

Install the app on your cell phone and choose one of the suggested themes. The program is suitable for all devices with Android 6.0 and newer. Its creative design and a simple menu will make the app most convenient to use.



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