9 Best Fast Charging Apps for Android

Does it take your phone too long to get fully charged? You can easily change that!

There are lots of fast charging apps for Android that can boost the charging of your devices. These apps will work regardless of what type of charger you have because they only optimize the processes within your mobile. Besides, these apps clean the RAM of your mobile and give you the info about the condition of your battery.

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Here’s the list of 9 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Battery Notifier

Battery Notifier is a program that will remind you of battery wear and tear. The app will help you keep your battery from harmful influences and keep it in great condition for as long as possible.

You will receive notifications that you can customize. The app will send you alarm notifications, low battery messages, and more. It advises you to check your battery repeatedly when charging and not to overcharge it.

This service is famous for reviews with high rates, as its use does not cause any difficult questions for users. There is an interesting feature that will notify you at what time you need to charge your mobile device. The messages can also not come if you do not want this, you can easily disable them in the settings.

The program is multifunctional. It helps to keep your battery in excellent working order, extends its working hours, and prevents it from burning out.

Users really adore the app because of the fact that you don’t have to go to the salon every time and change the battery. All you have to do is to download this software and prolong the life of the battery.


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Fast charging – Charge Battery Fast


The second app is called Fast charging and it is an app that will reduce the regular charging time of your mobile.

This app fastens app the time it takes your mobile to charge regardless of what charger you have. This is how the app works — it closes all the apps that run in the background of your mobile and slows it down. The app also disconnects your mobile from any source of the Internet including Wi-Fi and turns off your Bluetooth.

Wherein, all the apps are getting closed properly and you won’t lose any data. The app is not overloaded with functions so you’ll quickly figure out how to work with it. There are various optimization techniques that only take one tap to use. Hereby you can clear your RAM or low down the brightness of your screen.

There are also individual buttons that turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Therewith, you can also view the status of your battery and its temperature. It’s even possible to get notifications to all attached devices when your battery is fully charged.

charging 1 charging 2


Battery Turbo | Charge Optimizer


Battery Turbo is another charge optimizing app that speeds up the charging of your mobile’s battery.

The central aim of this app is to shorten the time you wait for your device to be charged. All the app’s functions can be used with just one tap so you can do it on the go. Herewith, the app can optimize the brightness of your mobile or low it down if you’re running out of the battery power. You can also set notifications to alert you when your mobile is fully charged.

On top of that, the app can automatically turn off your Bluetooth and disconnect you from your Wi-Fi. Another way to fasten up the charging time is to close all the apps that run in the background o you’re mobile. Those apps are getting closed properly so it won’t cause any troubles and you won’t lose your data.

The app has three charging modes that fit different situations. The basic slow mode will only lower the brightness and turn off the Bluetooth while the extreme one will use all the possible sources to reduce charging time.

Turbo 1 Turbo 2


Fast Charging Pro (Speed up)

SpeedFast Charging Pro is an app that turns your mobile into a fast-charging one. This app doesn’t affect your physical charger in any way. It works with the processes withing your mobile that affect the time it needs to be charged. Thus, the app identifies the apps that word in the background of your device and closes them.

Wherein, all the apps are getting shut properly so don’t worry about losing any data. On top of that, the app lowers down the brightness of your screen to save your battery’s powers. There’s even the mode that sets the brightness according to the lighting situation around you. The app can also disconnect you from your Wi-Fi while charging and turn off your Internet.

In addition, you can view the detailed info about the condition of your device’s energy. The app calculates the exact time you have left until your power will run out completely. You can also see the heat of your battery, its developer’s data, and its “health” level. Once your mobile is loaded and ready to work, the app will send you a notification.

Speed1 Speed2


Fast charging: Super Speed battery Charger

Fast charging is an app that guarantees fast and high-quality charging. With this program, you will provide yourself with comfort, as your phone will start working longer.

Such modern charging is crucial for today, as not everyone has a lot of free time. This program will reduce your phone’s battery time thanks to adaptive methods. You will be able to optimize your apps to increase the speed.

This battery optimizer has many features. You will clean the memory on your device, so you will have more space on it. Furthermore, this service will help reduce battery consumption making the brightness of the screen at a minimum level.

When you charge your phone, stop including background apps because that is bad for the battery itself. This program has a cooler for that part of the device to reduce the heat.

What’s more, the app shows the battery heating level in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, the voltage, and other parameters. Users are excited about the app because the fast charge is a joy, as is the high quality of the performance.


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Charge Battery Fast – Fast charging

ChargeFast charging is an app that will shorten the time your mobile need to get fully charged. The main aim of this app is to let you boost the charging of your devices with one tap. This is how the app works — it shuts all the background apps and processes that slow down your phone. Plus, all the Internet sources are also being disconnected as well as Bluetooth and NFC.

On top of that, the app regulates the brightness of your screen. There’s also a mode that adapts the brightness to the lighting conditions around you which saves the battery as well. You can also use these optimizations if you feel your mobile is working too slow. The app also has a minimalistic lock screen that positively affects the charging speed.

There’s also an instrument that controls the rotation of your screen. You can view the info about your power and its not just its level. The app shows you the heat of your battery and alerts you if there is any destabilization and it needs to be changed. Plus, you can set the alarms for the time when your device is fully loaded.

Charge 1 Charge 2


Fast Charging – Battery Saver

The Fast Charging program will disable all the distracting background apps that consume your battery power. The program will advise you to reduce brightness and anything that provides high battery consumption.

Tools such as GPS and WI-FI quickly drain your device, so they take a long time to charge. This program will independently limit their work.

Besides, it has many interesting features. Speed up the battery charge, while the app will clean up anything that’s interfering with your battery’s ability to function. What’s more, there’s battery optimization, which establishes energy savings on your mobile device.

The app shows the temperature, what quality the battery is in, WI-FI, brightness, screen timeout, and other indicators. Users say the Fast Charing app is awesome. It helps keep the battery intact for a long time.


Charge Fast

Charge Fast is an app that increases the fast charge of your phone. To do this, it disables all unnecessary programs and services that significantly waste battery power.

When you connect your device to a charger, the app will turn off WI-FI and GPS. This way, it will be able to reduce the amount of falling percentage of charge. As a result, your phone will charge quickly and consequently drain more slowly.

The program keeps track of how long you have been using your mobile device. Based on this, it gives you the results of how long a certain amount of battery power will last.

The app shows you how long your device will take to charge. It knows all the information, how many times you’ve powered up your phone. It also shows you the temperature, how much you’ve been overheating your phone, and much more.

The program automatically shows you everything you need to know about the battery when your device is plugged into a power source. To all of the above, all the data about your phone is listed here. For example, the device model, built-in and internal memory. Also, if necessary, you can turn off or on all the features in the settings.


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Fast Charging

Fast Charging is an app that lets you charge your phone faster. Power consumption information and extended battery life are available. The main function is to reduce the time it takes the device to fully charge the battery.

The app works based on a smarter interaction with the battery controller and the power source. All of this adjusts the power and current settings to charge the device as quickly as possible.

Another interesting feature of this app is the ability to increase the runtime of your phone. No special actions are required to activate this function, you just need to press the appropriate button. After that, the app will analyze the state of the battery, power consumption by services and third-party programs. Then it will take all the necessary actions on its own.

As a bonus feature, a display of the main parameters of the battery is available on the phone screen. These are charging status, charge level, input voltage, temperature, and overall battery health.



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