5 Best Cube Timer Apps for Android & iOS

Assembling the Rubik’s cube and other similar constructors has become a real competition. The faster you learn how to assemble it, the closer you get to the record time. Make a correct count of spent seconds with the help of these best cube timer apps for Android & iOS.

Improve your puzzle-solving skills with the help of these free cube puzzle games.

Twisty Timer

This timer will be useful for solving puzzles (3×3, Pyraminx, and others). It is intuitively easy to use. The data from each round remain in the cloud storage.

The average, best and worst results are visualized in the form of graphs. Other statistics are available for analysis: the amount of time and the number of solved puzzles.

The interface is editable: twenty themes, different fonts, timer elements, and the type of graphs. Notifications can also be customized for convenience. There is a link to the full new algorithms.

If the time has expired, you can enter its limits yourself and continue to track progress. Notes are added to the statistical data. There is an opportunity to freely share information with other users.


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An app that will help solve the dice puzzle. It works offline and does not charge a fee. No matter what state its parts are in, there is always a solution. You need to manually enter the state of the cube or scan it with the camera.

The app will suggest moves to solve the problem, no more than twenty. Victory will be won with the minimum number of moves. There will be an offer of a key for two methods of calculation.

It will take a few moments to display the result. The functionality also includes a timer. It is possible to track not only the time but also patterns and algorithms.

The app is constantly updated, and new features appear. The paid version does not contain ads.


My Cube Timer

App for calculating time in cube puzzles. Analyzes both average values and worst, and best results. Stores no more than five hundred records.

Multiple languages are supported. Runs a validation timer. Results are visualized as a chart. There are no restrictions and no annoying ads.

The phone does not turn off or go to sleep while the app is running.

To stop and reset the timer, you need to tap the icon with a picture of a hand. It will start again after a second touch.


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Cube Timer

The best timer for those who are into cube building. Suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

The app will save your best and worst scores and provide averages. All statistics are saved in cloud storage.

If the game gets stuck, it will tell you the right moves and lead you to victory. Four user accounts are available.

Each participant can save information about four games. Selected items can be deleted from the history. The app is intuitively easy to use.


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Cube Stopwatch Timer Practice

Timer for players collecting cubes for time. It will save the time limits of the rounds. The timer is triggered by touching a special button.

The app will calculate the average time of your victory. The best and worst results will be highlighted in history. Regular practice will improve performance.

You can add comments and algorithms to each game. Let the progress be justified. You can change the colors of the small squares on the model according to the color of the real cube.

Get professional information about the faces of the cube, its turns, and its movements. You can change the color of the text in the app. It will become a must-have for daily training.

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